Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 219

Staring at the two ladies in front of her, Sophia was about to respond when Susan dashed out from behind and preempted her. “Mindy, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Mindy threw Susan a glance. “Nonsense? Have you forgotten that Danielle and I graduated from Jadeborough University? Back then, Sophia was a legend in school. Not only did she not stay on the campus accommodations, but she also commuted to school in a luxury car. I was surprised in the beginning but soon learned from the rumors that she was someone’s mistress.” She covered her mouth to hide her snigger. “But it would be a shame if she didn’t milk that pretty face of hers for all it’s worth.”

“How can you make such accusations without any proof?”

Mindy snorted in response. “If you don’t believe me, you can look up Sophia’s name in Jadeborough University’s online forum.”

Furrowing her brows, Susan turned toward Sophia, not knowing who to believe.

Just when Kylie wanted to intervene, Sophia held her hand and flashed a smile. She turned to the two ladies and asked calmly, “I’m sorry, but you are?”

Mindy froze. “I’m Mindy Walsh from the art faculty. We were in the same batch and shared a meal together. Have you forgotten?”

“Is that so? I’m sorry, but I never remember anyone unimportant.” Sophia then turned her attention to Danielle Jordan. “What about you? Do we know each other?”

“Not really.”

Danielle’s answer elicited a sneer from Sophia. “This is awkward. Since I barely know either of you, why do you seem to know so much about me?”

Sophia cocked her brow as she smirked at Mindy and Danielle. “So from your perspective, not staying in school and being driven there in a luxury car makes me a mistress? My beauty is acknowledged by all. There’s no need for you to cook up a cock and bull story just to compliment me.”

Here, Sophia threw Susan a glance before returning her gaze to Mindy and Danielle. “The story you have cooked up is terrible. It’s not only filled with loopholes but illogical too, making it a boring one to start with.”

Just as she finished, she turned toward Kylie and smiled. “Aunt Kylie, what do you think of the drama today?”

Given her rich experience in life, Kylie was under no illusion of what was actually happening.

She, too, broke into a smile. “It’s nothing but a shoddy show. Come, let’s go shop for bags!” She then turned to Susan. “Susan, since you’ve run into your friends, why don’t you join them?”

Susan was about to say something, but she ended up pursing her lips when she saw the indiscernible glint in Sophia’s eyes. “Oh, okay.”

Kylie patted Sophia on her hand. “Just pick whatever you fancy, and I’ll buy them all.”

Sophia was embarrassed by the offer. “But I won’t be able to use so many.”

Unlike Katherine, she didn’t have the habit of collecting bags.

Kylie let out a gentle laugh. “It doesn’t matter. You can put them on display if you like.”

As Susan watched both of them leave amidst their cheerful banter, she couldn’t help but stomp her feet.

When they were finally out of sight, Mindy and Danielle hurried up to Susan’s side. “Is Sophia really your cousin’s fiancée?”

“No way! A wench like her will never be part of the Dawson family!”

Mindy’s brows knitted in response. “But isn’t your aunt being especially nice to Sophia? She went off with her and even left you here with us.”

The remark deepened the scowl on Susan’s face. “Sophia is undeniably a crafty one!”

Nevertheless, Danielle was worried about a different issue. “Susan, from the way Sophia was speaking just now, I get the feeling that she has seen through the charade we have put up for your aunt.”

“Are you sure? I even stood up for her just now.”

When Susan recalled the last look Kylie had given her, her face turned slightly pale.

“So what if she knows? She’s not a member of the Dawson family! It’s not like Aunt Kylie will do anything to me. Besides, we only made a few comments out of my good intentions. It’s not like we’re maligning her on purpose.”

The moment Susan finished, she looked in the direction of where Sophia and Kylie had disappeared to.

Despite her words, she couldn’t deny the growing sense of dread within her.

Over the last few years, I have frequently visited the Dawson residence. Aunt Kylie treats me like a daughter, while Granduncle is reasonably nice to me. I’m sure all my efforts up till now won’t go to waste just because of Sophia, will it?

The more Susan thought about it, the more insecure she was. “Both of you carry on. I’m going home.”

Meanwhile, Sophia wasn’t bothered by Susan’s tricks at all, as they were nothing but trivial attempts to discredit her.

Compared to what had happened, she was more shaken by the fact that Kylie had bought her six handbags.

“Do you see anything else that you like? That one looks gorgeous. It’s this month’s latest design. In white, it gives one a minimalistic feel and you can use it when you go out.”

Although those were luxury bags, Kylie behaved as if they cost nothing. Before she finished her comment, she already had the staff bring her the bag.

“Aunt Kylie, I have plenty of bags at home.”

Sophia smiled resignedly.

Kylie responded with a look. “It’s fine. You can give it to your friend when you’re back.”

Oh? Katherine will be ecstatic to hear that.

When she saw how much pleasure Kylie derived from splurging on her clothes and jewelry, Sophia—knowing better—stopped protesting.

Both of them shopped till noon when Kylie finally felt that it was time for lunch.

After settling down in a restaurant, Kylie turned to Sophia. “Don’t let their words bother you. When I get home, I’ll tell your granddad about it.”

Sophia met her gaze, and her lips curled into a smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Once lunch was over, both of them returned to the Dawson residence.

Perrin was taking his nap at that hour.

Having woken up early, Sophia, too, returned to her room to sleep for more than an hour.

By the time she woke up, it was already three in the afternoon. After reinvigorating herself with a cold splash on her face, she planned to play chess with Perrin.

After all, that was what she had promised him.

Having descended the staircase, she was greeted by the sight of Perrin and Kylie in the living room. The sound of her footsteps had also drawn Perrin’s attention. “You’re awake.”

“I am, Granddad, Aunt Kylie.”

At the sight of Sophia, Kylie related to Perrin what had happened at the mall.

Sophia listened quietly with a smile on her face as if the story was about someone else.

Perrin gave Sophia a sympathetic glance, and a grim look descended upon his eyes. “Susan’s parents are still around, so her filial duty is to them and not us. Going forward, she has to be more mindful and not come here unless she has a good reason to. Otherwise, she’ll end up as a disgrace once others learn of it.”

Perrin’s decision was consistent with what Kylie had in mind. Even though both of them were well aware of Susan’s agenda previously, they had seen her as a greedy but harmless girl.

However, now that Susan was targeting Sophia, they could no longer tolerate her behavior. After all, Sophia was the apple of the Dawson family’s eye, and no one was allowed to lay a finger on her.

By attempting to cause Sophia grief, does Susan really think that old age has clouded our judgment?

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