Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 26

Perhaps the day had started too smooth. When Sophia arrived at the harbor, she bumped into two people she did not wish to see.

At least she did not feel like seeing Bethany and Thalia on such a good day.

That day, Sophia wore a champagne-colored maxi dress. While the hem of her dress flowed gracefully in the breeze, her long chestnut curly hair was ruffled by the wind, revealing her bright and beautiful face.

Even Thalia, who despised Sophia, was amazed and could not deny that the latter had a charming face.

Looking at Sophia walking in her direction, Thalia thought the former was there to plead with her. After all, she had hired someone to spread the photos of Sophia secretly dating another man before divorcing Alexander some time ago.

With that thought in mind, she subconsciously raised her head and arrogantly waited for Sophia to beg her.

However, Sophia passed by her at a close distance just like that. Momentarily stunned, Thalia quickly regained her senses and became infuriated.

She ran after Sophia, who went straight ahead without turning back. “Hey!”

Not getting any response, she was so angry that she stomped her feet. “Sophia Yarrow! Are you deaf?”

Only then did Sophia stop in her tracks and look back, sweeping her gaze across Bethany before landing it on Thalia. “Are you calling me?”

“Is someone else here other than you?”

Anger was bottling up inside Thalia’s heart, almost choking her to death.

“But my name is not ‘hey’.” Sophia raised her eyebrow. Then, she flashed Thalia a faint smile and continued, “How may I help you, Ms. Xenos?”

Stumped by her words, Thalia became even angrier. “What are you doing here? Are you here to take your own life?”

“Take my own life? That’s humorous of you, Ms. Xenos.” Her remarks amused Sophia.

“This is the harbor. Bethany and I are here to go for a sail. Unless you’re here for that, too, what are you doing here?”

Halfway through her sentence, Thalia suddenly thought of something, and her face fell. “Could it be that Charlize has invited you to go for a sail as well?”

Just then, the yacht manager approached them. “Ms. Yarrow.”

Finding it meaningless to continue the conversation with Thalia, Sophia said, “Excuse me, I have some matter to attend to. Do enjoy yourself out at the sea.”

The coldness and impatience in her eyes were very obvious when she spoke. As her words fell, she walked toward the man next to her. “Mr. Brown.”

The man, Xavier Brown, asked awkwardly, “Am I interrupting your conversation with your friends, Ms. Yarrow?”

“No. I don’t know them.” Sophia tilted her head to look at Thalia and Bethany beside them.

Xavier heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. “Come. Let me take you to Stella and show you around.”

Sophia nodded. “Sure.”

Thalia’s face turned pale at Sophia’s words. Gritting her teeth, she snorted, “I’d like to see who invited her to a sail!”

Coincidentally, Sophia’s yacht docked right next to Thalia’s.

Charlize Johnson was Charles’ younger sister. She was not a close friend of Thalia, but they were in the same circle. When Thalia knew Charlize had borrowed Charles’ yacht to go for a sail, she phoned Charlize to ask if Charlize could bring her along.

Since Thalia had asked her personally, Charlize thought she could not possibly reject the former.

There were quite a number of wealthy families in Jadeborough. Since the social circle was the same, everyone generally knew each other. As Thalia still could not find any familiar faces on the yacht beside them after staring at it for a long time, she asked, “Charlize, do you know who the owner of that yacht is?”

Charlize shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

Then, she looked at the man sent by Charles behind her. “Hey, do you know who owns that yacht?”

“No. All I know is that it just arrived last night. I’m yet to find out who the owner is, though.”

Lifting her chin, Charlize looked at Thalia and queried, “Why? Did you see someone you know?”

“Of course not!” Thalia gritted her teeth and headed inside the yacht with Bethany.

Charlize pursed her lips upon seeing that. She had thought that Thalia would not need to tag along with her if Thalia met an acquaintance.

Inside the yacht, Bethany gazed at the yacht behind them through the window and went into deep thoughts.

Her eyes lit up when she heard Thalia complaining that Sophia could have hooked up with a tycoon. However, when she shifted her gaze to Thalia, she wore a suspicious expression. “I don’t think Ms. Yarrow is such a person, Tally.”

Upon hearing that, Thalia, who had not gotten any response after talking for a long time, naturally spilled the beans and told Bethany everything. “Why not? Don’t be deceived by her appearance, Bethany. In truth, she had never behaved herself over the three years she married into my family. I even took pictures of her secretly dating different men behind my brother’s back.”

Bethany still pretended not to believe her words. “Maybe they’re just friends?”

“That’s not possible, Bethany. Have you ever seen any woman meeting friends of the opposite sex in the platinum room of Corona?”

Corona was a famous private club specifically for the rich in Jadeborough with absolute privacy and high-end facilities. The club had three classes of rooms, and the platinum room was the highest. One must be the club’s VIP to use the platinum room. Even if the person merely joined the club VIP and did not use any facilities, the annual fee itself would still cost over three million.

Despite that, many celebrities would still enrol as VIP members and did not mind paying the expensive annual fee. After all, none of the paparazzi had ever taken pictures of them inside the club, and they were confident that their privacy was well-protected.

In fact, it was not Thalia’s fault for imagining things, as the act of Sophia entering the platinum room with a male was indeed suspicious.

“Did you see it with your own eyes, or was it merely a rumor? You see, people tend to exaggerate things nowadays. Maybe Ms. Yarrow was only having a little chat with her friend in the cafe back then. When people spread about it, their words took on a whole different meaning.” Bethany pursed her lips.

“Don’t be naive, Bethany. It’s definitely not a rumor, and I do have photos of her secretly dating other men. If you don’t believe me, I can show them to you.”

After saying that, she searched for the photos on her phone.

Bethany had seen the photos long ago because Thalia had already posted them on Twitter two hours ago.

Still, she pretended to be oblivious and looked at the photos on Thalia’s phone. A long moment later, she heaved a sigh and commented, “I never thought Sophia was this type of person.”

“Hmph! The netizens are really stupid. Once Sophia’s side made a stand for the gossip circling online, they immediately turned around and supported her.”

At the mention of that, Thalia somehow regretted bribing the media to slander Sophia’s name. She was not afraid of Sophia. In fact, she was dubious about whether Sophia was trying to take the opportunity and make a debut. After all, Sophia was penniless after leaving Alexander.

Meanwhile, Sophia did not know what was on poor Thalia’s mind. She was utterly satisfied after taking a stroll around the yacht with Xavier.

Sure enough, one must have money.

When she thought she would be able to sail freely on her own yacht sometime later, she felt that her anticipations in life were much higher now.

Sophia was so in love with “Stella” that she purchased it for a huge sum and stayed on it until lunch hour. Only then did she bade Xavier goodbye and leave the harbor.

As soon as she returned to the city, she received a message from Katherine: Soph, do you want to have some fun? I’ll see you at six in the evening at Corona, platinum room 168!

While waiting for the traffic light, Sophia took the opportunity to check on her phone. Pursing her lips, she smiled as she replied to the message: Okay. As the traffic turned green, she stepped on the accelerator and continued her journey.

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