Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 375

Chapter 375 Alexander Is Throwing A Temper Tantrum

“Y-Y-You— That’s too much, Soph!”

Katherine stared at Sophia, looking aggrieved. The surface of her eyes was watery as though she was going to burst into tears if Sophia continued questioning her about it.

Perhaps Joshua would be fooled by that, but not Sophia. The smile that did not reach her eyes remained on Sophia’s face as she prompted, “Hm?”

“I’m not at all close to Chandler! Why would he bribe me? Have faith in me, Soph! He really, really didn’t bribe me! This is just a casual conversation!”

Then, Katherine raised her hand and swore, “Fine, fine. I’ll make an oath. I’ll swear I’ll never be able to get rich if I lie to you!”

An angry laugh escaped Sophia at that. “Who makes an oath with four fingers?”

The guilty Katherine was rendered speechless for a moment. “I… didn’t realize that. Why are you so focused on these details?”

Sophia closed the menu and looked right at her. “Are you against my relationship with Alexander?”

Katherine’s guilt was amplified by Sophia’s stare, and she averted her eyes. “I… No.”

I’m not the one against this. It’s Mr. Dawson!

“Then why are you mentioning Chandler? You even knew that my granddad introduced Chandler to me.”

By then, Katherine knew that she could not hide it from Sophia anymore. As she covered her face, she blurted out, “I’m sorry, Soph! I shouldn’t have done this!”

She then hugged Sophia and bawled out the half-an-hour-long call she had had with Perrin.

“No one offered me anything! Mr. Dawson said that it’s chaotic in the Xenos family lately, and some of the Xenoses have their eyes on you because of Alexander. Moreover, there’s that tragedy that made Chandler and Alexander enemies. Then, when I thought about your three years of marriage with him previously, I lost control.”

Katherine was not fully against Sophia’s relationship with Alexander. She did not know much about the corporate world, and Perrin had tricked her by saying that Alexander was currently in hot water. Bankruptcy was not the main problem, for the Dawson family was rich. However, Alexander’s uncle was a man who would stoop low for his goals. Delilah was a good example of the future troubles Sophia might face if she continued staying by Alexander’s side. In fact, Sophia’s safety might be compromised if this went on.

Katherine had mulled over Perrin’s words and found sense in them. Now that Sophia’s relationship with the Dawson family was known to the public, outsiders would assume the Dawsons would become Alexander’s support in his plan to get Odyssey. The main reason the Dawson family would help Alexander out was Sophia. Thus, no one could say for sure that Alexander’s uncle would not target Sophia in his desperation.

Chandler came from a good family, and Perrin knew the Shaw family well. Thus, Sophia’s interaction with Chandler would benefit her and do no harm at all.

The best plan Katherine could come up with was to have Sophia and Alexander argue because of Chandler so that rumors of their breakup would spread. That way, she would be able to shift Alexander’s uncle’s attention away from Sophia.

Those who had nothing to lose had the least to fear, and that was the case for Alexander’s uncle.

Who knew what kind of horrendous things he would do if he were to go all out?

Sophia was unsure whether she should be moved or enraged after hearing Katherine’s explanation.

Looking at Katherine, Sophia cocked her brow and said, “So you don’t have trust in Alexander, and you don’t have trust in me either.”

Katherine fell silent.

Why are we talking about how I supposedly don’t have trust in her?

It took Katherine a while before she could find her voice. “That’s not what I mean. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Sophia chuckled. “Now you’re being cautious.”

Didn’t you throw caution to the wind when you were dissing the representative of a big brand? Were you not scared of getting blacklisted back then?

Of course, that was something Sophia did not say out loud. Katherine was her best friend, and she was not going to embarrass her like that.

Nevertheless, Katherine could hear the hint of mockery in Sophia’s words, and she scrunched up her face. “That’s what Mr. Dawson said.”

Sophia laughed. “Dig in now.”

It had been a long time since Katherine got to gobble down meat. The moment the kebabs were brought to them, she could not resist the temptation of devouring everything on the plate. “Yes, yes, let’s dig in!”

Food first, talk later.

Sure enough, Katherine was not the kind to remember that she had something important to talk about after finishing her meal.

It was only after the two went their separate ways after lunch and in the middle of Katherine’s drive did she recall that she had not suggested Sophia separate from Alexander for a while.

Ah, it was all because the lamb kebabs were simply too delicious…

By the time Sophia came back from lunch, Yvonne had sent security to get rid of the reporters downstairs. Only a handful of reporters were left stubbornly waiting around the corner. Sophia took the underground path from the side entrance, so no one noticed her return.

When Yvonne saw her, she quickly passed her the invitation Megan had delivered. “Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Queen asked me to give this to you.”

Sophia arched her brow and took the engagement party invitation card. After a glance, she commented, “They’re rather quick.”

If her memory served her right, it had been less than two months since Megan and Casper got together.

But they’re engaged so soon? It seems like Megan’s rather pleased with Casper.

If one were to simply consider the Queen family, then Megan would be marrying someone of a higher status than her by marrying Casper. However, Megan was cousins with the Schilds. With the Schilds in the equation, Megan would be marrying someone of a similar status.

Still, Sophia was not expecting Megan to deliver the invitation card to her personally. After a moment of contemplation, she said to Yvonne, “Ms. Leighton, please prepare a gift for me.”

She could not possibly be a no-show after Megan’s sincere invitation.

“Of course, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne was experienced in situations like this, so Sophia was not worried to leave the gift preparation in Yvonne’s hands.

The main reason Sophia returned to the office was to sign a contract. Once she was done, she left the building, for she did not know whether or not more reporters would be waiting for her outside.

When she came out of the office, it was only a little past four. Sophia hailed a cab back to the mansion.

Right as the car drove down the alley, Sophia spotted some reporters waiting outside her house.

It must be tiring for the reporters to be doing this on such a hot day.

“Mister, please send me to Odyssey instead.”

The driver hummed in acknowledgment and drove past the mansion’s entrance.

At the same time, Sophia took out her phone to take a few photos. She sent them to Yvonne and asked the latter to deal with it.

The long drive meant that it was past five when she arrived at Odyssey’s building.

Just as Sophia stepped into the office, the receptionist led her to the private elevator. Even before the elevator could reach Alexander’s office floor, the news of Sophia at his office had traveled to his ears.

Once Felix made his report, he stood aside and fell silent.

If not for Sophia’s arrival, he would not have risked facing Alexander’s wrath by walking into his office.

The other executives were all carefully watching Alexander, too. They were terrified that he would fire them if they were to say the wrong things.

Alexander’s icy expression softened when he heard Felix’s words, but he still gave the two executives before him a dark look. “I’ll give you three more days.”

The two executives breathed sighs of relief and quickly agreed to it. Without wasting any time, they left Alexander’s office.

Just as Sophia stepped out of the elevator, she bumped into the two executives. It was the executives’ first time seeing Sophia, and while they were stunned by her beauty, they were also looking at her as if she was their savior. “Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia inclined her head. Upon noticing the slightly ajar door of the office, she figured out what had happened and quietly chuckled.

So, Mr. Xenos is throwing a temper tantrum.

If one were to simply consider the Queen family, then Megan would be marrying someone of a higher status than her by marrying Casper. However, Megan was cousins with the Schilds. With the Schilds in the equation, Megan would be marrying someone of a similar status.

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