Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 197

After coming out of the restroom, Sophia drove Charlize to the subway entrance before heading back to the mansion.

By that time, it was already one o’clock in the afternoon. Free days like these were hard to come by for Sophia. Moreover, the weather was perfect that day. She returned to her room and changed her outfit into sportswear attire, deciding to head to the boxing gym later.

Sophia noticed the bag that she had left on the couch before leaving the house and paused in her tracks.

After a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed her bag to open the box inside.

As she took a glance at the cufflink inside, she could not help but raise her brow slightly.

Melissa is such a cunning woman.

The next second, she closed its lid and kept the box back inside her bag. With that, she turned around and left.

Ever since someone posted the match between Sophia and Aaron online, there had been numerous applications from outsiders signing up for the course at the boxing gym.

Nonetheless, Sophia would only go to the gym once or twice a month. Most of the newcomers registered for the course because of Sophia. Just when they thought the video was just a fake advertisement uploaded by the gym to attract people using Sophia’s beauty, Sophia suddenly appeared in her black and pink sportswear while carrying her sports bag.

She had taken off all her makeup before coming to the place and tied her hair in a ponytail. Her face looked exceptionally clean and pure, like an angel.

The crowd in the public area fixed their gazes on Sophia as she made her way into the boxing gym.

She looked straight ahead, heading in her boxing room’s direction to do some warm-up exercises.

When the doorbell rang, Sophia thought it was Aaron looking for her.

Nevertheless, seeing Alexander in his sportswear, Sophia froze for a moment as she thought of the cufflink. With one brow raised, she asked, “Do you want to have another match?”


Alexander had come over right after receiving Aaron’s call. On his way here, he had even been worried that he would not be able to see Sophia due to the bad traffic. Upon seeing her, Alexander finally breathed a sigh of relief.

As a matter of fact, Alexander had been thinking about Sophia non-stop for the past few days. Unfortunately, he could not find any excuse for himself to appear in front of her blatantly. That thought alone made him pretty uncomfortable for days.

Meanwhile, Sophia was feeling frustrated because of the cufflink. Since he’s asking for it, I won’t hold back this time.

Sophia was aware that Alexander intentionally took a dive the other day. As such, she assumed that he would do the same today too.

Her assumption was only partly correct, though.

She was right about Alexander throwing the game. Despite that, he still pinned her to the floor mat effortlessly.

If it were not for him letting go of her swiftly every time, Sophia would have suspected that he was doing it on purpose.

Furthermore, Alexander had never taken the initiative to attack her and chose to defend himself instead. However, his defense tactic today was different from last time.

After defending himself, Alexander would pounce on Sophia and press his body against hers while fixing an ardent gaze on her.

Several such instances later, Sophia knew that Alexander was doing it intentionally.

She pursed her lips, pretending to launch a blow at him. The plan was to divert his attention using a feint and teach him a lesson.

Her plan was nearly successful but was foiled by Alexander’s quick reflexes. Before Sophia could retract her leg, Alexander pulled her hand and caused her to lose her balance and stumble to the ground together with him.

This time, she fell on top of Alexander’s body instead.

Through their thin clothes, they could feel the heat emanating from each other. As their bodies pressed against each other’s in such intimate proximity, it was almost like they were about to merge into one.

Sophia moved her hand slightly, attempting to get up. As she tried to do so, she touched his chest and instantly felt how hot it was, like an oven. Instinctively, she retracted her hand.

Meanwhile, Alexander was not going to allow her to get up. Placing his hand on her lower back and pressing down slightly, the force caused her to fall forward once again.

Sophia was startled for a brief moment.

Alexander’s eyes darkened, and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Refusing to release his grip, he shut his eyes slightly to control himself and voiced, “Don’t move, Sophia.”

His voice was low and deep. As his words reached her ears, she could feel her face burning with warmth.

Sophia gritted her teeth as a blush crept up her face. “Alexander!”

What a filthy pervert!

“Sophia, it’s a natural reaction.”

Alexander had tried his best to control himself but to no avail.

Hearing his words, Sophia blushed even more.

I’ve never seen such a shameless man! How could he speak so matter-of-factly?

Without a second thought, Sophia pushed his hand away with all her might. She rolled to another side and stood up afterward.

To Alexander, that particular feeling of holding Sophia in his embrace was addictive. He glanced at her and asked in a hoarse voice, “Shall we continue?”

Continue taking advantage of me?

“Why didn’t I realize you’re so shameless before this, Alexander?”

She got up to walk to the side, grabbed her thermos flask, and lowered her head to sip on it.

Alexander sat upright on the floor and looked at Sophia, who was outside the ring and roughly six to seven meters away from him.

Due to her embarrassment, Sophia was blushing so hard that her ears began to turn red. At that moment, she looked like a beautiful blooming peony.

Meanwhile, Alexander rubbed his fingers, feeling as if there was a beast inside him struggling to escape.

Sophia felt a lot calmer after having a drink.

After a glance at Alexander, she packed her things and left immediately.

Alexander changed his shoes and followed her. Seeing her leaving in a car, he drove his car and tailed her.

Noticing his car through her rearview mirror, Sophia did not stop him.

After all, I will need to return that cufflink to him. Since he wants to follow me, I don’t have to trouble Yvonne to return it for me.

Alexander followed her all the way back to her mansion.

It was only four o’clock, yet the sky was tar-black. It seemed like it was going to rain soon.

He was still in his t-shirt and shorts from the boxing gym. As he got down from his vehicle, he could feel the chilly breeze.

Alexander stood at the mansion’s gate, hesitating to ring the doorbell as he knew that Sophia was angry at him.

Meanwhile, Sophia parked her car and went upstairs to take the cufflink. Then, she handed it to Alexander without opening the gate for him. “Ms. Stevens asked me to give this to you.”

He frowned slightly. “Which Ms. Stevens?”

“Melissa Stevens.”

That woman again…

A hint of displeasure appeared on his face. Alexander then looked at her with his dark eyes, not bothering to reach his hand out to accept the cufflink. “Open the gate now.”

Sophia snorted in response and threw the box to the ground beside his foot. “Whatever.”

As he watched her walk away, he said, “Sophia, if you don’t open the gate for me, I’ll have no other choice but to climb in.”

It would not be difficult for him to do that at all.

How dare he threaten me like that? Sophia, who had just reached the front door, frowned slightly and turned around. It was at that moment a strong gust of wind blew. Although the wind had messed up Alexander’s hair, he still looked fierce and stern as usual.

Taking out her phone, Sophia switched to the recording mode. “Climb if you dare. I’ll upload the video online.”

I’ll show everyone how shameless Alexander is!

Hearing that, Alexander loosened his brows, reaching out his hands to climb the gate.

He leaped to the ground facilely and picked up the box that Sophia had thrown before standing up. Then, he walked toward Sophia and asked, “Are you done recording?”

In truth, Sophia had not even hit the record button at all. Hearing his words, she kept her phone and said, “Are you trying to trespass into my house now?”

“I just want to have some water.”

As he suggested that, he looked up at the dark sky above. “It’s going to rain heavily soon. I don’t mind if you’re willing to let me stay over for a night.”

“You are overthinking.”

“It’s not a bad thing to overthink. What if my thinking comes true?”

In the midst of their conversation, the rain started to pour out of a sudden.

Alexander raised one hand to shelter her and pushed her toward the door with the other. “Go in. It’s raining. Don’t get wet.”

If it weren’t for him, I would’ve been lounging comfortably in the house long ago!

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