Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 374

Chapter 374 I Do Not Mean It

Sophia went downstairs after ending the call.

By then, Alexander had made breakfast. When Sophia walked to him, he passed her a glass of warm water.

“Thank you.”

Alexander glanced at her. “Do you know about the video Old Mrs. Sharp posted last night?”

Sophia took a sip of her warm water and nodded. “I just received a call from Ms. Leighton.”

“Mhm,” Alexander muttered before reaching out to touch her cheek. “What are you going to do?”

Alexander was definitely going to find out what Sophia was planning to do.

Sophia smiled and revealed to him the thoughts in her mind. “Regardless of whether it’s Kristen or Dillon, the two of them must think that they can stop the Dawson family from helping you by doing this. We’ll go along with their assumptions, then.”

Anyway, it was not as though Alexander needed the Dawson family’s help with how capable he was.

Kristen and Dillon had to be fearful and desperate to have used such lowly tricks. Their actions also meant that they were not confident.

“As you wish.”

It was something easy for Alexander to do. All he needed was to give an order, and Felix would deal with it immediately.

However, since Sophia was keen to watch a show, a show was what he was going to give to her to make her happy.

Sophia’s ears heated up when she noticed his stare, and she quickly turned away by drinking the water.

“Time to eat breakfast now.”

Alexander glanced at her and quirked his brow, but he did not say anything about Sophia’s obvious shyness.

After breakfast, the two of them went to the office. Sophia had a meeting that day. Perhaps Dillon’s incident the day before served as a warning for Ron, for the shrewd Ron did not protest against any of Sophia’s decisions that day.

Right as Sophia came out of the conference room, Belinda rushed over to her. “Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Leighton.”

Sophia lifted a brow and gave Belinda a smile. “Calm down and tell me what happened.”

Belinda turned red in the face at Sophia’s smile, for she realized she was being a little too anxious. After taking a deep breath to recompose herself, she informed, “Ms. Yarrow, there is a large group of reporters downstairs, and they’re saying that they want to meet you. Also, Jadeborough Evening News’ reporters came right up with their press passes.”

Sophia lifted her brows. “They came right up?”

Belinda nodded. That was why she had been in such a rush to get to Sophia.

Sophia scoffed. “It looks like Jadeborough Evening News is desperate to earn some cash.”

It was rare for Yvonne to see Sophia’s icy look. Hence, she knew that Sophia was truly angry when she saw the fading of the latter’s smile.

Glancing at Belinda, she then said, “Ms. Yarrow, I’ll get the security up here.”

Sophia nodded. “Look into what Jadeborough Evening News has been doing lately, too. Let their editor-in-chief see what his reporters have been doing.”

Although Sophia was not as much of a gossipmonger as Katherine, she still knew most of the things she needed to know.

There had been many reported incidents involving Jadeborough Evening News in the first half of the year, and those incidents had all left records on the internet. Jadeborough Evening News did not seem to care much about its reputation and was willing to do anything for the sake of popularity. Hence, Sophia did not mind lending them a helping hand and making them trend on the internet.

Yvonne hastily nodded in response. “I got it, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia then turned to Yvonne and said, “I’ll be going back first. Do deal with the reporters downstairs.”

Although Sophia wanted to watch Dillon embarrass himself, it did not mean that she enjoyed others disrupting her schedule.

As for her anger… Technically, she was not angry.

Coincidentally, Katherine was free that day. After exiting Sunshine Group, Sophia went straight to the kebab shop Katherine had recommended.

It was a weekday, so the shop was not crowded.

Katherine had recently filmed a promotional video, so she had been quite popular lately. Therefore, she had to fully cover herself up before leaving her house.

Katherine spotted Sophia from afar, and she waved at her friend. Sophia smiled and walked toward her. “Hi, Ms. Famous. It’s been a while.”

“Look at the tears in my eyes! Soph, did you miss me?”

Sure enough, it had been some time since the two met up. Katherine’s schedule was packed previously, and she even took on an advertising job from a famed brand. She had just gone to Epea the week before for the filming.

Right as Sophia took her seat, Katherine ran over to her side and spread her arms to hug her. However, Sophia stopped her and uttered, “Restrain yourself.”

Katherine huffed in dissatisfaction. “You’ve changed! What happened to sisters before misters? Boo-hoo! My life is terrible! I can’t believe my dear friend doesn’t want me anymore!”

It had been a few months since Katherine had taken on an acting role, but it seemed like she still had no trouble being dramatic.

Sophia only smiled at her in silence.

After a while of her fake crying, Katherine became bored and dropped the act. “Ahem. Let’s get back to the real topic. What’s that old hag trying to do this time?”

It was not the first time Delilah had come to stir up trouble with Sophia. The last time she did that, Sophia had taught her a lesson. Who would have expected her to repeat her actions just a few months after that?

Frankly, Katherine was at the end of her patience with Delilah.

However, Sophia chuckled and said, “She’s only doing this for the money.”

Katherine knew more or less about Dillon’s matter. Even if Sophia did not tell her anything, Joshua would have told her bits and pieces about it.

For once, the gears in Katherine’s mind turned, and she said, “Alexander has much on his plate too.”

Sophia glanced at her and questioned, “What are you trying to say?”

A wave of guilt hit Katherine at her stare, and she cleared her throat. “Nothing, nothing.”


There was no way Sophia would believe her dismissive response. Nevertheless, she did not verbally prompt her further—she just kept staring at Katherine.

In the end, Katherine relented and muttered, “Do you know Chandler Shaw?”

Sophia lifted a brow in response. “What’s with him? Are you familiar with him?”

A pause later, Sophia added, “Does Joshua know about this?”

All courage fled Katherine at the mention of Joshua. “Hey, don’t overthink this! I’m not close to him. I only heard this from someone else, okay? It seems like he has something against Alexander. Also, didn’t your granddad try to play matchmaker for you and Chandler?”

Sophia could not help but click her tongue. “You know quite a lot, don’t you?”

Katherine sheepishly smiled. “It’s mainly because of my social network.”

As Sophia flipped through the menu, she asked, “So, what are you trying to tell me?”

Katherine was someone who could not keep things under wraps for long, so she blurted out everything she knew, regardless of whether or not it was something she should be telling Sophia about.

It was a pretty dramatic matter. As it turned out, Chandler had a younger sister named Noelle Shaw. She used to have a crush on Alexander, but her love was unreciprocated. Alexander never once looked at her in a friendly manner, and he was extremely rejectful of her. One night, Noelle was robbed. She called Alexander, but he hung up on her and blocked her.

By the time Noelle was sent to the hospital, she had lost too much blood and died.

Katherine even belatedly added, “I don’t mean anything else, by the way. I just want to share some gossip with you.”

Sophia gave her a half-smile. “Are you about to tell me that Alexander’s too cold-blooded?”

We really are good friends! Sophia truly can read my mind.

Right as Katherine was about to wistfully comment how well Sophia knew her, she heard Sophia say, “What did Chandler offer to you?”

Frankly, Katherine was at the end of her patience with Delilah.

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