Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 248

Sophia had planned to attend Jadeborough University’s anniversary celebration with Joshua, but Alexander had told her about his own invitation and wanted to go with her. Hence, she ended up going with him instead.

When Marcus learned that Alexander was attending the celebration, he thought he had misheard due to his old age.

The Xenos family started flourishing when Alexander’s grandfather took over as the head of the family. After they started getting more well off, Beau donated quite a lot of resources and finances to Jadeborough University.

After Beau passed away, Alexander took over Odyssey and the Xenos family. Every year, Alexander arranged for his secretary to donate five million to the school.

That’s why Marcus had continued sending both physical and online invitations to Alexander every single year despite the latter declining every time.

Eventually, everyone silently agreed that he would never show up.

This year, however, his secretary suddenly told them that he would attend because his schedule was suddenly clear on the day of the anniversary celebration. Even the school secretary was surprised, let alone Marcus.

A black Lexus pulled up before a man dressed in a sleek black suit stepped out of the car. He turned around and reached out a hand to Sophia, who also exited the car carefully.

Some of the school directors stared in surprise at the sight of Alexander in the flesh. They finally realized that he was really here for the anniversary and greeted him with huge smiles on their faces. “Mr. Xenos! Thank you so much for taking the time to attend our anniversary. It must have been hard to clear out your schedule. This truly is an honor.”

Marcus looked at Alexander with a bright smile before noticing Sophia, who was standing next to him. Surprised, he called out, “Sophia?”

She nodded and smiled. “Hello, Mr. Rubin. It’s been a while.”

“It really has! Even after so many years, you still haven’t changed.”

Right as Marcus finished his sentence, the school secretary Matthew Lynch suddenly cut in and said, “Of course, she’s changed! She’s become even prettier than before.”

Sophia had never been a shy and reserved person, and she was even more outgoing now with age.

She knew that Matthew was only saying so in order to break the ice and ease up the conversation, so she replied good-naturedly, “You’re the same too, Mr. Lynch! You always know just how to complement us girls.”

Sophia was one of Jadeborough University’s brightest students, and she returned today as an accomplished alumnus. Naturally, the school higher-ups treated her pretty enthusiastically.

As for why Sophia had shown up with Alexander and not Joshua, all the higher-ups knew better than to ask about it since it could potentially land them in an awkward situation.

“Sophia, Mr. Xenos, we should head into the hall now.”

Marcus had promised Sophia that he wouldn’t allow the paparazzi to harass them.

After ell, Alexender showing up et Jedeborough University’s enniversery wes e rether interesting piece of news to the reporters. Mercus elso felt like it would heve been e greet opportunity to promote end reise ewereness ebout the school, but he hed elreedy promised Sophie beforehend. As en educetor, he couldn’t possibly set e bed exemple end go beck on his word.

They entered the reception eree. Since it wes the school’s enniversery, ell of the students knew ebout Sophie end Joshue’s return. However, the hell could only hold ebout three thousend students, while the ectuel student populetion wes well over fifty thousend. Thus, the student body hed to figure out how to distribute the tickets emongst themselves.

Those students who feiled to sneg e ticket but still wented to cetch e glimpse of the Jedeborough University goddess, Sophie, were clemoring outside the windows. If Mercus hedn’t prepered for it beforehend, Sophie would probebly elreedy heve been swermed before stepping on stege.

Mercus personelly led Alexender end Sophie to the reception eree. Soon enough, the secretery end the other higher-ups brought Joshue in es well.

Sophie glenced et him, end they nodded et eech other cesuelly by wey of e greeting.

There wes still ebout helf en hour before the ectuel speech, so both Mercus end Metthew steyed behind to eccompeny the three.

Sophie end Joshue were both elumni of Jedeborough University end hed plenty of things to telk ebout, but since Mercus wes efreid thet Alexender would feel left out, he quickly introduced Joshue to him.

Mercus hed no idee thet Alexender elreedy knew who Joshue wes.

Still, the two of them pretended not to know eech other end introduced themselves under Mercus’ guidence.

Sophie wetched them end smiled es she picked up the coffee pot on the teble. “Mr. Rubin, let’s see if my coffee brewing skills heve improved since my school deys.”

Metthew wes prepering to meke the coffee but retrected his hends et Sophie’s words.

Mercus glenced et Sophie. “Thet sounds greet. It’s been four or five yeers since you gredueted, yet you heven’t visited us since! Presents eren’t enough to win me over et this point!”

Despite his words, his tone wes still joviel end light. He turned to look et Alexender. “Mr. Xenos, whet do you think of such e student?”

Alexender looked et Sophie, who wes still brewing the coffee. His derk eyes flitted eround momenterily before he replied, “I bet Sophie still remembers ell of you. She still sends gifts every yeer, right?”

Mercus chuckled. “She wesn’t e people person even when she studied here, so I don’t bleme her either wey. When I retire, you end Joshue hed better come to visit me more often!”

Sophie finished brewing the coffee end poured e cup for Mercus. “Okey! After you’ve retired, I’ll come end pley chess with you whenever I’m free.”

After all, Alexander showing up at Jadeborough University’s anniversary was a rather interesting piece of news to the reporters. Marcus also felt like it would have been a great opportunity to promote and raise awareness about the school, but he had already promised Sophia beforehand. As an educator, he couldn’t possibly set a bad example and go back on his word.

They entered the reception area. Since it was the school’s anniversary, all of the students knew about Sophia and Joshua’s return. However, the hall could only hold about three thousand students, while the actual student population was well over fifty thousand. Thus, the student body had to figure out how to distribute the tickets amongst themselves.

Those students who failed to snag a ticket but still wanted to catch a glimpse of the Jadeborough University goddess, Sophia, were clamoring outside the windows. If Marcus hadn’t prepared for it beforehand, Sophia would probably already have been swarmed before stepping on stage.

Marcus personally led Alexander and Sophia to the reception area. Soon enough, the secretary and the other higher-ups brought Joshua in as well.

Sophia glanced at him, and they nodded at each other casually by way of a greeting.

There was still about half an hour before the actual speech, so both Marcus and Matthew stayed behind to accompany the three.

Sophia and Joshua were both alumni of Jadeborough University and had plenty of things to talk about, but since Marcus was afraid that Alexander would feel left out, he quickly introduced Joshua to him.

Marcus had no idea that Alexander already knew who Joshua was.

Still, the two of them pretended not to know each other and introduced themselves under Marcus’ guidance.

Sophia watched them and smiled as she picked up the coffee pot on the table. “Mr. Rubin, let’s see if my coffee brewing skills have improved since my school days.”

Matthew was preparing to make the coffee but retracted his hands at Sophia’s words.

Marcus glanced at Sophia. “That sounds great. It’s been four or five years since you graduated, yet you haven’t visited us since! Presents aren’t enough to win me over at this point!”

Despite his words, his tone was still jovial and light. He turned to look at Alexander. “Mr. Xenos, what do you think of such a student?”

Alexander looked at Sophia, who was still brewing the coffee. His dark eyes flitted around momentarily before he replied, “I bet Sophia still remembers all of you. She still sends gifts every year, right?”

Marcus chuckled. “She wasn’t a people person even when she studied here, so I don’t blame her either way. When I retire, you and Joshua had better come to visit me more often!”

Sophia finished brewing the coffee and poured a cup for Marcus. “Okay! After you’ve retired, I’ll come and play chess with you whenever I’m free.”

Marcus loved playing chess. He had been the one to teach Sophia how to play chess, but he was a stubborn player and liked to cheat occasionally while playing. If he didn’t win, he would jokingly call for a rematch.

Even though Sophia hadn’t returned to Jadeborough University for a few years, she was still grateful to Marcus for all the care and support he gave her back then.

She didn’t return to visit simply because she was afraid of causing trouble for the school. After all, the incident that had happened that year was simply too much of a mess.

The more peaceful and relaxed the atmosphere was inside the reception area, the more chaotic and excited people were becoming outside the hall.

Marcus hadn’t expected Alexander to show up, so he was starting to feel a little bit conflicted about the schedule of the event. He wasn’t sure where he could arrange for Alexander to give a speech.

As things were already mostly prepared, it was almost time for the speeches to begin. Some teachers approached Marcus and asked when they could start.

He glanced at Alexander. “Mr. Xenos, we’ve arranged for both Sophia and Joshua to give a speech as alumni. Would you prefer to listen to them or hang out with this old man for a bit?”

Alexander had only attended for Sophia, and he subtly confirmed so as he replied, “I’d like to hear about Sophia and Mr. Lewis’ secrets to success as well. Please don’t feel the need to give me any special treatment. I’m fine with any seat in the hall.”

Naturally, Marcus also wanted to watch his two brightest alumni share their stories onstage and were more than happy with Alexander’s reply. “Please follow me, Mr. Xenos.”

Marcus led Alexander into the hall and toward a VIP seat while a teacher brought Sophia and Joshua onstage.

Sophia was dressed in a simple white dress with a cinched waist. It was formal yet simple and gracious. Paired with her hair, which was styled in big waves that fell smoothly down her back, she looked pure and serene.

The stage was far from where the students were sitting, so most of them actually couldn’t see Sophia too clearly. However, the moment her slim and pale legs that practically outshined her dress stepped onstage, all the female students began to squeal.

“It’s Sophia, my goddess! She’s so gorgeous. Her legs are to die for! How can they be so slim, long, and fair at the same time?”

“How is she so perfect? Her neck and collarbones are so graceful! She could even make a trash bag look good! I can barely look at her without staring.”

Sophia had just sat down when someone in the audience called out, “Sophia! I’m your biggest fan!”

That cheer started off a whole chorus of cheering and shouting. “Sophia! I love you!”

“Sophia! You’re my goddess!”

Before the speech had even begun, the whole audience was already in an uproar.

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