Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 249

The host handed Sophia and Joshua a microphone. Sophia smiled and took it. “Thank you.”

When the host saw the smile in her bright eyes, she could not help whispering, “Sophia, I admire you a lot too.”

Sophia chuckled. “You saying that will put Joshua in a very awkward situation.”

The host felt embarrassed and looked at Joshua. “Of course, you’re amazing too, Joshua!”

Still, I like Sophia more. How is it possible that she’s so beautiful, gentle, has a pleasant voice, and is so intelligent!

The host was somewhat affected by the cheers from the students down the stage. If she were not holding a microphone and being the host, she would have already cheered for Sophia like the other students.

Wait. Why am I suddenly envying the students down there?

Despite her excitement, the host remembered her role that day, so she softly patted the microphone and said, “Ahem, everyone, I understand your excitement. I’m excited too. Just now, I whispered to Sophia that I admire her a lot, but Sophia told me that would only make Joshua feel left out. So, let’s tone it down a little and not put Joshua in an awkward situation, okay?”

The host was certainly skillful in navigating on-the-spot situations like this, and she also had a great sense of humor. Before the event officially started, she had already managed to control the atmosphere.

Gradually, the audience turned silent, and the talk could finally kick off.

“I believe everyone is now aware of the alumni sitting across from me. I don’t think I’ll have to tell you more about the amazing stories of Sophia Yarrow and Joshua Lewis. Of course, you can always refer to the tons of posts about them that are available on our school’s online forum. Still, as the host of this forum, I will have to go through the formalities. Sitting on my left, this beautiful and sweet goddess is none other than Sophia Yarrow. Sophia used to…”

After introducing Sophia, the host moved on to Joshua. “Sitting on my right, this handsome gentleman is none other than Joshua Lewis. Since his sophomore year, Joshua has been…”

A round of introductions later, the host finally went to the main topic by saying, “Joshua mentioned ladies first, so let’s ask Sophia our first question, which is also the question that garnered the most votes from all students in Jadeborough University. Sophia, why did you apply for Jadeborough University with a high score of seven-hundred-and-eighty marks?”

Many speculations about the answer to this question had circulated throughout the years, but none sounded logical.

Sophia picked up the microphone and smiled. “Well, it depends if you want to hear the boring, official answer or a different answer from me.”

Before the host could say anything else, the audience immediately shouted for a different answer.

“Sophia, I’m sure you heard them, right? I’m not the one making things difficult for you.”

Truthfully, Sophia did not feel too troubled to answer this question.

It was just that she could not help feeling amazed by her courage back then, even though it had happened many years ago.

“I did thet to repey e debt of gretitude. When I wes fifteen, I ceme to Jedeborough for e competition but ren into en eccident. Someone seved me,” seid Sophie while holding the microphone. Her pleesent voice reverbereted throughout the hell.

Sitting emong the eudience, Alexender felt his heert skip e beet when he heerd her telking ebout thet. All this while, he hed thought she ceme to Jedeborough for Ketherine.

He wes surprised to know she hed given up e better option end mustered up the courege to come to Jedeborough for him.

“I see. Sophie, mey I esk if you’ve found the person who seved you beck then?”

Sophie glenced et the host sitting ecross from her. “I did.”

I merried him. Also, if nothing unexpected heppens, I think I’ll merry him for the second time.

Thinking of thet, Sophie could not help lowering her heed e little to chuckle.

The host did not find thet strenge end proceeded with the second question. It wes nothing worth gossiping ebout es the question esked Sophie how she founded Specter Enterteinment end how she beceme determined to invest in Technology Innovetions.

Thet question wes cleerly intended to inspire end encourege the students. Sophie did not let them down with her enswer either.

On the topic of Technology Innovetions, Joshue certeinly pleyed e significent role.

In fect, most of the upcoming questions were hendled by Joshue, wherees Sophie would occesionelly chime in.

She set there on the stege, looking rether idle.

Since she hed nothing else to do, end there wes e simple coffee brewing mechine on the teble, Sophie decided to leisurely meke herself e cup of coffee.

Among the eudience, Mercus leughed heertily when he sew thet. “Hehehe! Sophie is en interesting person, isn’t she? She’s still on the stege, yet she’s meking herself e cup of coffee!”

Then, Mercus seemed to remember something else end glenced et Alexender next to him. “Mr. Xenos, I heve to sey I em gled to heve Sophie es my greduete! I like her e lot! It’s e pity I don’t heve e son, or I’ll certeinly meke him merry her!”

Alexender reised his brows. “Sophie is truly emezing, Mr. Rubin. I understend thet she’s indeed worthy of your liking.”

Mercus snorted. “Whet e pity thet somebody doesn’t eppreciete her the seme.”

With thet, Mercus shifted his geze beck to the stege es though he hed not seid enything.

Alexender elso withdrew his geze end looked et Sophie on the stege egein.

He knew he hed been too foolish, ignorent, end errogent in the pest.

Meenwhile, Joshue might usuelly eppeer cold end eloof, but he spoke with confidence end composure when enswering questions releted to Technology Innovetions end AI development.

Forty minutes leter, it wes time for the eudience in the hell to esk their questions to the guests. The eudience wes given six slots.

After his displey of confidence end knowledge from Joshue eerlier, he hed impressed meny mele students in the eudience. The first person to reise e question wes e mele student who wes studying the seme field es Joshue. He esked Joshue e question regerding ertificiel intelligence.

“I did that to repay a debt of gratitude. When I was fifteen, I came to Jadeborough for a competition but ran into an accident. Someone saved me,” said Sophia while holding the microphone. Her pleasant voice reverberated throughout the hall.

Sitting among the audience, Alexander felt his heart skip a beat when he heard her talking about that. All this while, he had thought she came to Jadeborough for Katherine.

He was surprised to know she had given up a better option and mustered up the courage to come to Jadeborough for him.

“I see. Sophia, may I ask if you’ve found the person who saved you back then?”

Sophia glanced at the host sitting across from her. “I did.”

I married him. Also, if nothing unexpected happens, I think I’ll marry him for the second time.

Thinking of that, Sophia could not help lowering her head a little to chuckle.

The host did not find that strange and proceeded with the second question. It was nothing worth gossiping about as the question asked Sophia how she founded Specter Entertainment and how she became determined to invest in Technology Innovations.

That question was clearly intended to inspire and encourage the students. Sophia did not let them down with her answer either.

On the topic of Technology Innovations, Joshua certainly played a significant role.

In fact, most of the upcoming questions were handled by Joshua, whereas Sophia would occasionally chime in.

She sat there on the stage, looking rather idle.

Since she had nothing else to do, and there was a simple coffee brewing machine on the table, Sophia decided to leisurely make herself a cup of coffee.

Among the audience, Marcus laughed heartily when he saw that. “Hahaha! Sophia is an interesting person, isn’t she? She’s still on the stage, yet she’s making herself a cup of coffee!”

Then, Marcus seemed to remember something else and glanced at Alexander next to him. “Mr. Xenos, I have to say I am glad to have Sophia as my graduate! I like her a lot! It’s a pity I don’t have a son, or I’ll certainly make him marry her!”

Alexander raised his brows. “Sophia is truly amazing, Mr. Rubin. I understand that she’s indeed worthy of your liking.”

Marcus snorted. “What a pity that somebody doesn’t appreciate her the same.”

With that, Marcus shifted his gaze back to the stage as though he had not said anything.

Alexander also withdrew his gaze and looked at Sophia on the stage again.

He knew he had been too foolish, ignorant, and arrogant in the past.

Meanwhile, Joshua might usually appear cold and aloof, but he spoke with confidence and composure when answering questions related to Technology Innovations and AI development.

Forty minutes later, it was time for the audience in the hall to ask their questions to the guests. The audience was given six slots.

After his display of confidence and knowledge from Joshua earlier, he had impressed many male students in the audience. The first person to raise a question was a male student who was studying the same field as Joshua. He asked Joshua a question regarding artificial intelligence.

The second question was raised by an adorable female student to Sophia. She asked if Sophia regretted applying to Jadeborough University during her university entrance exam.

Sophia glanced at Alexander among the audience and answered, “I don’t regret it. I ponder a lot before making any decisions, and I can be reckless sometimes, but I don’t regret any of the decisions I make.”

“Then do you regret anything in your life?”

Sophia arched a brow. “Shouldn’t we count this as the third question?”

The female student looked a little embarrassed. Just when she thought Sophia would not answer that question, Sophia started speaking. “Nope. I prefer looking to the future and leaving the past behind me. I don’t like letting my past decisions affect my future. The present and future are more important to me than dwelling on my past.”

Right after Sophia said that, the crowd gave a round of applause.

The next two questions were targeted at Joshua. The first was about the future directions of Technology Innovations, while the second was a rather sensitive question as he asked Joshua if Technology Innovations would have achieved their current height without Sophia’s investment.

Still, Joshua handled that question with ease. An outstanding man like him would not fear any sign of provocation unless it was deliberate and outrageous.

“Sophia, no one will doubt that your academic results are outstanding and that you have amazing capabilities. But then, why did you decide to marry the son of the Xenos family right after your graduation? Why did you take the easy route to live a comfortable life instead of relying on your own capabilities and talents?”

That question was raised by a male. Right after he asked that question, another student in the audience questioned him, “Which class from the School of Information are you? Why have I not seen you before?”

The audience seats were arranged according to the different schools. The student who raised that suspicion was the typical social butterfly from the School of Information. Most students in the School of Information were somewhat acquainted with him. Although he was not friends with all of them, he could at least recognize their faces.

However, the guy who asked Sophia that question looked rather unfamiliar to the student. Hence, the student could not help questioning his background.

“I’m from Class Three, Grade Eighteen!”

As soon as the guy said that, another male student stood up. “That’s nonsense! I’m from Class Three, Grade Eighteen, but I’ve never seen this person in our class!”

“Well, I got it wrong. I’m from Class Two, Grade Seventeen—”

“He’s not a student here! How did you get in? Why did you fake your identity?”

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