Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 361

Chapter 361 See You In Court

As Liam drove into the residential area, he could not help but feel as though the security guard was looking at him weirdly.

Nonetheless, he was in a happy mood and could not be bothered by the guard.

He was still wondering where Tanya had gotten herself such a powerful ally to have her back. They had pulled so many strings just so he would divorce Tanya.

However, Liam was certain that he would still be gaining. After all, as long as he divorced Tanya, he would earn a lot from the deals worth six hundred thousand that they had signed.

In the past two years, it had been getting increasingly challenging for their business. Not only did they have much competition, but their small factory had been overshadowed by multiple big ones, so much so that they had been struggling to stay afloat. The fact that they could earn six hundred thousand in six months would mean that they were set for the rest of the year even if they did not work a day.

When Liam found out that all his worries regarding supplies would be solved the moment he divorced Tanya, he was beyond ecstatic. He was so elated that he no was no longer troubled by the fact that Ximena had left him. Why, then, should the guard’s side eye bother him?

Liam had gone back to get the divorce certificate. When he got out of the elevator, he bumped into his next-door neighbor, who was about to throw out the trash.

Having never been one to make friends with his neighbors, Liam did not bother to greet his neighbor as he walked by.

To his surprise, when his neighbor saw him, she muttered, “What a bad omen.” Liam frowned. Turning around, he called out to his neighbor. “Hold on a second, Ma’am. What does that mean? Why am I a bad omen? You’re not leaving until you give me an explanation!”

Thinking that he was being reasonable for once, Liam was sure that his neighbor would at least give him an explanation.

Never did he expect his neighbor to scoff at him. “Is it not a curse to any woman who got themselves involved with a sc*mbag like you? Tanya told us everything! She did not run away with her lover. You made her leave by bringing home a mistress! If it ends there, that’s fine. What I can’t believe is the audacity of the Mill family to expect Tanya to leave without anything. Hah! What a shameless family you lot are!”

Liam was not living with his parents, but his folks were living just one floor above them. When they were looking for a house, his mother did not like the idea of him living far away from them, so she bought the unit above theirs and moved in along with the newlyweds. Until that day, they were still living there.

Indeed, scandals as such would always spread like wildfire. The rumor that Tanya had run away with a lover was started by Ximena for the sake of her own dignity. As for Liam, he had chosen to remain silent for the sake of the baby Ximena was carrying.

He had never expected that there would be a day when Tanya would clarify the truth.

A blush crept onto Liam’s neck as he tried to defend himself. Before he could even speak, the neighbor cut him off, “Don’t bother denying it. Everyone here saw you bringing back your mistress with our own eyes! The Mill family is such a prominent family in our neighborhood. If you want to cheat, then go ahead. But how could you cheat out in the open? Tanya has been married to you for over two years and has served you and your family diligently. She took care of all the chores and even cleaned your parents’ house on the weekends. Where can you find a better wife than her? But you know what? Good for her for divorcing you! Let me give you a piece of advice. Dig deep into your soul and find whatever piece of humanity you have left in you. Don’t paint Tanya as the villain after your divorce. We all have eyes that see the truth!”

Retired women’s favorite pastime was gossiping their boredom away.

No matter how strong-willed Liam was, he knew he could not win a debate against someone like that.

Moreover, the neighbor was telling the truth. As Liam stood there, his face turned purple in fury. Unable to withstand it any longer, he took out his keys and unlocked his door.

The second he stepped foot into the house, he was dumbstruck.

Have I been robbed?

Liam stared at his empty house. Nothing was left except for his four walls. Even robbers do not have the ability to clear out everything.

It didn’t take long for Liam to figure out who was behind it. Despite being married to Tanya for two years, he had not expected her to have the gall to do something like that.

Whipping out his phone, he punched in the digits furiously without hesitation.

Because they would be getting divorced that afternoon, Tanya had unblocked Liam from her contacts.

The three of them had just been seated at a restaurant when Tanya’s phone began to ring.

Thinking that it was her mother, Tanya reached for her phone. As she glanced at the caller ID, her brows knitted together.

Flipping through the menu, Sophia noticed Tanya’s reaction and smiled. “Is that Liam?”

Tanya raised her head to look at Sophia. “Yeah.” She nodded.

Putting down her order, Sophia passed the menu to Yvonne before asking Tanya, “Would you mind putting him on speaker?”

Tanya immediately handed Sophia the phone. Upon accepting the call, Sophia did not forget to turn on the speakers.

Liam’s furious voice immediately sounded from the other end of the call. “You sure have gotten audacious, eh, Tanya? Threatening me to divorce you is one thing. How dare you tell everyone in the residential area about the fact that I cheated? Do you really think that you have backed me into the wall?”

As he finished speaking, Liam let out a frustrated howl. “If you don’t get someone to bring back all the furniture, you can wait by yourself in front of the City Hall later!”

As if thinking that his words were not threatening enough, Liam added, “Do you believe that I have the ability to kill you and the rest of your family, Tanya?”

That was the first time that Liam had ever been so humiliated in his entire life.

If the comments of his neighbor had sent him on edge, seeing the house void of furniture had successfully pushed him over. Liam had officially lost it.

Tanya was grateful that she was not in front of Liam at the moment. Otherwise, he would have hit her so hard that she would not even dare bring up the divorce.

No matter what, Tanya was still afraid of Liam. She was married to him for two years. In the first six months, they had been on their honeymoon period. However, things changed once the butterflies were gone. The Mill family was one of the better-off families in the area. Liam had been spoiled ever since young. He began showing his true colors, scolding her for every small mistake she made and even hitting her.

Tanya had endured all that hardship for the sake of her parents. It was until the news of Liam having a mistress went public did she bring up the divorce.

However, after years of being subjected to his abuse, Tanya had learned to be obedient and submissive for the sake of her own safety.

Even though she had made the decision to walk out of his life, the fear she had for him could still be found deep in her heart.

When Tanya heard Liam’s threat, colors drained from her face.

She cast a helpless look at Sophia. At that moment, the only person she could trust was Sophia.

Upon noticing her fear, Yvonne reached for Tanya’s hand. “Don’t worry, Ms. Gomez. Ms. Yarrow is here. No one is going to bully you.”

Sophia turned off the loudspeaker and placed the phone to her ear. “Then do you believe that I can also make your life a living hell so much so that you will wish to die instead, Mr. Mill?”

A hint of a smile could be detected in her voice as Sophia spoke. It was as though she was saying something as innocent as commenting on the weather. However, there was an edge to her voice that could send shivers down one’s spine.

Liam froze. He clenched his hand so tightly around the phone that his hand began to shake. Gritting his teeth, he forced his voice to become even. “Ms. Yarrow, I have already agreed to divorce Tanya. The truth of my cheating is also out in the open now. And yet, she cleared out all the furniture in my house. How is that reasonable?”

“All that she cleared out was furniture that she had hand-picked for the house. Now that you two are about to be divorced, she has just taken away the things that rightfully belong to her. How is that unreasonable?”

Sophia paused momentarily before continuing, “Mr. Mill, I don’t have much patience. Tanya could wait forever to divorce you, but I believe that your family company can’t afford to wait that long. This afternoon, two o’clock. If you’re even one minute late, I’ll see you in court.”

With that, Sophia hung up the call and placed the phone next to Tanya before flashing a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Tanya. If he doesn’t show up, we’ll sue him for bigamy.”

Taken aback by Sophia’s comment, Tanya stammered, “C-Can we do that?”

Sophia rested her chin on her hand as she blinked innocently at Tanya. “Do I look like I’m lying?”

Staring into Sophia’s bright eyes, Tanya felt the fear and anxiety in her heart vanish into thin air. As her shoulders slumped in relief, Tanya smiled. “Not at all.”

Tanya was grateful that she was not in front of Liam at the moment. Otherwise, he would have hit her so hard that she would not even dare bring up the divorce.

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