Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 340

Chuckling, Sophia added, “Don’t misunderstand, Mr. Schild. I’ll pay you back the amount of money you negotiated. But I’d like you to transfer the distribution rights of December to us.”

Samuel suspected that she was deliberately making fun of him. “It’s not a matter of money.”

Do I look as though I’m short of the copyright money? The author of December asked for a copyright fee of two point five million, and it hadn’t been easy to convince him to agree to it. Never had I expected that the copyrights I secured with blood, sweat, and tears would be gone in the blink of an eye just because I agreed to a race. Ah, the mere thought of it breaks my heart!

Nonetheless, he was still a man of his word despite his flaws. “All this is fine, but you might need to talk to the original author.”

After all, there was still a sizeable gap between Specter Entertainment and Midway Media. Usually, authors would choose Midway Media, which had a better reputation and resources, as a collaboration partner instead of Specter Entertainment which had only been established for six to seven years.

“You don’t need to worry about that, Mr. Schild.”

At the sight of the smile on Sophia’s face, Samuel knew that his reminder was unnecessary.

Over the past year or so, they had already developed a clear understanding of the kind of person she was.

She was definitely no ordinary woman, considering the fact that Alexander fell in love with her for real after their divorce.

Furthermore, she was even Suny of Sunshine Group. Since she requested the copyrights for December, she would have undoubtedly taken such a trivial matter into consideration.

Right then, Samuel was already thinking about how he should explain things to his subordinates when December had been listed as a key project that year.

All of a sudden, regret swamped him for joining them that day.

If I hadn’t come over, things would’ve remained bright for me, and I’d still be in a great mood. Oh well, there’s no use regretting it when things had come to this!

Nevertheless, he was still a tad curious. “Why did you choose December, Sophia?”

Casting him a flat look, Sophia retorted with a guffaw, “Because it makes money, of course!”

Samuel felt as though he had been indirectly snubbed by her once more for asking such a foolish question.

Seeing that the two of them had reached a consensus, Alexander chimed in, “It’s time for lunch.”

A smile bloomed on Sophia’s face. “Mr. Schild, Mr. Johnson, it’ll be my treat today.”

Only then did Samuel’s mood lift slightly. “If so, I won’t stand on ceremony with you.”

The few of them discussed for a while before they decided to go to Aqua Palatinate for a meal.

Aqua Palatinate had only opened its doors last month. The restaurant had no menu and only served ninety-nine tables a day. On average, the cost per person exceeded a thousand.

Nonetheless, it attracted the patronage of many in Jadeborough no sooner had it started operating. Thus, it went without saying that ninety-nine tables a day were insufficient. By then, reservations had spanned three months later.

However, Aqua Palatinate’s owner was evidently a tactful person. On the surface, the restaurant only allowed ninety-nine tables a day, but he had actually reserved three large private rooms and two small private rooms for the rich and powerful in Jadeborough to dine on a whim.

Although Sophia was nobody in Jadeborough’s elite circles, the same couldn’t be said of Suny.

After getting into the car, Sophia phoned Yvonne directly.

It was a wonderful weekend, and the single lady had just finished cooking lunch. When Yvonne received the call from Sophia, she thought something serious had happened. She immediately yanked the apron off her, planning to return to her room and change so that she could be on standby.

Unexpectedly, just as Yvonne rushed back to her room, Sophia ordered, “Please reserve a small private room at Aqua Palatinate for me, Ms. Leighton. I’ll be arriving in half an hour.”

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief. “Sure. Got it, Ms. Yarrow.”

It was Samuel’s first time enjoying a meal courtesy of Sophia. Despite having lost December’s copyrights in a race, he had already tossed it to the back of his mind by the time he arrived at Aqua Palatinate. “Sophia, Alex, do you have any plans after the meal?”

Alexander shot him a sidelong glance. “Do you not have anyone to keep you company that you’re determined to tag along with us?”

That wounded Samuel, who was pitifully single. “I merely find it livelier when there are more people.”

Taking the coffee the server handed her, Sophia thanked the man. She took a sip before shifting her gaze to Samuel and asking with a faint smile, “Why don’t you find a girlfriend, Mr. Schild?”

Pausing briefly, she continued, “Is it because you can’t find one?”

Samuel, who was just about to speak, felt that he had been stabbed in the heart by both Sophia and Alexander. Chagrin promptly flooded him. “No. Mainly, it’s because I’ve got too many girlfriends. I don’t want to be with them during the weekend.”

Hah! I can lose anything but not my pride!

At that, Sophia threw him a meaningful look. “Oh, I see. I didn’t expect you to be such an expert.”

In a flash, Samuel puffed up with smugness. “But of course! You know what, Sophia? When Alex pursued you back then, sixty percent of the ideas came from me. All things aside, I’ve got such rich experience in wooing girls that I’m second to none in Jadeborough!”

Upon hearing that boast, Sophia couldn’t help bursting into giggles. She turned and eyed Alexander. “So, it was Mr. Schild who taught you?”

Samuel’s triumphant expression was so irritating that Alexander was gripped by the urge to throw the coffee in his hand at the man’s face.

Yet, he still curbed the impulse since they were long-time friends. “No.”

Samuel bristled the instant he heard that denial. “That’s a lie, Alex! Wasn’t I the one who taught you to send flowers?”

After saying that, he swung his eyes to Sophia ingratiatingly. “Wasn’t it romantic and delightful to receive anonymous flowers daily, Sophia?”

In response, Sophia arched a brow slightly. “Do you want the honest answer, Mr. Schild?”

Samuel’s expression froze, and he suddenly felt that the truth might not be all that pleasant.

He hurriedly waved a hand. “Haha… that tactic is somewhat cliché, but it’s only a basic strategy in pursuing girls.”

Sophia merely smiled without saying anything. By then, Charles truly couldn’t stand watching anymore. He personally poured Samuel a cup of coffee. “Here, have some coffee.”

“I’m not thirsty.”

“Have some coffee,” Charles repeated.

Immediately, Samuel grew disgruntled. “What’s wrong with you, Charles? I’ve already said I’m not thirsty. Why are you insisting that I’ve got to drink the coffee? How will you get yourself a girlfriend when you don’t listen when I talk about my tactics?”

Charles threw him a look. “Are you not thirsty after saying so much?”

Abruptly feeling that he had been scorned, Samuel went silent.

Tsk! What kind of friend is he?

Sophia turned and glanced at Alexander, suddenly realizing why the man managed to stand having Samuel by his side all these years. Honestly speaking, Samuel is so dense sometimes that he can turn himself into a joke. Listening to him every so often would make it difficult to feel sad.

Alexander squeezed her hand. “Don’t bother about him.”

When Samuel, who had just quietened down, heard that, he almost couldn’t resist speaking again.

Fortunately, the private room door was pushed open at that precise moment. A server wheeled a dining trolley in, serving the appetizers and soup.

Putting aside the issue of taste, the presentation of the dishes was pretty impressive.

Sophia tried a spoonful of the soup and found it decent.

Shortly after, the main dishes were served. For a party of four, there were six dishes in total. After the meal, there were also some desserts and fruits.

Both the variety and taste of the food were relatively good, proving that Aqua Palatinate wasn’t merely popular without any capabilities.

At the end of the meal, Sophia footed the bill. They then left Aqua Palatinate in pairs.

Just as they reached the parking lot, Samuel again asked Sophia and Alexander, “Are you two really not going anywhere this afternoon?”

Sophia glanced at Alexander, upon which the latter snorted coldly. “We’re going to the boxing gym. Do you want to join us?”

Samuel, who hadn’t been beaten up in a long time, answered, “Sure! I haven’t been to the boxing gym in a long time.”

Hearing that, Sophia inexorably dissolved into laughter. “Ah, never mind. It so happens that there are four of us, so let’s play poker together.”

After saying that, she tilted her head and looked at Alexander.

Glimpsing the glint in her eyes, Alexander instantly understood her meaning.

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