Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 341

Irrefutably, there was a need for Alexander to tell Samuel, Charles, and the others that he wasn’t related to the Xenos family by blood.

Dillon had always wanted to kick Alexander out of Odyssey, but the latter had the right to helm the company since his capabilities were there for all to see. Being a mere uncle, Dillon couldn’t do anything about it, so he begrudgingly backed off.

Kristen had gone to look for Dillon last night. As such, the man would likely make his move soon. And in no time, rumors would start spreading in Jadeborough.

During the drive, Samuel couldn’t help lamenting, “Alex is so in love that he’s no longer acknowledging us as friends.”

Charles, who was driving beside him, turned and cast him a look. “Speak for yourself. Don’t drag me into it.”

Pausing for a moment, he added, “Give Justin a call and ask him to join us.”

Samuel was just about to riposte him when that order startled him. “Why? I called him this morning, but he said he was busy with classes and told me not to disturb him.”

Verily, Charles felt that if he didn’t spell things out, Samuel would probably only realize Alexander’s intention when the latter laid his cards on the table.

His lips pressed into a thin line. “Alex must have something to tell us since he suddenly changed his tune and wanted to play poker.”

In truth, they weren’t a fan of poker. It was just that whenever they needed to speak about something, things would seem less grave as they talked while playing poker, and the atmosphere would be much more relaxed.

That aside, it was indeed rather strange for four men to merely sit and talk in a private room without doing anything every time they met up.

“Wasn’t it Sophia who proposed playing poker?”

Samuel’s denseness tickled Charles pink. “Why do you think she did so?”

“In consideration of me?”

Evidently, even Samuel himself didn’t quite believe that reason.

Out of the blue, he remembered that Sophia even looked at Alexander after she suggested that. At that time, he merely felt that they were putting on a public display of affection. But on second thought, that didn’t seem to be the case.

He was abruptly enlightened, understanding dawning upon him. “I’ll call Justin.”

“Okay,” Charles murmured.

Seeing that the lights ahead had turned green, he stepped on the gas pedal lightly.

They had just started the first round of poker when Justin arrived. He pushed open the door and entered the private room, taking a seat behind Samuel. “It’s been a long time, Sophia.”

Sophia flashed him a smile. “It’s been a long time, Mr. Quail.”

In return, Justin inclined his head. He then glimpsed the empty seat at the side. “Are you not playing, Alex?”

Alexander, who was sitting beside Sophia, replied, “I left the spot empty for you.”

At that, Justin chuckled softly. “You’re both teaming up? If so, aren’t we going to lose miserably today?”

Following his remark, Samuel snorted. “Why are you praising them and undermining us, Justin? Speak for yourself. I’m not going to lose!”

Justin snickered. “I hope you can still say that later.”

Although Sophia and Alexander were there to speak of a serious matter, it had no bearing on them winning since they were playing poker.

Sophia had a photographic memory and could memorize the cards. The same went for Alexander. Joining hands, they could surmise the cards in Samuel’s, Charles’, and Justin’s hands. Consequently, the poker hands the men had were also no secret.

In the first round, Sophia obtained a resounding win. However, Samuel was unwilling to admit defeat. “This is just the first round!”

Glancing at Alexander, Sophia smiled at him without saying anything.

During the second round, Alexander seized the opportunity while the cards were being shuffled in the card shuffler to start in a cool voice, “Have you all heard about the matter regarding Leonard?”

Samuel grunted in affirmation. “He mowed someone down, and it was a senior executive from Odyssey at that. What’s the matter? Are you planning on helping him?”

Charles and Justin remained silent, but their gazes were fixated on Alexander’s face, making it clear that they were waiting for him to continue.

In response, Alexander shook his head. “No. Kristen sought me out because of that matter. She gave me a few sets of documents, including a DNA test between me and Leonard, a maternity DNA test between her and me, and the paternity DNA test she did long ago between Zachary and me.”

Having said that, he paused briefly before adding, “All three test reports indicated that I’m not related to them by blood.”

Samuel sucked in a breath. “Wait! What are you trying to say here, Alex? Does it mean that you’re not Zachary’s son or a member of the Xenos family?”

Alexander stared right at him. “No, I’m not.”

Charles’ and Justin’s brows knitted together. The latter pursed his lips before commenting, “Your father has already passed away. Therefore, Kristen doesn’t have sufficient evidence to prove whether you are Zachary’s biological son or otherwise.”

Charles nodded in agreement. “Indeed. The whole of Jadeborough knows that she eloped with another man just days after you were born back then. As such, it’s believable that you’re not her biological son. Furthermore, it had almost been ten years since your father passed away. No one else other than herself knows whose DNA was used for the paternity test.”

“Yeah, all that is still manageable. I’m telling you this because Kristen went to look for Dillon last night,” Alexander divulged.

Samuel was so livid that his face flushed bright red. “She wants to join forces with him and kick you out of the Xenos family?”

Alexander’s expression remained unchanged. Likewise, Sophia wore a faint smile on her face throughout it all.

Undeniably, that shocking revelation staggered Samuel, Charles, and Justin.

Sophia picked up a chip, her lips turning up slightly. “It’s difficult to prove whether Alexander is a descendant of the Xenos family. However, it’s easy when it comes to Leonard and Thalia.”

Picking up where she left off, Alexander continued, “I’m already investigating the men entangled with Kristen back then, and the results will be out soon. I’m merely telling you this today in advance.”

After all, it was a monumental matter. They were childhood friends who had known each other for years, so he needed to inform them even if he really wasn’t a descendant of the Xenos family.

Charles bobbed his head in acknowledgment. “Got it. I’ll also have someone look into this matter.”


Hearing that, Charles chortled softly. “Don’t be such a stranger to me.”

Meanwhile, Samuel pondered for a while. “I might not be able to help with other things, but I can still make some inquires.”

Alexander studied him closely, not riposting him for once. “Okay.”

With that, the conversation drew to an end. While the news was shocking, they were from prominent families and had experienced many trials and tribulations.

It was rare for them to gather and play poker, so they naturally continued the game after they had finished speaking of the matter.

Even after losing three rounds, Samuel still felt that Sophia and Alexander only won because of luck. He adamantly refused to believe that he would continue suffering defeat.

Thus, when Sophia won for the fifth time an hour later, all his chips had ended up in her hands.

Sophia turned to Alexander and flashed him a smile before shifting her gaze to Samuel. “Do you still want to continue, Mr. Schild?”

If he doesn’t want to play anymore, we’ll head to the boxing gym. It’s a little over three now, so we can have dinner after training at the boxing gym for an hour. Hmm, this arrangement is perfect!

Samuel felt that he had been utterly embarrassed that day, having been proven wrong time and again. “No, no, it’s okay.”

Gah! Why do I never learn? Alexander alone can defeat me thoroughly, much less when Sophia teamed up with him! Verily, I’m scared of these two winners with photographic memories!

The four men parted ways at the clubhouse. After leaving, Alexander and Sophia went to the boxing gym.

Initially, Samuel wanted to tag along. But with a look from Alexander, he abruptly remembered the times he had been beaten up in the past. At once, he didn’t dare follow them anymore.

The couple hadn’t been to the boxing gym for half a month. A little over half an hour later, Sophia was already feeling tired.

On the contrary, Alexander’s stamina was incredible. He remained standing there, his breathing still as even as ever.

Quirking a brow, Sophia called out, “Alexander.”

While saying that, she ran over and jumped onto his back.

Alexander instantly lifted his hand to steady her, and Sophia landed safely on his back.

Gazing into his eyes, she beamed before pecking him on the lips.

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