Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 218

Kylie looked at Sophia. She wanted to reveal her identity but held her tongue at the sight of the latter shaking her head.

Fine. I’ll just go along with Sophia’s wishes.

Oblivious to Sophia’s identity, Susan only knew that the former had carried the box containing Penelope’s ashes at the funeral.

As Sophia didn’t continue their conversation and no introduction was forthcoming from Kylie and Perrin, Susan had no choice but to ask, “Aunt Kylie, and she is…”

“Oh, Ms. Yarrow has just been taken in by your granduncle as his granddaughter. You know how much he wanted one. He found Sophia to be a good fit, so he decided to acknowledge her.”

No wonder.

Susan cursed in her heart, but she spoke aloud in a tone that was a lot more polite. “Oh, Ms. Yarrow, you’re really pretty.”

Sophia took a sip of milk. “Thank you.”

Susan seethed, as it was the first time she had met someone like Sophia.

Kylie couldn’t resist breaking into a smile.

The agenda Susan harbored with her frequent visits to Perrin was obvious to all. Nonetheless, none in the Dawson family explicitly disapproved due to her deftness at flattery and the fact that she would accompany Kylie shopping once in a while.

Despite that, Kylie was fully aware that Perrin wouldn’t tolerate Susan if she were to do Sophia any harm.

Although Susan was also a Dawson, she was considered a distant relative. Yet, she had been coveting the Dawson family’s assets. That was one of the reasons why Perrin showed no fondness toward his younger brother’s grandchildren.

“Granduncle, do you resent me now that you have Sophia?”

Faced with Susan’s innocent facade, Perrin burst into hearty laughter. “No matter what happens, your place in my heart will never change.”

When the smug Susan cocked a brow at Sophia, the latter curled her lips into a smile as she gave her hands a nonchalant wipe with a napkin. “Granddad, I’m done.”

“I’m done too. Come, let’s play some chess!”

As Susan was terrible at the game, Perrin would rather play against himself than her. Every time Susan visited, the most she could manage was to bring some handmade snacks and make idle conversation.

With regard to her visit that morning, it wasn’t decided on the spur of a moment. Instead, she was due to go shopping with Kylie.

Every time they went out together, Susan would bask in the shadow of Kylie’s glamor. Nevertheless, the latter didn’t mind, as it would cost her to pay for a shopping assistant anyway, not to mention Susan was eloquent when it came to flattery.

After flashing a grin at Kylie, Sophia got to her feet and followed Perrin to his study.

When Susan attempted to follow them, Kylie stopped her. “Susan, wait for me while I go grab my jacket.”

Susan nodded obediently and was then struck by an idea. “Aunt Kylie, why don’t we get Ms. Yarrow to come along?”

Kylie was jolted by the suggestion. “Let me check with her.”

I haven’t had the opportunity to buy some clothes for her!

All this while, Kylie had always wanted a daughter so that she, just like everyone else, could shower her with gifts and doll the latter up.

Unfortunately, her health didn’t allow her to bear a second child, reducing the desire to nothing but a pipe dream.

Now that Sophia had returned to the Dawson family, she was excited to show off her gorgeous niece to all her friends.

With that thought in mind, she couldn’t resist snatching Sophia away from Perrin.


She knocked on the door and opened it after hearing his acknowledgment.

Inside the study, Sophia and Perrin had started their game five minutes ago. The former had just made her move when Kylie entered.

Perrin threw Kylie a glance. “What is it?”

“Dad, I’m going out shopping with Susan. Since Sophia is back, I wanted to check with her if she wants to come along.”

Perrin knew what Kylie was thinking. Compared to Susan’s flamboyant outfits, Sophia would always dress simply every time she came back.

I have to do my granddaughter’s beauty justice!

“That sounds good. Get Sophia some nice clothes. A girl should always be dressed to the nines.”

Perrin’s words embarrassed Sophia. She had never imagined him to misconstrue her casual way of dressing as a symbol of her thriftiness.

Um, how should I tell him that I’m actually a closet tycoon?

Upon receiving Perrin’s permission, Kylie took a seat at the side. “There’s no need to hurry, Dad. You can finish the game with Sophia before we leave.”

Sophia suddenly remembered Susan. “Ms. Dawson is still downstairs. Wouldn’t it be rude to let her wait?”

“It’s not going to take long. I’m going to change first.”

Sophia then threw Perrin a raised brow, for neither knew how long the game would go on.

Eventually, Sophia decided to let Perrin win in order not to put Kylie in a spot.

As this wasn’t the first time Perrin had played against Sophia, he could see through her intention. He smiled helplessly and said, “You should go on out with your aunt. She has been fantasizing about having a daughter to doll up. Now that you have returned, it’s like a dream come true to her.”

Embarrassment inundated Sophia. “But I came back to spend time with you.”

Perrin responded with a wave of his hand. “Go on now and don’t rush to come back. Remember to get yourself some pretty clothes.”


Upon leaving the study, Sophia returned to her room for a quick change and to put on light makeup.

With her exquisite features and porcelain-white skin, makeup was just the cherry on top.

Sophia had arrived with barely any luggage. She had packed a long casual dress that was versatile for any occasion.

Nevertheless, her beauty made her would look good in anything she wore.

Awed by the sight of Sophia when she came down the stairs, Kylie exclaimed, “You look great!”

Sophia smiled. “I could say the same of you too.”

Susan made a face discreetly. So what if she looks good? I’ll show Kylie Sophia’s true colors in a while!

The trio left and arrived at the mall half an hour later.

As Kylie held Sophia’s arm, Susan—not wanting to lose out—held Kylie’s free arm.

Kylie gave Susan a look and did not say much.

Recognizing the famous Kylie, who was a regular patron, the salesgirl sealed the entrance upon their arrival.

Previously, when Sophia wasn’t around, Kylie would pick out some clothes for Susan. But now that Sophia was by her side, Kylie shopped for clothes that were suitable for her the moment she stepped in.

After Kylie picked a few outfits, the patient Sophia tried them on one by one. Her good looks made her look stunning in anything she put on.

Every time she emerged from the changing room, the clothes would appear as if they had been tailored for her. Even the salesgirl, who was awed by the sight and felt the urge to take pictures, couldn’t stop praising Sophia.

Gesturing with her hand, Kylie said, “I’ll take all of them.”

Susan, who had just come out from the changing room, gasped upon hearing that. “Aunt Kylie, isn’t that a lot?”

Kylie nodded with a smile. “It’s fine. Sophia looks good in everything. By wearing a different outfit every day, she’ll go through them in no time.”

Susan’s expression stiffened. “Aunt Kylie, how do I look in this dress?”

Even though Susan had decent features, the same couldn’t be said of her figure, for she had taken on the thunder thighs that ran in her mother’s family. It was one thing not to have slender legs, but her pear-shaped silhouette was really obvious, making high-waist dresses unsuitable for her. Despite that, Kylie, who was in a good mood, didn’t point it out. “It looks good on you. We’ll take it too.”

Susan’s face lit up at once. “Thank you, Aunt Kylie.”

After reciprocating with a grin, Kylie saw Sophia coming out of the changing room. “Why don’t you see if there’s anything else you fancy?”

At the sight of the pile of clothes on the counter, Sophia shook her head with a helpless smile. “That’s more than enough, Aunt Kylie.”

Although Kylie wasn’t satisfied, the serious look on Sophia’s face deterred her from insisting. “In that case, let’s go get you some handbags!” With that, she headed out of the store with Sophia in tow. “Sophia, let’s go over to Clovile and check out their latest bags.”

Even though Susan, who had fallen behind, was upset, Kylie’s generosity served as motivation for her to keep up.

No sooner had Sophia and Kylie stepped out than someone call out to them. “Sophia, it’s really you! What a coincidence! Have you been caught by your boyfriend’s wife? Do you need my help to call the police?”

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