Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 196

As her secretary, Yvonne felt her negligence had enabled something like that to happen early in the morning.

To be honest, Sophia was not that bothered about that. Before the conference, she noticed Yvonne’s guilty expression and chuckled. “Ms. Leighton, come here.”

Yvonne immediately reacted. “Yes, Ms. Yarrow?”

“I have a question for you.”

Yvonne nodded. “Sure. Ms. Yarrow, please go ahead.”

“Did Finn come to the office with you?”

With a frown, Yvonne answered, “Nope. He was already here when I arrived at work. I heard from others that he came inside the office with the janitors.”

“All right. And here I thought you’re guilty because you failed to stop him from barging in here.”

Yvonne felt embarrassed to hear that. “Ms. Yarrow, I’m sorry you had to deal with something like that early in the morning.”

Sophia smiled gently at her. “It’s all right. Occasionally, I don’t mind having something to stimulate my senses in the morning.”

Knowing that Sophia was trying to make her feel better, Yvonne was touched. “Thank you, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia looked at her and said, “Come on. We still have a conference to attend.”

An incident like that did not affect Sophia’s mood. The morning conference, however, did not go as well as Sophia had expected.

After leaving the conference room, Sophia was seen smiling, but her smile did not quite reach her eyes.

She had just returned to her office when her phone suddenly rang.

Looking at the caller ID, Sophia raised her brows. Then, she answered the call. “Hello, it’s me, Sophia.”

The person over the line was none other than Joshua. For him to call her at that time, Sophia figured he was most likely about to inform her about Tobias’ matter.

Sophia’s intuition was correct. Tobias had run out of options. After he built a connection with Joshua, it was not exaggerating to say he had placed all his hopes on Joshua.

If Expedite were to go bankrupt, Tobias would bear hundreds of millions in debt.

Now that Sunshine Group and Prosperity Enterprise no longer expressed their interest in taking over Expedite, if Joshua also refused the takeover, Tobias would be left with no choice but to wait for Expedite to go bankrupt.

Thus, when Joshua suggested buying over Expedite with slightly more than a billion, Tobias could only agree with that no matter how upset he was with that amount.

After listening to what Joshua told her over the line, Sophia chuckled. “I’d say slightly more than a billion is still more than what he deserves, but at least you didn’t suffer a loss from this deal. How many percent are you willing to offer me?”

Expedite was an established corporation. It would not have ended up in such dire straits if it weren’t for Tobias’ mismanagement.

Sophia had always been interested in taking over Expedite, but Tobias was stubborn enough not to be swayed by her persuasion. In the end, he still had to give in to Joshua’s deal of taking over Expedite with slightly more than a billion.

“Thirty,” said Joshua.

Sophia gave it a thought. Thirty percent was worth four hundred million, which was still acceptable for her. “Sure. Draft the contract and send it to Yvonne when it’s ready.”

“All right.”

After ending the call, Sophia was in a much better mood.

She could not help but picture Tobias’ reaction if she were to show up at Expedite’s shareholders’ meeting in the future. He would be pissed off for sure.

Sophia withdrew her thoughts and focused on the traffic light in front of her. She stepped on the gas pedal when the light turned green.

Charlize had asked her out for lunch that day. Sophia did like hanging out with her, so she had not rejected the lunch invitation.

When Sophia arrived at the restaurant, Charlize was already seated by the table. Upon seeing her, Charlize waved at her. “Ms. Yarrow, over here!”

Charlize’s enthusiastic greeting immediately garnered some attention from the tables near them.

Melissa was also at the restaurant. She had come for a reunion with her former classmates, and she had not expected to run into Sophia.

Sophia might not recognize her, but she had heard of Sophia’s name long ago. After all, everyone knew Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife.

Staring at the woman who stepped inside the restaurant, Melissa narrowed her eyes a little. She had to admit Sophia did look gorgeous.

Upon sensing someone staring at her, Sophia subconsciously turned around and glanced in that direction.

Her lips curled slightly when her gaze fell on Melissa’s face.

It seems like Melissa is quite hostile toward me. This is interesting.

Sophia withdrew her gaze and walked toward Charlize.

After getting seated, Charlize hurriedly poured her a glass of warm water. “Ms. Yarrow, the water is warm.”

“Thanks.” Sophia smiled. “How did you know I prefer drinking warm water?”

“Do you remember my birthday party? You guys were playing poker, and Alex told someone to send you a glass of warm water.”

Sophia could recall what Charlize said. That day, Samuel had invited her to stay for poker. A housekeeper had handed her a glass of water. After feeling that the water was warm, Sophia thought the housekeeper was merely being attentive and thoughtful.

Yet, it turned out that Alexander was behind it.

After saying that, Charlize appeared to be a little nervous. She knew Sophia did not like hearing her mention Alexander’s name. Sophia had almost blocked her the last time she did so.

“Ms. Yarrow, please don’t misunderstand. I did not mean to bring that up.”

Sophia looked at her. “You did nothing wrong, so you don’t have to be that nervous.”

Charlize was a little embarrassed to hear that, especially when she had done something wrong before this.

However, Sophia’s reaction indicated that she was not bothered by that.

Charlize heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Ms. Yarrow, I asked you to have lunch with me today because I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Sophia raised her brows as she looked at Charlize, waiting for the latter to tell her more.

“I am taking my graduation photos next Tuesday. If you’re free, do you want to come and take a photo with me?” Charlize looked a little embarrassed after asking that question. “Ms. Yarrow, I learned you’re also a graduate of Jadeborough University.”

Sophia laughed. “Is it in the morning or afternoon?”

Hearing that, Charlize brightened up a little. She looked at Sophia with an expression mixed with surprise and anticipation. “It’s in the afternoon.”

Sophia gave it a thought. “I don’t recall having any appointments on that day for now.”

“Oh! Are you saying you can come?”

Sophia was a popular student when she was still studying at Jadeborough University due to her good looks and impressive academic records. That made Charlize admire her even more.

“Sure thing.” Sophia chuckled and flipped open the menu. “Let’s discuss what to have for lunch first.”

“I’m fine with anything. The food here is amazing!”

Charlize was always lively and enthusiastic around Sophia. Since the latter used to study at Jadeborough University as well, Charlize shared many interesting stories with her, and Sophia would occasionally respond. All in all, the atmosphere at lunch was comfortable and easygoing.

However, Charlize had to return to campus for her thesis paper in the afternoon, or she would have asked Sophia to watch a movie with her.

Sadly, she was yet to finish her thesis paper.

Charlize insisted on paying for their lunch, and Sophia did not refuse her. Instead, Sophia said, “Excuse me, I need to use the restroom.”

Seeing that Sophia did not stop her from paying, Charlize excitedly waved at her, indicating for her to go to the restroom.

Since she was the one who asked Sophia to join her for lunch, Charlize was worried Sophia would insist on footing the bill. She would be embarrassed if that happened.

After stepping out from her cubicle, Sophia saw Melissa standing by the sink.

It seemed like Melissa was waiting for her as she turned off the tap after seeing Sophia. Tilting her head, she said, “Ms. Yarrow, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Sophia washed her hands and took a piece of paper towel as she wiped her hands casually. She looked at Melissa with a smile. “You are?”

Melissa’s expression stiffened a little. “I am Melissa Stevens. Ms. Yarrow, did you not see the trending news a couple of days ago?”

Of course I did.

However, Sophia did not like people showing off in front of her, so she chuckled and replied, “I’m sorry, Ms. Stevens. I don’t really pay attention to gossip.”


With just one word, Sophia easily dismissed the incident that put Melissa’s name on the trending list for two whole days. She also took a jab at Melissa by implying that Melissa’s affairs were not enough to win her attention.

Melissa twitched her lips. She took a box out of her bag and said, “Ms. Yarrow, I heard you’re close with Mr. Xenos. He left this behind, and I hope you can help me return this to its rightful owner.”

Staring at the box before her, Sophia raised her brow. “The rumors you’ve heard are truly unreliable. Alexander and I are not that close with each other.”

With just one brief sentence, Sophia made Melissa feel frustrated and at a loss for words.

Her hand, which was holding the box, froze in the air between them. Sophia finished wiping her hands before she glanced at Melissa. “Ms. Stevens, I think you should return the item yourself.”

After saying that, Sophia brushed past Melissa and was about to walk out of the restroom.

Melissa gritted her teeth and caught up with her. “Wait, Ms. Yarrow. I have a show to attend tomorrow, and I’m afraid I don’t have time to do that. Please do me a favor and return the box to him.”

Sophia flashed her a half-smile, making Melissa feel insecure. Then, just when Melissa thought Sophia would not take the box, she heard Sophia saying, “If that’s the case, maybe I should be kind and help you out this once.”

With that, Sophia took over the box and placed it inside her bag. She then told Melissa, “You don’t have to thank me for doing this, Ms. Stevens.”

Melissa wanted to refute that, but she could not find the words to say.

What else can I say in this situation?

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