Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 344

Sophia was surprised when she noticed the way Tyler was looking at her. She didn’t think he would have the guts to set his sights on her like that.

Tsk, tsk, tsk… Tyler sure is a bold one…

She then shifted her gaze toward Alexander and said with a smile, “Mr. Schild is over there.”

The frown on Alexander’s face eased up a little as he nodded in response. “All right.”

There were quite a lot of familiar faces at the dinner event, including Samuel, Charles, Megan, and even Casper.

As Sophia had previously helped Megan out at the auction, she wasn’t as hostile toward Sophia when she saw her. “Hello, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Ms. Queen? What a coincidence!” Sophia responded with a faint smile.

The two of them weren’t exactly close friends, so they didn’t have much to talk about.

Megan had just finished greeting Sophia when Samuel and Charles came over.

“Hi, Alex! Hi, Sophia!”

Samuel then paused and glanced at Megan as he continued, “Oh, you’re here too, Meg.”

“Hello, Samuel,” Megan greeted him in response.

Since the four of them were close, Megan grabbed Casper by the arm and walked off.

After putting some distance between them, Megan looked back at Sophia, who was standing next to Alexander at the time.

Word about Alexander not being Zachary’s son had spread like wildfire all over Jadeborough that morning, so the members in Megan’s chat group were discussing it earlier in the day.

Of course, rich women like them didn’t really care all that much about the sentimental stuff. All they wanted to know was whether Sophia and Alexander would have to break up again.

Although Sophia had helped her out at the auction, Megan did lose to her twice in the past. As Sophia had destroyed Megan’s reputation, she wasn’t about to forgive Sophia just because she did her a favor.

Greeting Sophia without hostility was the most she would do. To expect anything more than that from her would be wishful thinking.

When the members of her chat group asked if Sophia would leave Alexander, Megan said no.

For some reason, she just felt it was highly unlikely for Sophia to break up with Alexander.

Megan had been thinking about the past quite a lot ever since the auction took place.

Thalia and Kristen hated Sophia when she first married into the Xenos family four years ago. Since Megan was close to Thalia, it was only natural that she disliked Sophia as well. Megan and Thalia had secretly worked together to sabotage Sophia quite often in the past.

However, Megan gradually stopped contacting Thalia ever since Alexander kicked her out of the Xenos family. While Thalia’s quality of life was still much higher than that of most ordinary people, she could no longer keep up with the spending habits of wealthy women like Megan, who would spend up to hundreds of thousands on shopping sprees.

Naturally, Thalia was well aware of that and stopped reaching out to them as well.

Without Thalia badmouthing Sophia all the time, Megan was able to clear her head and saw that Sophia actually loved Alexander deeply.

While it remained unknown whether Alexander would remain in Odyssey after word got out about his identity, Megan and the other wealthy women no longer desired Alexander as much as they used to.

That was not the case for Sophia, though.

As much as Megan hated to admit it, it was impressive how Sophia had amassed over a billion after divorcing Alexander and starting a business on her own.

As such, Megan believed a strong and independent woman like Sophia would be able to support herself financially without the help of her man.

After taking all of that into consideration, Megan realized she no longer hated Sophia all that much.

“What’s on your mind, Meg?”

Megan snapped out of her train of thought when she heard Casper calling out to her. She then turned toward him and asked, “Casper, do you think Ms. Yarrow is amazing?”

Casper knew about Megan’s history with Sophia, so he chose not to answer her question directly. “Do you want to hear the truth?”

“What is it?”

Casper flashed her a smile as he replied, “She is indeed amazing.”

He knew he would not have been able to start such a successful business all on his own.

Megan pouted as she asked, “And if I wanted to hear a lie instead?”

“Apart from having good looks, she’s not all that amazing,” Casper said.

“Why does it sound like you’re complimenting her either way?” Megan snapped at him with an angry snort.

Fearing that she would get mad at him, Casper was quick to explain, “Please don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying she might have relied on her good looks to get where she is today.”

Megan turned around and glanced at Sophia after hearing that. Despite her easy-going and gentle personality, it was incredibly difficult to approach her.

As such, Megan refused to believe that she achieved success through her good looks alone. “Okay, you didn’t have to insult her like that.”

Casper flashed her a smile. “I thought you hated her?”

“Women tend to get jealous of other women who are better than themselves, after all,” Megan replied honestly. “Actually, you could stand to benefit a lot from being Ms. Yarrow’s friend,” Casper suggested.

“I know that.”

Of course, Megan understood that all too well. She simply couldn’t bring herself to let go of the past grudges between them.

Sophia had no idea that Megan had changed her view toward her after their little interaction earlier.

As Justin made his way over, Sophia placed her glass of orange juice down and walked off to give the four of them some privacy.

She had just taken a few steps away when Charlize approached her from the side. “Ms. Yarrow!”

It had been a long time since she last saw Charlize. “Hey, Charlize.”

“Your smile looks as stunning as always, Ms. Yarrow! My heart can’t take much more of this!”

Sophia let out a chuckle as she asked, “How are things at work? Have you gotten used to it yet?”

Charlize graduated from university over two months ago. Charles mentioned while playing poker on Saturday that Charlize had been so busy working overtime that she didn’t have time to fangirl over her idols.

Charlize covered her face to avoid looking directly at Sophia’s mesmerizing eyes. “Yeah, I have. I’ve just been working overtime a lot lately.”

“Does it pay you well?”

That seemed to hit Charlize right where it hurt the most. “Ms. Yarrow…”

Sophia decided to stop teasing her. “Remember to eat on time and take good care of your health.”

“All right, I will!”

It had been a long time since they last saw each other. Charlize was present during Sophia’s birthday party, but there were too many people around at the time, so Sophia didn’t get to talk to her much.

After chatting for a bit, Charlize asked, “Ms. Yarrow, is it true what they’re saying about Mr. Xenos?”

“I’m not too sure about that, actually,” Sophia replied after taking a sip of her fruit juice.

She genuinely had no idea if Alexander was Zachary’s son or not.

Although the evidence that Kristen had presented so far indicated that he wasn’t Zachary’s son, she believed that Beau wouldn’t be fooled that easily.

Kristen had demanded quite a huge sum when she returned to the Xenos family with Alexander back then. Sophia was certain that Beau would not have paid her the money so easily without first confirming if she was telling the truth.

After all, Beau was the one who founded Odyssey. His body might have slowed down significantly due to his old age, but his mind was still sharp.

It was common for people to lie about their children to rip off those from wealthy families, so Beau would surely be on his guard for such schemes.

“Oh, okay.” Charlize then glanced at Alexander and Samuel to make sure they couldn’t hear her before whispering in Sophia’s ear, “Would you consider leaving Alexander if the rumors were true, Ms. Yarrow?”

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