Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 212

Alexander had a bad dream about Sophia marrying someone else.

On the day of her wedding, he was standing below the stage, watching another man putting a ring on her finger, hugging her, and kissing her.

After exchanging rings with that man, Sophia shot him a cold look and asked, “Do you regret it, Alexander?”

I do!

“Alexander?” Sophia gently touched his face when she saw that he had opened his eyes but was silent. “Had a nightmare?”

The warmth he felt on his face convinced him that he was back in reality. He lifted his arms and hugged her tight. “Yeah.”

“What could have scared the fearless Mr. Xenos?” she teased.

Upon letting her go, Alexander lowered his head and gazed at her. “I dreamed of you marrying someone else.”

“Oh, that’s not really a nightmare, then,” Sophia said, then kissed his lips. “Besides, will you let me marry someone else?”

Staring at her with slightly furrowed eyebrows, he answered resolutely, “No. If you do, I’ll snatch you away no matter what it takes!”

“I’m listening.” With that, she stood up. “It’s almost six. What would you like for dinner?”

She knew Alexander was thinking about asking Felix to deliver them food, so she recommended, “I know there’s a restaurant with great grilled fish nearby.”


When they went out, they met Stephen, who had just returned.

It had been four or five months since Sophia had met Stephen after what had happened at the Queen residence.

Stephen cocked an eyebrow when he saw Alexander. After glancing at him briefly, he turned to Sophia. “It’s been a while, Sophia.”

“It really has been.” Sophia smiled.

“I’ll be on my way now. I’ll see you around.”


Stephen proceeded to roll up the window and drove his car into the mansion.

Sophia caught sight of the cold look in Alexander’s eyes when she turned her head to him. “You two have a history with each other?”

The look in his eyes softened as he gazed at her. “A little.”

Seeing that he wasn’t willing to talk more about it, Sophia didn’t inquire further.

Their pleasant weekend came to an end. Alexander was extremely busy on Monday, and Sophia wasn’t doing any better, as she had to attend two conferences.

Alexander’s meeting lasted until a little over nine at night. After taking a look at the time when he exited Odyssey, he drove straight to Sophia’s mansion.

It was already half past ten when he arrived, so it was very likely Sophia had already fallen asleep. He didn’t press the doorbell, fearing that it would wake her up.

“Mr. Xenos,” Stephen greeted right then as he approached Alexander.

“Mr. Goodstone,” Alexander responded coldly.

With a smile, Stephen asked, “Are you looking for Sophia? She should be asleep at this hour.”

Alexander snorted in dissatisfaction. “I know. You don’t need to remind me.”

Stephen was unfazed by his cold response. “What is it that you like about Sophia, Mr. Xenos?”

“Why do you care?”

Stephen took a drag of smoke. “Because I like her too.” Before Alexander could speak, he continued, “I like her intelligence, gentleness, generosity, weirdness, and also her pretty look.”

“You should be more sensible, Mr. Goodstone. Sophia doesn’t like you,” Alexander retorted. She likes me.

He didn’t say that out loud because he had promised Sophia he wouldn’t reveal his relationship with her to the public for the moment.

Stephen looked at him with a half-smile. “Those are just on the surface level. I actually don’t know what I truly like about her. I just feel comfortable and happy when I’m around someone like her.”

Believing that Stephen failed to understand what he meant, Alexander struck him with a fatal blow. “The Goodstone family won’t accept Sophia.”

Stephen’s expression froze when he heard that because Alexander had hit the bullseye with that remark.

Stephen’s mother had called him after what happened at the Queen residence. She had implicitly expressed that, while their family didn’t need him to have a perfect marriage, she wouldn’t accept Sophia as her daughter-in-law. Her reason was that Sophia had married once and that the younger woman was unforgiving.

Stephen narrowed his eyes and warned, “If you mistreat her, I’ll make sure you regret it for the rest of your life.”

Alexander sneered. “I think you should look for a girlfriend as soon as possible.” After all, a bachelor often thinks about other people’s girlfriends.

Upon extinguishing his cigarette, Stephen declared, “I won’t give up until you two get married.”

I’ve never met someone as shameless as him before.

Alexander’s expression froze. The look in his eyes turned frigid as he gazed at Stephen’s back.

A cold breeze brushed him by. He raised his head to look at the third floor of the mansion, desperately wanting to meet Sophia, but she was asleep.

Alexander stood in the same spot for nearly twenty minutes before leaving.

Sophia had a good sleep that night, not knowing Alexander had come looking for her.

At seven in the morning, she woke up and reminded herself of Charlize’s graduation photo shoot in the afternoon.

Just as she finished washing up and dressing up, the doorbell rang.

She assumed it was Alexander.

Upon going downstairs and opening the door, Sophia saw him holding a massive bouquet of roses.

She raised her brows and asked, “Did you do something bad, Alexander?”

“We didn’t meet yesterday.”

Feeling embarrassed, Sophia grabbed the bouquet. “I’m heading over to Charlize’s graduation photo shoot in the afternoon.”

Alexander hummed in response, looking up at Stephen, who was standing on the balcony on the second floor next door.

Sophia didn’t have a meeting that morning. As she didn’t want to head to Sunshine Group that early, she didn’t go to work with Alexander.

After lunch, she drove to Charlize’s university.

It had been years since she had returned to Jadeborough University.

Jadeborough University had undergone major changes over the years, but the main buildings were still around.

Charlize was taking photos with her classmates when she saw Sophia arrive. She waved her hand at Sophia and greeted, “Ms. Yarrow, over here!”

Sophia’s lips curved into a smile. After Charlize finished taking her photos, Sophia approached her with a graduation gift. “Happy graduation!”

“Thank you, Ms. Yarrow!”

Sophia was wearing a dark green, oriental-style dress and a hair band. Standing among so many young and beautiful girls made her appear as though she was a blooming peony surrounded by a bunch of small flowers. It was impossible for anyone to ignore her.

When one of Charlize’s male classmates saw Sophia, his heart raced. He gathered his courage and asked, “Charlize, is that your sister?”

Charlize shot him a glare. “Go away! She’s my goddess, and she doesn’t converse with just any mortals.”

Sophia’s alluring appearance attracted plenty of attention. Lots of people wanted to take a photo with her. When Samuel and Alexander arrived, they saw a group of university students surrounding her.

Samuel lifted his eyebrow. “Sophia’s so charming that none of these boys can resist her charms.”

Alexander’s expression darkened when he heard that.

Noticing the change in Alexander’s expression, Samuel added, “Hmm? Is that boy over there secretly taking Sophia’s photos?”

The moment Samuel said that, Alexander strode toward the university student in question and grabbed his wrist. “Delete it.”

The student was already feeling pretty embarrassed. The other students did not know who Alexander was. When they saw him grabbing their classmate’s wrist, one of them asked, “Who are you? Why are you here to pick a fight?”

Upon returning to her senses, Charlize stepped in to defuse the situation. “Don’t misunderstand! He’s someone I know!”

She was slightly fearful of Alexander, but she couldn’t just stay quiet when he was grabbing her classmate’s wrist. She steeled herself and asked, “Can you let go of my classmate, Mr. Xenos?”

Ignoring her request, Alexander repeated, “Delete the photo.”

It was then the gentle voice of a woman traveled into his ear. “Alexander.”

Immediately, Alexander let go of the student’s hand, his terrifying expression from earlier fading slightly.

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