Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 213

“You scared him,” Sophia said.

Only then did Alexander let go of the student’s hand unwillingly. Despite that, he still demanded, “Delete her photo.”

When he said that, the student was flushed with embarrassment. Alexander remained standing there, seemingly not noticing the ambiguous looks people were giving him.

It was then Charlize realized what was going on and approached her classmate. “Don’t mind him too much. Ms. Yarrow isn’t a public figure. He’s afraid you’ll upload her photo on the internet.”

“I won’t,” the student explained promptly. Then he glanced at Sophia. “I’m sorry, Miss. I’ll delete the photo now.”

Sophia smiled. “It’s fine even if you don’t.”

The student glanced at Alexander and deleted the photo anyway.

With that slight misunderstanding wrapped up, Charlize gazed at Samuel, then at Alexander, then back to Samuel. “What are you guys doing here, Mr. Schild?”

She didn’t invite them, after all.

After shooting Alexander a glance, Samuel flashed a meaningful smile. “Let me ask you this, then. Why did you invite Sophia and not me and Mr. Xenos?”

Charlize had always been afraid of Alexander, but not Samuel. When she heard him say that, she pouted and said, “You two don’t like taking photos, no? I didn’t even invite my own brother!”

As she spoke, Samuel saw Alexander approaching Sophia.

They weren’t acting very intimately, but he could tell that Alexander never took his eyes off Sophia.

Having witnessed their public display of affection, he looked away and asked, “Are you done with the photo shoot? If not, take a picture with us!”

Charlize found it impossible to say no to his shameless request.

“Sophia! Alex! Come over here! Let’s take a photo with Charlize!”

Upon glancing at Alexander, Sophia walked toward Charlize with a smile. “Okay.”

Alexander followed and stood next to her.

The student holding the camera said awkwardly, “Um, can the pretty lady stand together with Charlize instead? It’s difficult to take this group photo with someone sticking out.”

Samuel snorted. “Is this place not big enough? Why should she stand over there? I doubt the camera lens is that wide!”

Alexander gave him the side-eye. “I detest you.”

If I had known this, I wouldn’t have come with him! Samuel thought.

In the end, Charlize and Sophia stood in the same line while the men stood behind them.

More than a dozen seconds later, the student taking the photo gestured an okay sign at them. Alexander then turned to Charlize. “Can you take a photo of us?”

Sophia turned her head back and flashed him a half-smile. “I didn’t know you liked taking photos this much, Mr. Xenos.”

Even though he didn’t say anything as he lowered his head and gazed at her, his intention was clearly reflected in his eyes.

Charlize thought she picked up the scent of love. When she looked at Sophia, however, she saw her simply standing there, only glancing briefly at Alexander. I guess I was wrong about my assumption.

Samuel cringed hard when he saw Alexander’s interaction with Sophia. Can he not?

“Don’t move, Ms. Yarrow! This angle is good!” Charlize exclaimed.

Moments after the younger woman said that, Sophia heard Alexander say, “You look good from any angle, Sophia.”

His comment made her heart race and her ears turn red.

“All right, I’m done!” Charlize handed the camera to Sophia.

When Alexander saw that, he said, “Send the photo to me.”

Charlize was taken aback for a moment. “Oh, okay.”

I didn’t expect him to like taking pictures that much.

Since it was getting late, a classmate of Charlize’s called out to her, telling her it was time to return to their dorm and get changed for a meal together.

After she replied to that classmate of hers, she looked at Sophia and couldn’t help but asked, “What’s your relationship with Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow?”

Samuel snorted the moment he heard that. “What relationship? Can’t you tell that—”

“We’re just friends,” Sophia cut him off before he could finish.

Samuel looked at Sophia, then at Alexander in disbelief. “Did I hear that right?”

He was pretty sure he saw them holding hands the other day.

Sophia raised her head and smiled at Alexander. There were still plenty of people around them at that moment.

When he first arrived and saw a group of university students surrounding her, he really wanted to grab her hand and announce their relationship to everyone right away. However, he didn’t forget his promise to Sophia that night that he wouldn’t declare their relationship to the public for the time being.

“I’m still pursuing her,” Alexander said.

Samuel grinned when he heard that. “You still haven’t made her your girlfriend? Then again, Sophia is young and pretty. I bet the line of people chasing after her stretches from the northern side of Jadeborough to its southern end. Good luck, Alex!”

Charlize, who never thought Alexander was worthy of Sophia, nodded in agreement. “That’s true. A few classmates of mine were asking me for Ms. Yarrow’s contact number earlier.”

Sophia’s lips quirked up. “You guys are exaggerating.” She brushed away the strands of hair on her face. “But there are indeed plenty of people chasing after me.”

That stunned Charlize for a second before she smiled. “You’re so cute, Ms. Yarrow! I’ll be joining my classmates now. I’ll treat you to a meal next time! Bye!”

Before she left, she blew Sophia a kiss.

As Samuel watched Charlize leave, he suggested, “Should we grab dinner together?”

Sophia was about to answer him, but Alexander was a step ahead of her. “The two of us will be having dinner together. You’re on your own.”

Samuel was rendered speechless. Am I that unworthy of having a meal with them?

Sophia glanced back at Samuel. “Is that really okay?”

“This is for the best,” Alexander said.

Samuel’s talkativeness irked him. He didn’t want Samuel to get in between his and Sophia’s quality time.

Sophia chuckled. “You said that on purpose, didn’t you? What’s the difference between telling them you’re pursuing me and that we’re together?”

“I’m simply speaking the truth.”

“You sure are honest, Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander looked away from her, then at the evening glow in the distance. “I regret it, Sophia.”

“About what?” Sophia asked despite knowing the answer, looking smug.

Alexander’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he stared at her. “I shouldn’t have promised you I wouldn’t tell people about our relationship.”

“You still have a chance to go back against your word. But if you do, we’re breaking up.” Sophia fixed her gaze on him, the smile on her face fading slightly.

“I won’t leave you again in this life.” Alexander knew she was being serious.

Instead of answering his question, Sophia stopped. “I drove here. How about you?”

“I didn’t drive.”

“Oh, great.” She handed him her keys.

It was still early after their meal.

Sophia recalled Katherine had informed her that the latest summer collection had already launched, so she decided to go shopping.

The female employee at the counter recognized Alexander because she had seen him many times in the newspapers.

The instant Alexander and Sophia entered the store, the employees closed the door and served only them.

Sophia had shopped with Katherine many times before, but that was the first time she had seen the employees taking the initiative to shut the door without her saying anything.

“You really are influential, Mr. Xenos,” she commented.

Alexander walked toward a rack not too far from them and picked a dress. “This dress suits you.”

Sophia was impressed when she saw the dress. She had to admit that he had good taste. “Should I try it on?”


The employee promptly approached Sophia, but the latter didn’t like people touching her. “I’ll do it myself.”

With that, she headed into the changing room.

Alexander was answering a call at the side when she was done. She stood in front of the mirror instead of bothering him.

Meanwhile, the employee couldn’t stop praising how good Sophia looked. Right as the latter was about to take off the dress, she heard a woman’s voice at the entrance. “Is the entire place booked? If not, why are you refusing us entry?”

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