Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 360

Chapter 360 She Would Never Come Back Again

The entire ordeal went more smoothly than Sophia had expected. Within ten minutes, the three of them exited the Mill family’s office.

When they returned to the car, Sophia turned to Tanya. “Did you bring your keys?”

Tanya had never imagined that everything would be so easy. Liam did not even put up any fight and agreed to the divorce immediately.

Tanya was lost in a trance, remembering all the times she and Liam almost got into a physical fight when Liam insisted on not divorcing her. Only when she heard Sophia calling her did she snap out of her daze. She blinked for a few seconds before answering, “Yes.”

The night before, Sophia had intentionally given Tanya a phone call to remind her to bring the keys to her and Liam’s house.

Although Tanya did not know what Sophia was up to, she had full confidence that anything Sophia did would be for her benefit.

Moreover, she was about to divorce Liam. The keys to the house would not be hers any longer.

Sophia looked at Tanya and gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. We’re just bringing you back to get the things that rightfully belong to you.”

Before this, Yvonne had already done her investigations.

Within twenty minutes, the car pulled into the residential area where Tanya and Liam’s house was located.

When Tanya saw the familiar entrance to the residential area, she felt a hint of melancholy, but only for a flicker of a moment.

Liam was not a good person. She did not love Liam either. There was no reason for her to ruin the rest of her life for two miserable years.

“I assume you still remember which way to go?”

Upon hearing Sophia’s voice, Tanya snapped out of her thoughts and recollected herself. “I remember.” She smiled.

“All right. Lead the way, then.”

All of a sudden, Tanya understood what Sophia’s plan was.

Her emotions were stirred up as excitement lit up her face. Nodding to Sophia, Tanya took out the keycard and led them inside.

The security guard recognized Tanya. As they entered, the guard greeted them warmly.

Tanya smiled at the guard wordlessly as they passed by.

Soon, the elevator reached the floor of her unit. Fishing out her keys, Tanya unlocked the front door.

After six months of absence, the familiar space had become a little foreign.

The trash looked as though it had not been taken out for a long time. Clothes were piled onto the couch messily.

That was a familiar scene that always awaited Tanya when she opened the door. Yet, at that moment, Tanya felt relieved.

Turning her eyes away from the mess, Tanya looked at Sophia. “I’ll go get my things.”

Sophia arched a brow. “Okay.”

With a nod, Tanya disappeared into the master bedroom.

Cosmetics and skincare products that Tanya had never used were on the vanity. Her clothes were also gone from the closet. It didn’t take much for Tanya to figure out who had been in the master bedroom.

When she first found out about Liam’s affair, she had been upset. At that moment, however, Tanya felt at peace.

Using the chair of the dressing table as a stepping stool, Tanya took a box from the topmost shelf of the cupboard. Inside the box was her graduation certificate, as well as all the certificates that she had won from various competitions since young.

She could lose every other thing, but the certificates were symbols of all her past glory. She could not bear to lose them.

When Sophia heard the sound of Tanya clearing her things from the master bedroom, she inclined her head at Yvonne and flashed the latter a smile. “Ms. Leighton, where are the people that I asked you to call?”

“They’ve arrived. They should be here any—”

Before Yvonne could finish her sentence, the doors of the elevator opened. Four men dressed in plain black T-shirts stepped out.

“They’re here, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia nodded. “Good. Ask them to carry all the furniture inside and throw them into the garbage pile downstairs.”

A pause later, she added, “If any of the neighbors ask what’s going on, tell them that the husband cheated in the house, and the wife is repulsed by the mere sight of the furniture.”

Tanya had told Sophia that when they got married, Liam’s family was the one who paid the down payment on the house while all the furniture and decorations—even down to the smallest cup—were bought by Tanya’s family.

Leaving the furniture with Liam would let him off the hook too easily. They were certain that Liam would not pay Tanya back for her fair share of the mortgage. In the five months that Tanya was in Jadeborough, Liam had brought Ximena to the house. The mere thought of reusing the furniture that had marks of one’s husband’s mistress was enough to disgust anyone.

Sophia was not short of money. She was willing to throw away everything and buy Tanya a completely new set of furniture instead of allowing Liam to have it easy or Tanya to be disgusted.

Therefore, she had asked Yvonne to contact movers from a moving company before they arrived.

After Tanya was done packing her things, she exited the master bedroom. Upon seeing the four unknown men in the house, she was slightly taken aback but quickly understood when she realized that Sophia had hired them.

Even though Tanya was easily swayed and not as decisive as Sophia, she still had her fair share of dignity.

Everything inside the house had been hand-picked by her before buying them. Despite not wanting to take the furniture away with her, Tanya did not want to leave them for Liam either.

“Thank you, Sophia.”

When Sophia heard that, she could not help but chuckle. “You don’t blame me for doing this without your permission?”

Tanya blinked in surprise before breaking into a huge grin. “My biggest weakness is being too compassionate to people who don’t deserve it. Do you know what I admire most about you, Sophia?”


Tanya raised her head to meet Sophia’s eyes. “For some reason, you’re always so confident and so composed. Remember our second year at university? A senior confessed his love for you, saying that if you reject him, you might never find anyone better than him.”

Sophia thought for a while. It had been seven or eight years since then. If Tanya had not brought it up, she would not have remembered such a small incident.

“I remember.”

“Back then, you told him that you might not know whether or not you’d end up with someone better, but you’d definitely not meet someone else as presumptuous as he was.”

The senior had pursued Sophia for an entire semester. Every morning without fail, he would bring her breakfast. He would also give her presents during every special occasion and festive season.

He had confessed his love for her onstage during his graduation ceremony in front of thousands of students. If it were Tanya, she would not even be brave enough to go onstage, much less reject him.

Since young, Tanya had always been indecisive. She had always admired people like Sophia, who was composed and efficient.

If she were to return to the house on her own that day, she would just get the divorce certificate along with her pay and savings from Liam. Nothing else.

Yet at that moment, as Tanya watched the house get emptier and emptier, she felt an indescribable sense of lightness. It was as though she had been reincarnated.

As the memory of the confession surfaced in Sophia’s mind, she smiled. “What would you do if it were you?”

The senior was not a bad person, but he was extremely conceited.

Sophia did not like presumptuous people, especially those who would force something she didn’t like onto her, thinking that she would change her mind.

Tanya thought it over. “I would probably accept the confession at first, then tell him the truth in private.”

Sophia chuckled. “Tanya, sometimes, life is a lot better when you’re a little selfish.”

After all that she had gone through, Tanya resonated with what Sophia had just said. “You’re right. I’ll try my best to be more selfish in the future.”

Sophia beamed proudly at her. “Good.”

It didn’t take long for the four men to completely clear out the house. At that time, many neighbors had gone home for lunch. When they inquired about the situation, the movers answered exactly the way Sophia had instructed them.

Within minutes, the narrative shifted from Tanya eloping with her lover to Liam bringing a mistress home.

Seeing that the work was almost done, Sophia gestured to the door. “Come. Let’s go grab a bite first.”

Tanya nodded in response. The three of them left the empty house together.

Before they left, Tanya left her keys on the hook behind the door.

She would never come back again.


Tanya raised her head to meet Sophia’s eyes. “For some reason, you’re always so confident and so composed. Remember our second year at university? A senior confessed his love for you, saying that if you reject him, you might never find anyone better than him.”

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