Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 337

Samuel didn’t dare to call Alexander and discuss the matter with him. Naturally, Sophia was unaware that Sharon’s secretary had gone seeking help from Samuel.

When Sophia and Alexander were having their meal, Katherine had already given Sophia a live update on WhatsApp of how many calls Sharon’s manager gave Jonice and the nice words the manager said. When the manager failed to convince Jonice politely, she began intimidating the latter.

Sitting beside Jonice, Katherine sent a voice note of the content to Sophia, who transcribed it into text. She could not help but raise her brow when she had finished reading it.

Sharon’s manager sure is arrogant.

At the same time, Alexander, who had finished cutting up the steak, placed them in front of Sophia. Seeing she was mulling over something, he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Sophia placed her phone in front of him. “When Katherine and I were having lunch at noon, we bumped into a celebrity. The celebrity is from Mr. Schild’s company. Coincidentally, Sharon was having a meal with Hanson Gallagher, the second son of New Aploth Properties’ owner. We then ran into her outside the restaurant after the meal. When we were leaving, she told us to not go around saying things. However, she got captured by the paparazzi, and the news began trending in the afternoon.”

Alexander glanced at the chat log between Sophia and Katherine, frowning. “I’ll give Samuel a call.”

“It’s fine.” Sophia chuckled and reached out to take her phone. “It’ll be fine as long as we don’t respond.”

I’d like to see how long Sharon will keep this up.

Seeing that, Alexander figured she had her own plans. Hence, he did not contact Samuel.

They returned to the mansion after finishing dinner. As soon as their car turned into the road in front of their mansion, they spotted someone standing at the entrance from about eight meters away.

It was none other than Kristen, the lady who contacted Sophia not long ago.

Quirking her brow, Sophia turned to look at Alexander. “It’s Mdm. Lambe.”

Alexander’s expression turned slightly cold. “I’ll get down. Wait here for me.”


Sophia nodded while unbuckling her seat belt. She then watched Alexander get out of the car and approach Kristen.

Kristen originally did not want to meet Alexander there, but it was inappropriate for her to go looking for him at Odyssey as well, not to mention Sophia’s place. She was practically chased out when she went looking for Sophia.

However, more than two weeks had passed, and the trial for Leonard’s case was starting soon.

Though Kristen had already contacted Dillon, she still prepared a backup plan by saying she had dirt on Alexander to make Dillon work with her.

Dillon was smart, too. He insisted on finding out what dirt she had on Alexander before they discussed the matter further.

Even so, Kristen was not a simpleton as well. After all, she was someone who made Zachary marry her despite her family background.

She knew she could not reveal her trump card. Once it was revealed, she would not be able to work with Dillon, let alone save Leonard.

After much pondering, Kristen decided to look for Alexander again.

Recently, Alexander had been living in Sophia’s mansion. Thus, the best way was to wait for him at her place.

Getting out of the car, Alexander walked over to Kristen and asked, “What’s up?”

Under the dim yellow lighting, Alexander’s expression was as cold as ice.

Kristen glanced at him. “Alex, I’m sure you’re aware of the matter I went looking for Ms. Yarrow for. I don’t mean to upset you, but I’m really out of options. You know I’ve treated you like my son all these years, don’t you? Can you please save Leonard for my sake? Don’t worry. I won’t expose the fact that you’re not a part of the Xenos family. As long as you help me out this round, I promise I won’t disturb you or Ms. Yarrow ever again. You, Ms. Yarrow, and I are the only ones who know about it. In fact, I’m sure no one else in this world will know about your real identity if I keep my lips sealed.”

Alexander eyed her. “Didn’t you contact Dillon already? What’s the matter? Did you two not reach an agreement?”

His words hit the spot, and Kristen stiffened. “Let me ask you again. Will you help me out?”

Alexander snorted. “I thought Sophia’s attitude made it very clear already.”

Naturally, Kristen understood the meaning he was implying, and her face paled instantly. “A-Aren’t you afraid I’d expose your identity?”

“Do as you wish.” Pausing momentarily, Alexander warned, “If you dare harass Sophia again, then don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy. Don’t forget. Leonard’s not your only child. You still have Thalia.”

Kristen froze. “W-What are you trying to do?”

“That depends on what you’re going to do.”

That was the first time Kristen realized Alexander, the child who grew up under her watch, was actually that scary.

In the next second, she regretted her actions. She regretted looking for Sophia as well as coming here.

I shouldn’t have come here, nor should I have told Sophia, either. I should’ve just gone to Dillon right away. And now, Alexander knows, and he’s prepared. That’s why he has nothing to fear.

At that thought, Kristen broke out in a cold sweat.

“Y-You still have to call me Mom, no matter what!”

Alexander said nothing. He merely stood there with an icy expression.

Gritting her teeth, Kristen glanced at Sophia, who was still in the car, and stormed off in her high heels.

With that, Alexander returned to the car and drove it into the mansion’s compound.

After replying to Katherine’s text, Sophia looked up and stared at his unchanged expression. Blinking, she queried, “Did she threaten you?”


Alexander had never been threatened in his life.

Pondering for a moment, Sophia asked, “She left. Does that mean she’s going to look for Dillon?”

“Not necessarily.”

“I see. What did you tell her?”

Alexander parked the car, got out, and opened the car door for Sophia.

“Thank you.”

As soon as she finished saying that, he bent over and swooped her up.

“Ah! Hey!” Sophia wrapped her arms around his neck, looking at him with amusement. “Why are you suddenly carrying me?”

“I missed you.”


I’m right in front of him! Why is he missing me?

While they talked, Alexander carried her to the second floor and placed her on the couch, giving her a kiss on the forehead before getting her a glass of water.


Alexander took a gulp of water before answering the question she asked in the car earlier, “I didn’t say much. I just reminded her that she still has Thalia.”

Sophia could not help but click her tongue softly when she heard that. “That means you threatened her as well.”

“Yep,” he admitted right away. Putting the glass of water down, he sat beside her and gazed at her with his head tilted. “Will you still date me if I end up with nothing?”

Arching a brow, she answered, “I’ve got to consider this carefully.”

Alexander’s brows moved a little, but his gaze was still fixed on her.

Unable to stand his eyes boring into her anymore, Sophia asked, “Will you still love me if I have nothing?”


Sophia smiled and answered softly, “Then, so will I.”

She did not know he was from the Xenos family when she fell in love with him, nor did she know how much his net worth was. All she had for him was pure, unadulterated love without ulterior motives.

Hence, she would still love him, even if he was not a member of the Xenos family.

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