Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 296

“It’s been a long time, Sophia.”

A man’s clear voice rang out while the two were talking.

Sophia lifted her head and saw the newcomer was Stephen. She was momentarily dazed before responding. “It’s been a while.”

They had indeed not met for some time. They didn’t see each other since they stumbled into one another at the mansion the other day.

Sophia didn’t specifically pay attention to news related to Stephen either.

Only when they came face-to-face that day did she recall he was Jessica’s godson. Hence, he had to be there since the occasion was Bruno’s birthday.

Charlize’s gaze shifted from the handsome man before her eyes to Sophia as she imagined the story behind the two’s relationship.

Megan, standing afar, noticed Stephen approaching Sophia to chat her up. Her facial expression changed as she immediately strode over in her high heels. “Stephen. You’ve been so busy lately. I feel like I haven’t seen you in such a long while.”

He flashed a smile. “Indeed. I have been swamped recently.”

“Ms. Yarrow, the dress you’re wearing tonight is gorgeous.”

Naturally, Megan wasn’t trying to compliment Sophia with that remark. It was evident that Sophia was not paying her respect to the Queen family for wearing an ordinary dress to attend such a grand event that day.

Every other female attendee present was dressed in an evening gown.

Sophia met Megan’s eyes and smiled faintly. “Thank you, Ms. Queen. I’m very fond of this dress too.”

Her simple response and casual demeanor rendered Megan unable to dwell on that matter further.

Megan didn’t dare to get into a conflict with Sophia in public on such an imposing occasion.

“Where’s Mr. Xenos? Didn’t you arrive with him, Ms. Yarrow?”

Megan couldn’t care less about Alexander’s whereabouts. She merely wanted to say that in front of Stephen to hint at him that Sophia was nothing but a phony woman who likes to surround herself with men.

Unexpectedly, right after she finished speaking, Alexander walked over. “What are you all talking about?”

He stood behind Sophia with most of his body stuck against hers, giving others the impression as if he was hugging her from behind.

Sophia felt her cheeks burning instantaneously. Still, she kept the courteous grin on her face. “It’s nothing. I haven’t met with Mr. Goodstone for a long time, so we were just exchanging greetings.”

Only then did Alexander turn to regard Stephen with an indifferent expression. “Mr. Goodstone, long time no see. I didn’t expect you to be still single.”

“Likewise, Mr. Xenos. Being single feels quite good. I reckon Sophia could share my sentiment.”

Not to mention Sophia, even Megan could clearly sense the inexplicable hostility between the two men.

Megan gritted her teeth. “Stephen, my mom was looking for you earlier.”

Stephen glanced at Megan, nodded, and left with her.

After they moved further away from Sophia and Alexander, she couldn’t help but utter, “Stephen, do you like Sophia that much?”

Stephen sipped on his wine. “Yes.” However, I think I don’t stand a chance anymore.

“What’s so good about her, Stephen? That woman is not to be taken lightly. Do you know how many men she surrounds herself with? She’s just a little more good-looking. If you thought about that incident the other day, you’d realize how scheming she is.”

He stopped in his tracks after hearing that. “Meg, I know you don’t like Sophia. I’m not forcing you to do so either, but you should refrain from saying these things in front of me in the future. I just met with my godmother moments ago, so I don’t suppose she’s looking for me again after such a short while.”

With that, Stephen walked away while holding his glass of wine.

Megan’s countenance stiffened as Stephen exposed her on the spot. She gnashed her teeth while narrowing her eyes at Sophia. What’s so good about her? She’s just slightly prettier.

Sophia, who Megan judged to be just a little more attractive than other girls, felt guilty because of Stephen’s comment. She lowered her head and took a sip of her fruit juice. “This place is too crowded. I want to go outside to get some fresh air.”

Alexander arched his brow and reached out to take the glass in her hand before placing it on the table beside him. Then, he held her hand and led her out of the banquet hall to the garden.

Although it was nighttime, the night breeze in mid-June was warm and humid, so it wasn’t cool and refreshing to let the wind brush against one’s skin.

Compared to getting caught up in the hot weather outside, everyone was more willing to stay in the air-conditioned hall to avoid their delicate makeup from getting ruined. After all, it would be pretty embarrassing if that happened.

At first glance, the outdoor garden was indeed deserted.

There was a swimming pool nearby, but since that wasn’t a pool party, no one would go there to take a swim.

Sophia and Alexander strolled along the path in silence.

Suddenly, they heard the clear voices of women gossiping in the quiet environment. Sophia came to a halt and glanced at Alexander with a smile.

“Did you see that? Alexander held Sophia’s hand when he entered the banquet hall tonight!”

“I’m not blind. Of course, I saw that. My mom hung out with Mrs. Xenos a few days ago. Mrs. Xenos said Alexander feels aggrieved because Sophia suggested the divorce in the past, so he’s trying to win back her affection by putting on a sincere and loving pretense. Then, he will break up with her when she falls for him again.”

“Really? Why do I find that unconvincing? Didn’t Alexander chase Mrs. Xenos out of the Xenos residence?”

“That’s the truth! Even after he kicked her out of the Xenos residence, she’s still his biological mother. There’s no way Alexander would entirely disregard his mother, right?”

“You have a point. When I went out to have a meal a few days ago and stumbled into Alexander, my dad advised me to be more proactive. To be honest, I’m quite tempted to fill the position of being his wife.”

“Well, who wouldn’t? That Sophia is such an idiot. She failed to gain anything from their marriage that lasted for three years, and she’s being deceived by Alexander again after divorcing him.”

“Who’s to say which one of them is the actual liar? Perhaps the whole divorcing-Alexander-without-taking-anything was just a facade. Regardless of why he had gotten back together with her, isn’t Alexander losing himself in the act?”

Perhaps the two women didn’t anticipate anyone would come out of the hall to the garden, so they grew more excited as they chatted.

Listening to their conversation, Sophia would’ve believed their version of the story to be true if she hadn’t gone through the circumstances in person.

She gazed at Alexander and chuckled. “I see. So, your intention has always been to deceive me again, Mr. Xenos?”

His face immediately darkened when he heard her words. He lowered his head and bit her lip. “Quit spouting nonsense.”

“You—” Why is he kissing me at all times? Jeez!

With that, he grasped her hand and walked ahead.

Sophia stood behind the two women and chirped, “In that case, does that mean Sophia wishes to get half of Alexander’s riches by getting back together with him this time?”

“That’s most likely the case. Ah! Who are you?”

The two women, deeply engrossed in their heated gossip, were frightened by Sophia’s and Alexander’s sudden appearances. When they turned around to check out who were the people who startled them, they realized the two people standing behind them were none other than the main subjects of their discussion moments ago.

The two women exchanged glances, picked up the hem of their gowns, and hurriedly fled.

Taking in their pathetic figures from behind as they scurried away, Sophia couldn’t help but click her tongue. “Why are they such scaredy cats?” They were so fired up when gossiping just now, so why are they running away now?

Alexander grabbed her hand in resignation. “It’s about time for us to return to the hall now.”

He reckoned Bruno had arrived, so they should go and greet him.

Sophia gave him a look. “Okay. We can find out who were the two people who gossiped about us too.” What’s the deal about badmouthing others behind their back? Why don’t they try saying it to my face if they’re so capable?

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