Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 343

Sophia and Alexander had guessed it right. Kristen had indeed come over to pay Alexander a visit on Friday night. As Leonard’s trial was coming soon, Kristen got desperate when negotiations did not go the way she wanted. With no other choice left, she went to Dillon for help.

Alexander, Justin, and Charles had predicted that Dillon would soon make his move when they had a discussion a few days ago.

Sure enough, things went from being extremely peaceful to incredibly chaotic on Monday.

Sophia had just returned from a meeting when she saw Yvonne staring at her. Judging by the hesitant look on Yvonne’s face, Sophia instantly knew that she had something to tell her.

Having worked together for so many years, the two had developed a bond and became rather close friends.

Sophia knew that Yvonne cared deeply about her, so she asked with a smile, “Is there something you’d like to tell me about, Ms. Leighton?”

Since Sophia had given her the green light, Yvonne decided to speak her mind. “Ms. Yarrow, about Mr. Xenos—”

Sophia cut her off, “Don’t worry about him. I know he no longer has any money, but I do.”

Yvonne felt speechless when she heard that. She believed Alexander was unworthy of dating Sophia, but he had been treating her really well throughout the past few months of their being together.

Alexander’s grand confession of his love to Sophia during her birthday was rather touching, so Yvonne stopped hating him and sincerely accepted their relationship.

However, those peaceful days didn’t last long as trouble soon came knocking, and it was big trouble, too.

The fact that Alexander wasn’t a member of the Xenos family meant he had no right to inherit Odyssey.

If they managed to prove that Alexander wasn’t related to the Xenos family, then Leonard would stand to gain everything he owned.

Having worked as a secretary for so many years, Yvonne knew that losing Odyssey would surely come as a devastating blow to Alexander.

Despite all that, she felt relieved after hearing Sophia’s reply, as she knew the two must have come up with some sort of solution. “Understood. Please be careful, Ms. Yarrow.”

Conflict would often result in collateral damage to bystanders, but Sophia was no ordinary bystander.

Sophia felt touched when she heard Yvonne’s words. “All right. By the way, how are things going with Liam?”

“The manufacturer has stopped delivering the goods, so they won’t be able to last very long,” Yvonne replied, giving her a brief summary of the current progress.

Sophia clicked her tongue. “Very good.”

That was when Yvonne recalled something and said, “Ms. Yarrow, the lady at the front desk told me that a woman named Yvette came looking for you while you were in Doveston.”


Sophia arched an eyebrow when she heard that. “Got it.”

Having completed her report, Yvonne quickly turned around and stepped out of Sophia’s office.

Yvette and Henry went to City Hall the day after the wedding to get their divorce procedure done. Yvette’s reputation was almost completely destroyed, and things hadn’t exactly been great in her family, so it wasn’t hard for Sophia to guess the reason behind her visit.

Sophia had just finished signing the last document at eleven when her phone screen lit up all of a sudden.

Sophia’s lips curled into a smile when she saw that it was a text message from Katherine.

She then handed Yvonne the document before tapping on the message. Sure enough, Katherine had texted her to ask about Alexander. The message read: Soph, I just found out something really shocking today! They say Alexander isn’t a member of the Xenos family! Is that true?

Sophia replied: As of the moment, there is still no solid evidence that can confirm if Alexander is Zachary’s son or not.

Katherine texted her back a minute later with a relieved emoji: That means it isn’t true, then. Thank goodness! He wouldn’t be worthy of dating you otherwise!

Sophia huffed a laugh in exasperation as she replied: You’d better watch what you say. Do not believe the rumors, and do not spread them either. Anyway, I’m going out for lunch now.

She then closed the chat and got ready to leave for lunch.

A lot of people had been asking Sophia about Alexander after Dillon put the word out that he wasn’t Zachary’s son.

There was a dinner event later that evening, and Sophia and Alexander were both invited to it.

Back then, the focus would always be on Sophia whenever the two were together. Due to the release of the news, however, everyone’s eyes were on both of them the moment they entered the venue.

Of course, with no concrete evidence to back the claims up, those news were simply rumors at the moment. Alexander was still the CEO of Odyssey and held the highest amount of shares in the company, so no one would dare make fun of him just yet.

Dillon stopped attending such dinner events after retiring, yet, he showed up that night and greeted Alexander and Sophia with a smile.

Given the fact that he had brought Tyler with him, it became obvious that he had attended that dinner event on purpose.

Dillon and Tyler walked up to Alexander the moment they saw him.

“Alex, Ms. Yarrow, long time no see.”

Despite the friendly greeting, Dillon could barely hide the gleeful look in his eyes.

Sophia simply looked at Alexander and flashed the duo a faint smile without saying anything.

Dillon didn’t seem to mind, though. After all, he only came to the dinner event because of Alexander.

Although Dillon was the one who released the news of Alexander’s identity, he chose not to release the evidence of it just yet.

Since it was almost certain that Alexander wasn’t a member of the Xenos family, Odyssey’s stocks have been plummeting throughout the past few days. Alexander and Tyler were just cousins, so it didn’t really matter if he was gone. Tyler would still have Leonard and Thalia to help him out.

After all, Kristen wasn’t exactly the kind of person that was easy to deal with. Things were fine while they were working together on the same side, but there was always a possibility of them becoming competitors in the future.

As such, Dillon decided to purchase Odyssey’s stocks while they plummeted.

He only came to the dinner event that night to mock and humiliate Alexander.

Alexander simply shot Dillon an icy-cold gaze before holding Sophia’s hand and walking off.

The look on Dillon’s face was frozen in place as he stood there and watched them leave.

Tyler was spacing out a little as he stared at Sophia from behind.

Man, Alexander sure is a lucky one… He has got so many beautiful women flocking to him. I can’t wait for the day he gets kicked out of Odyssey! When my father and I take over Odyssey, getting myself a taste of Sophia would be a piece of cake!

Alexander paused in his tracks and shot Tyler a menacing glare when he caught him ogling Sophia. Feeling nervous at being caught red-handed, Tyler quickly averted his gaze.

Just wait, Alexander! It won’t be long before I wipe that smug look off your face!

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