Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 295

Sophia attended Bruno’s birthday banquet with Alexander that night.

The two went there after dinner. Most of the guests had already arrived when they reached the scene.

There were all familiar faces in the ballroom. Jessica was Samuel’s aunt. As a member of the Schild family, she celebrated her birthday in style.

Megan was now with Casper, so the whole Cooper family was here too.

Megan used to have a good relationship with Thalia. Hence, Thalia’s attendance was expected too.

There were also guests from the Quail family and the Johnson family. Although the Queen family was no match for the top four families in Jadeborough, their status was not to be underestimated. Almost the whole upper circle of Jadeborough was present tonight. Those who couldn’t come had also punctiliously sent their gifts.

Hence, it was no surprise that Sophia knew most of the guests that night.

When she was still holding the Mrs. Xenos title, Thalia took the lead in tormenting her. Although she was no longer part of the Xenos family now, she showed up at the banquet while holding Alexander’s hand. There were rumors that Alexander was pursuing Sophia, and the two had gone back together.

Hence, when Sophia and Alexander made an appearance at the banquet, those who bowed and scraped before Thalia while sneering at Sophia before this now all cowered in the corner, wishing they could turn invisible and Sophia wouldn’t see them at all.

On the contrary, Charlize was happy to see Sophia.

Charlize was completely bewitched by Sophia’s beauty. She just could not tear her gaze away from her.

She went over with a glass of juice when she spotted Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow!”

Sophie smiled. “Charlize.”

“Ms. Yarrow, you look stunning in this dress!”

Sophia didn’t specifically dress up for the occasion. She was wearing an apricot three-quarter-sleeved flowered dress and light make-up.

Sophia had exquisite features. Although she only wore an average dress to the banquet, she still outshone all those who were dressed to the nines.

Meanwhile, Charlize was wearing a white skirt with a fishtail braid tonight. She looked pretty and dainty.

Sophia looked at Charlize, who was eyeing her with a big smile, and praised, “You look cute.”


Charlize blushed and instinctively covered her face after being praised by her idol.

The two chatted and soon, Sophia walked off with Charlize.

Alexander looked at the duo in the distance and frowned. Right then, Charles walked over. Alexander shot him a disapproving look and said, “You need to keep an eye on your sister. Ask her to stop distracting my people.”

Charles took a sip of the red wine and responded nonchalantly, “There is nothing I can do.”

Samuel, who followed Charles over, snorted upon hearing that. “Really, Alex? Charlize is just having a small talk with Sophia. It’s not like she’s up to something. Why are you wearing a bitter face?”

Alexander glanced at Samuel and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Samuel, the bachelor, somehow felt insulted. He straightened his back and said, “No. Why? Do you want to play matchmaker?”

Alexander lowered his head and sipped at his grape juice. “You don’t have a girlfriend. That’s why you can’t get it.”

Samuel was rendered speechless by the public display of affection.

Megan tightened her brows as she looked at Charlize and Sophia not far away. She shoved Thalia and asked, “Your brother is here. Don’t you want to go greet him?”

Thalia glanced at Alexander, who was a near distance away, and suddenly thought of his ruthless act. She shuddered and dared not to go forward.

Thalia shook her head. “It’s all right. I’m sure Alex won’t want to see me now.”

Megan befriended Thalia not only because of the latter’s background. Their friendship went all the way back to their high school and persisted until now. It was an enduring friendship.

Upon hearing Thalia, Megan was fuming with indignation at the thought of the recent incident. Once bitten, twice shy. Suppressing her anger, she lowered her voice and cautiously asked Thalia, “Is it because of Sophia? I heard that your brother had gotten back to her again. The two appeared at the same time tonight. I’m sure that Sophia must have said something to your brother,” Megan said while looking at Sophia, who was chatting with Charlize.

The ballroom was brightly lit. She suddenly felt that the dress on Sophia looked very pretty.

Upon realizing what she had been thinking, Megan pinched her thigh. “Sophia is really a piece of work. She has bewitched Alexander. What’s Charlize thinking about mingling with this kind of person? Meg, don’t underestimate Sophia. She isn’t a simple woman. You should stop provoking her in the future.”

Thalia tightened her grip on the glass subconsciously. A gloomy expression shadowed her face as she looked at Sophia in the distance.

Megan pursed her lips. She turned around and was immediately startled by Thalia’s sullen expression. “Tally, are you all right?”

Thalia snapped back to her senses when she heard Megan. “I’m fine. I was thinking about work.”

After they were expulsed from the Xenos family, Kristen forced Thalia to get a job. Since the incident with the bank card, Kristen cut off all of Thalia’s allowances after paying off her debt. She wanted Thalia to be self-reliant and support herself.

Thalia was having a hard time during that period of time.

Sophia tilted her head when she noticed someone was watching her. Her lips quirked up into a faint smile when she realized it was Thalia and Megan.

Charlize spotted Thalia as well. She snorted. “Ms. Yarrow, Thalia is having a hard time lately. I heard that Mrs. Xenos has stopped giving her pocket money. She needs to work now! Hahaha! I remember back then when she always bullied you. The wheel has now turned. I can’t wait to see how she’s going to face you now.”

Sophia let out a faint smile in response when she heard Charlize. “Well, she does sound a bit pathetic.”

She was a pacifist. She would not seek trouble unless others provoked her first.

Thalia was indeed at the pit now. Everyone could have rubbed salt into her wound.

However, Sophia had no interest in doing so. Thalia simply was not worthy of her time.

Discontent had been simmering in Charlize’s heart for a long while and finally boiled over at the mention of the bullying suffered by Sophia. She pointed her finger at those socialites in the banquet hall who had bullied Sophia and started counting all the obstacles they had put in Sophia’s way.

Sophia didn’t remember a lot of the stuff Charlize mentioned. She didn’t really take those insults to heart.

Unexpectedly, as a bystander, Charlize remembered all the grievances suffered by Sophia even though the latter had long forgotten about them.

Sophia raised a brow. “Did you send me the dress last time?”

Sophia remembered when a socialite splashed wine on her on purpose and claimed that it was an accident because she sprained her ankle.

Sophia was wearing a white dress at that time. The red wine instantly soaked her dress and embarrassed her on the spot.

However, when she went to the fitting room for a change, she realized there was no suitable replacement. All the dresses were either not her size or of obsolete design.

Sophia was just about to pick one randomly. She was confident that there was no costume in the world that could dim her indisputable prettiness.

Right then, a servant knocked on the door and told her that someone had prepared a dress for her.

Sophia’s heart blossomed with warmth when she thought of this incident. She looked at Charlize in front of her and said, “Thank you, Charlize.”

“D-Don’t mention it, Ms. Yarrow.”

Charlize suddenly felt a little shy at the mention of the past.

She didn’t have enough courage back then to defend Sophia. Otherwise, the latter wouldn’t have had such a hard time.

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