Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 338

Alexander was talking softly on the phone at the side when Sophia woke up out of thirst. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw him walk out with the phone, turning the alarm off at the same time.

As she lifted her sore legs, she recalled the scene from last night, which made her lips feel drier.

She then sat up on the bed and told Genie to draw the curtains open.

Sunlight instantly streamed into the room. Sophia blocked it with her hand and walked out in her slippers.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Alexander, who was sitting on the couch outside, glanced over. “Did I wake you up?”

Sophia shook her head and croaked, “I want water.”

“I’ll get you some.”

As he was saying that, he had already gotten up from the couch, walked to her side, and rubbed her cheeks affectionately.

Sophia watched him walk out the door, absent-mindedly touching her face where his hand had been.

Does Alexander think I’m a child? Why does he love pinching my cheeks so much?

Sunlight streamed through the windows, lighting up the bedroom instantly.

Recollecting her thoughts, Sophia turned around and entered the bathroom to wash up.

By the time she stepped out of the bathroom, a glass of warm water was already placed on the dressing table.

She flashed Alexander a smile. “Thanks.”

Alexander’s eyes glinted as he stared at her. After telling the person on the call “that’s all,” he hung up and entered the bathroom to wash up.

The morning sun at the end of July was rather strong, so much so that Sophia was beginning to feel a little hot after standing on the balcony for some time.

Nonetheless, the morning breeze was refreshing. Hearing the sound of footsteps, Sophia turned around and saw Alexander approaching. “Who called you just now?” she asked with a smile.

He walked over and wrapped an arm around her waist before giving her lips a gentle peck. “It was Mr. Lane.”

After a pause, he added, “Kristen went looking for Dillon last night.”

“That’s fast,” Sophia remarked with a raised brow.

She went looking for Dillon as soon as she was rejected by Alexander. Looks like Thalia’s not as important as Leonard is to Kristen.

Sophia huffed. “Is she giving up on Thalia?”

“Beats me.”

Truth was, Alexander had dirt on Thalia. What he said to Kristen last night was not just an empty threat.

After all, he knew long ago that Thalia had done many immoral things. It was just that she had not been bothering Sophia recently. Hence, Alexander let Thalia off the hook.

Now that Kristen had chosen Leonard over Thalia and was working with Dillon to make Alexander’s life difficult, the latter decided to return the favor.

Sophia was a little tired from standing there. Resting her head on his shoulder, she asked, “What are you planning to do next?”

Alexander lowered his head to glance at her. “I’ll wait for them to make their move.”

“Oh,” Sophia responded. It was Saturday; they did not have to go to the office.

After giving it some thought, she suggested, “Shall we go horse-riding?”

The weather that day was perfect for horse-riding.

Besides, it had been a long time since Sophia visited a horse ranch. Her last visit to a ranch was during her university days when Katherine was filming a period drama. The latter had to pick up horse riding for the shooting, so Sophia tagged along.

After graduating from university, Sophia married Alexander, and many events happened after that. Hence, she had not been to a horse ranch for five to six years.


With that, they went to the horse ranch after their breakfast.

There were more cars on the road because it was a Saturday, which made the wait for the green light longer than usual.

It was close to ten o’clock by the time they arrived at the ranch. As soon as they changed into their protective gear, Alexander’s phone rang.

Sophia, who was trying her hair up into a ponytail at the side, glanced at his phone screen. Upon seeing the name on the display, she could not help but raise a brow.

It’s Samuel again. He’s got a lot of free time, huh?

Indeed, Samuel had a lot of free time. He had invited Charles for a game of golf, but he thought it wasn’t as fun with only two people. Hence, he thought of inviting Sophia and Alexander over. Then, they could have a meal and play some poker.

Just planning their day lifted his spirits. It’s going to be a wonderful and fun-filled day!

The moment Samuel arrived at the golf course, he dialed Alexander’s number. The former, who had been single for over thirty years, was now smarter. He knew he should not disturb the couple’s quality time with each other before nine o’clock in the morning on such a beautiful weekend.

It’s only ten o’clock. The time’s just right. Even Alexander’s picking up the call faster than usual.

Raising his brow in glee, Samuel said, “Alex, Charles and I are at the golf course. Would you and Sophia like to join us?”

Alexander frowned with a look of disdain. “We’re at a horse ranch.”

“Whoa! I haven’t ridden a horse in ages, too. Why didn’t you guys invite me?”

Alexander snorted. “Why should we?”

Are single people not worthy of hanging out with them anymore?

“Which ranch are you at? I’ll go there with Charles.”

It’s so hot. Horse-riding will be much better than golf.

Alexander shot Sophia a glance. “Samuel wants to come.”

Lifting her gaze to his face, Sophia said, “I can’t stop Mr. Schild from coming. I don’t own this ranch, after all.”

“I can stop him from coming.”

Suddenly, Sophia felt pity for Samuel. “It’s okay. The more, the merrier.”

“Okay,” Alexander responded. He then said to Samuel on the phone, “We’re at Gilly Ranch.”

Meanwhile, Samuel thought Alexander was ignoring him without even bothering to hang up. Just as he was thinking their friendship was over, he was surprised to hear a reply from Alexander. Never did Samuel expect to hear a reply. Looks like our friendship still has hope after all! Cheerfully, he said, “Charles and I will be there in half an hour!”

Alexander gave a curt reply and hung up right away.

Seeing he had ended the call, Sophia asked with a smile, “Is Mr. Schild good at horse riding?”

Alexander gazed at her and thought for a moment before answering, “I’m better than him.”

Baffled, Sophia said, “I was asking about his horse-riding skills, not comparing him with you.”

Not only was Alexander shameless these days, but he was also more narcissistic.

“It’s okay, I guess?”

After giving it a thought, Sophia suggested, “Shall we have a competition? Let’s see if I can defeat Mr. Schild.”

Alexander gazed at her gleaming eyes and responded gently, “All right.”

Twenty minutes later, two galloping black horses came to a stop.

Sophia retracted the reins and led the horse over to Alexander. “Is it okay?”

“Yep.” Pausing momentarily, he added, “He’ll slow down to avoid obstacles.”

Sophia raised a brow upon hearing that. “You’re telling me Mr. Schild’s weakness just like that?”

Alexander looked at her and tucked the stray strands of hair by her cheek behind her ear. “You want to win, right?”

Since she wants to win, I’ll let her win.

Sophia could not help but chuckle. “Aren’t you afraid I might gouge Mr. Schild?”

“It’s okay. He’s rich.”

Sophia’s eyes crinkled, and she chuckled softly.

Meanwhile, Samuel sneezed a few times as soon as he entered the horse ranch. Rubbing his nose, he asked, “Charles, do you feel cold?”

However, Charles merely turned to look at his friend as if the latter was an idiot.

Samuel, too, knew he had asked a foolish question, but he could not think of a reason why he was sneezing. “It’s so hot. There’s no way my body’s so weak, right? Am I really catching a cold?”

Charles raised his brow. “God knows how you’ve been ruining your body.”

That rendered Samuel speechless, for he was expecting Charles to say something comforting.

What kind of person would say something like that?

“Can’t you say something nice?”

Charles threw him a look. “I was afraid you might not be smart enough to understand.”

Stumped, Samuel said, “Since when did you become so mean?”

“The problem is you’re an idiot.”

With that, Charles marched off without saying another word.

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