Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 25

It was no wonder that Yvonne was a secretary whose annual salary exceeded a million. No more than ten minutes after Sophia had hung up the phone, Yvonne had already completed a secretary’s draft of a sternly worded warning letter and had sent it to Sophia’s mailbox.

Sophia glanced at it and immediately posted it to the top of her Twitter page, directly addressing a few highly active marketers on her Twitter post.

She did not say anything else, but her intentions were clear.

When the warning letter was published, the discussion under her post was serene and civil. Even Mason and Howard, who were anti-fans, were keeping quiet.

“CloudWontSoften” immediately rose to fifth in trending. First place was Katherine, the second was Mason, and the fourth was Howard. Even James’ account, “LilTransparent,” took eighth in trending despite being new to Twitter. The impact this had was plain to see.

Meanwhile, Thalia was swiping away on her phone at home. When she saw the opposing discussion online, her face became twisted from anger.

Specter Entertainment is only a small entertainment company and was only established within the past few years. Although I don’t know how Sophia became Specter Entertainment’s behind-the-scenes boss, shouldn’t it only take moments for the Xenos family to crush an entertainment company like this?

After Thalia returned home and had become the beloved princess of the Xenos family, she had forgotten the Xenos family belonged to Alexander. She held zero shares herself.

During the three years Sophia spent living at the Xenos residence, she had argued with Kristen almost every day. This caused her presence to be unacknowledged, as though she did not even exist.

Yet, now, Sophia had suddenly become the center of attention, which annoyed Thalia to no end.

“Mom! Come take a look at Sophia!”

Kristen had already received calls from other housewives, who asked her, “What’s going on with your former daughter-in-law Sophia? Wasn’t she a poor gold digger? How did she suddenly become some entertainment company boss?”

How would Kristen know what was going on? During the three years Sophia was married into the Xenos family, although she was not doing chores daily, she was still under the watchful eyes of Kristen. Kristen did not allow Sophia to go out much, as she was afraid that it could lead to embarrassment.

After she had received numerous consecutive phone calls, she felt suffocated and anxious. Upon seeing Thalia coming down from the third floor, she glared at Thalia. “What’s there to look at? She had already divorced your brother, so why have you been paying attention to her for the entire day? Can’t you spend some time thinking about how to get into the Schild family?”

Thalia did not take Kristen’s scolding to heart. Instead, she pouted and said, “Mom, don’t you feel distressed? After the divorce, it’s as though Sophia had become an entirely different person. Look at what people are saying about her online. Some of them even go so far as to say that their divorce is Alex’s loss!”

Although Kristen had been handling things more calmly than Thalia, now that this matter involved Alexander, she could no longer retain her calm.

After living close to sixty years, Kristen was relying on Alexander, her only son, to suppress the other wealthy housewives in Jadeborough. She refused to let his name be dragged through the mud. Even if that were to happen, she intended to resolve the matter in its entirety.

“What loss? She’s just someone who couldn’t even persevere for more than three years. What is there to lose?”

“Mom, you may think like that, but not all netizens share your sentiment. If you don’t believe me, look!”

Thalia was very experienced in matters that involved backstabbing others. Initially, she thought she could destroy Sophia by thoroughly shaming her online and causing Sophia to cower in a corner. However, Thalia did not foresee such a reversal.

This matter had developed far beyond her expectations. She felt frustrated, so she decided to look for Kristen.

As expected, as soon as Kristen saw the online discussion and connected that to the calls she had previously received, her countenance reflected her fluctuating emotional state.

I suppose those ladies called in to mock me?

Kristen could not hold herself back and immediately phoned Alexander.

He was not in a good mood, either. As soon as Kristen called his name, she was cut off by the sullen tone of his voice over the phone. “You better handle Thalia. If the situation escalates, I will not involve myself any longer.”

As soon as he said that, Alexander immediately ended the call.

Tilting his head back, he gulped down the red wine he had in hand before coldly turning around and returning to his room.

Sophia had a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling fresh the next day.

Knowing the time when Sophia would be awake, Yvonne gave the latter a call. ”Good morning, Ms. Yarrow! The lawyer’s letter has been sent to Thalia Xenos, however…”

Yvonne stopped in the middle of her words, but Sophia was able to figure out what she was about to say next. “What did she say?”

“She asked how much money you want.”

This does fit Thalia’s character. Letting out a chuckle, Sophia said, “Tell Mr. Leyton to prepare for litigation.”

“Understood, Ms. Yarrow. I can take it from here.”

“Thanks for your hard work.”

“Most welcome.”

After she hung up, Sophia got up and thought of preparing a sandwich for her breakfast.

The sun was glistening beyond the windows. It was indeed a great day, and so was Sophia’s mood.

However, Samuel’s mood was not that great. As soon as he arrived at the company in the morning, his secretary conferred with him, “Remember the promising original work that the company had set its sights on earlier in the year? We had already agreed to sign a contract with them last week, yet New Dawn Publishing called us this morning to inform us that they’re refusing to sell us the movie rights.”

“If they aren’t selling it, then so be it. Although there aren’t that many good original works nowadays, Midway Media is still a large company. We shouldn’t be lacking in original works.”

“However, they had gotten in touch with Planetary Media instead. We have been bitter rivals with Planetary Media over the years, so isn’t New Dawn Publishing’s action tantamount to a slap to our face?”

Monetary loss might have been acceptable, but since this was a slap to the face, Samuel could not tolerate it.

He exploded in anger and slammed the proposal on the table. “Get New Dawn Publishing’s person-in-charge on the phone, now!”

The secretary was left trembling out of fright. Nodding quickly, she immediately made a call to New Dawn Publishing.

In the meantime, Sophia had just driven out of her mansion when Yvonne called her. “Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Schild from Midway Media is requesting an explanation from New Dawn Publishing. Mr. Simon Webb asked if you were free tonight, as your presence might be needed for tonight’s dinner.”

Sophia raised her eyebrow and responded, “I’m not free. Tell Simon to inform Samuel directly that a single investor’s vote vetoed the decision. There’s no need to say more beyond that.”

“Understood, Ms. Yarrow.”

After hanging up, Sophia restarted her car by the side of the road. Her red Ferrari kicked up some dust and sped off elegantly.

It was Sophia’s twenty-seventh birthday. It had also been a hundred days since she had escaped Alexander’s clutches.

No matter how she looked at it, it was a day worth celebrating.

Sophia was left without want in life. After her divorce, she spent some time traveling. She discovered that the world at large was extremely interesting. She was blind to this when she had spent three years by Alexander’s side, whose heart already belonged to someone else.

Therefore, for her birthday this time around, she generously rewarded herself with a yacht, which had just arrived at the pier the night before. She was driving herself over to see her birthday gift.

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