Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 188

Sophia had stayed at the cemetery throughout the afternoon, and the rainy wind had only served to cause her a headache. As she hung up the phone, she casually ordered a food delivery.

After dinner, it was barely nine at night, but Sophia had decided to go to bed.

The boarding time of her flight tomorrow was about nine in the morning. Before the clock struck seven in the morning, Sophia was already awake. When she finished packing, she checked out with the keycard and waited at the exit for the transport to get to the airport.

Right then, Alexander and Felix walked out of the elevator. Noticing them, Sophia instinctively stepped aside.

In truth, Sophia was rather afraid of bumping into him. Ever since Alexander had started acting all brazen toward her, she was no longer his match.

Alexander had already caught a glimpse of Sophia from afar. With a pair of long legs, he arrived at Sophia’s side within a few steps. “Are you heading to the airport?”

Sophia spared him a glance and scoffed, “Are you that free?”

He’s always asking about my routine. How annoying!

Alexander stared at her and wasn’t angered at all. “I’m also heading to the airport. Should I give you a lift?”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Does he think we’re still at the cemetery entrance? There are many taxis here.

Sophia raised her hand and hailed a taxi as she spoke.

The taxi came to a halt right in front of her. She hopped into the taxi and shut the car door in the blink of an eye.

In a matter of seconds, the taxi drove far away, out of Alexander’s sight.

Seeing that Alexander was still staring blankly ahead, Felix called out, “Mr. Xenos?”

Alexander withdrew his gaze and said, “Let’s go.”

The airport in Coldbridge was only that big. Moreover, they were both boarding the plane that was bound for Jadeborough, so it was expected for them to encounter each other again.

Nevertheless, the thing that surprised Sophia was that not only were they boarding the same flight, but they were even seated right next to each other.

Sophia’s air ticket was pre-booked by Yvonne, for the former would always return to Coldbridge to pay a visit to her parents’ graves during Good Friday. As for Alexander, running a background check on Sophia’s flight and seat was like a walk in the park.

The moment Sophia took notice of Alexander taking the empty seat beside her, her smile faltered in an instant. She fished out a magazine and began flipping through it disinterestedly.

“Didn’t you sleep well last night?” Alexander piped up.

Upon hearing his stinging voice, Sophia looked up and said, “Broken glass can never be fixed, Alexander.”

He’s like a pest that I can’t get rid of!

Alexander sensed that Sophia seemed to be in a fit of anger. He said in a softer voice, “Not unless one came well-prepared.”

Sophia laughed at that remark. “You were already disqualified before you could even reach anywhere. Why bother preparing? I’m not going to—”

Before she could finish the sentence, she caught sight of Alexander’s nearing hand and dodged it unwittingly.

Yet, she could go nowhere, for the seat was only that wide. Tilting her head, she merely got a little further away from him temporarily.

Witnessing her reaction, Alexander had no intention of retracting his hand. He used his index finger to lift strands of her hair before picking off a scrap of tissue that was attached to her cheek. “Just a piece of tissue.”

Sophia froze momentarily. As she didn’t sleep well last night, she had taken a catnap on the way to the airport. When she got out of the taxi, she was still a little groggy. Recalling that she had washed up before breakfast, she figured the tissue residue must have stuck to her skin when she was wiping her face.

After removing the tissue, Alexander withdrew his hand. “It’s my first time wooing somebody. I’m rather new to it, so please bear with me,” he said, looking at Sophia with his dark eyes.

Sophia, in turn, felt that whatever she had said earlier had been completely ignored. She almost choked on her breath.

After a while, Sophia also decided to act dumb and deaf. No matter what Alexander said or did, she simply closed her eyes and pretended as if no one was there beside her.

As the woman beside him shut her eyes all of a sudden, Alexander began to smile. His smile reached his dark eyes, and he quickly immersed himself in a state of euphoria.

He looked at her side profile and subconsciously tapped the armrest lightly with his fingers.

Sophia had planned to feign a nap just to escape Alexander’s harassment. Never did she anticipate herself to really fall into her slumber.

The plane got bumpy after taking off. As a result, Sophia knocked her head against the side of the aircraft amid her drowsiness. A pang rose near the side of her head, but she was too sleepy to wake up.

The next second, she felt a warm sensation on the right side of her cheek, seemingly stemming from a palm. Sophia frowned but couldn’t jolt herself up due to exhaustion. All she could do was fume softly, “Alexander!”

As Sophia’s head was pressed onto a strong shoulder, she felt much more comfortable with her neck.

Deep down, she knew she ought to come to her senses and give Alexander an earful. However, she genuinely couldn’t even force her eyes open right away from all the lethargy. Soon enough, she was fast asleep.

The woman beside him finally quieted down. No longer would she put up a fight.

With that, Alexander loosened his hand and turned to gaze at Sophia, who was leaning peacefully on his shoulder.

Her delicate face looks picturesque in every way.

From his perspective, Sophia’s bubbly eyes were alluring when she was wide awake; when she was asleep, her cherry red lips were equally enticing as well.

Even though it had been days since Alexander had been threatened and provoked by Horatius on the plane, he was still holding a grudge over that matter.

His eyes darkened as he remembered the scene where Horatius had caressed Sophia’s cheek.

Fixating his gaze upon Sophia’s lips, Alexander was fueled by a sense of desire.

Just then, the plane jerked, and Sophia’s head shifted to the side.

Perhaps she was feeling so uncomfortable because she adjusted the position of her head again while pursing her red lips slightly. Just as she relaxed her thin lips, Alexander could no longer hold back his urge. He held her face gently and lowered his head to give her a peck.

He landed his lips ever so softly on her cheek before backing away in a flash, feeling guilty.

Sophia probably felt uncomfortable, for she pressed her lips together once more.

Gawking at that, Alexander only felt the burning sensation within his heart spreading like wildfire.

He was worried that he might really wake Sophia up by accident, so he hastily looked away and gestured for a blanket from the flight attendant.

Alexander then noticed a gaze coming from Felix beside his seat. Immediately, he turned and shot the latter a chilling glare.

Sitting in the same row with Alexander across the aisle, Felix had witnessed that scene and was thunderstruck to the core. When he noticed Alexander looking in his direction, he hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Goodness gracious! Is he still the same Mr. Xenos who always look as if he’s impotent?

It was a two-hour flight. Sophia finally opened her eyes when the plane touched down.

An announcement rang out to remind the passengers to get off the flight in an orderly manner. At that moment, Sophia moved a little, and the blanket began to slip down her body. She spontaneously grabbed hold of it. A man’s deep voice was then heard coming from her right. “Oh? You’re awake.”

It was still Alexander’s voice.

Sophia patted her own face. She then turned her head to the side, only to see Alexander’s face that was inches away from her.

She would never get used to being so near to him. Pushing him away, she said, “I’m getting off the flight right now, so make way.”

Sophia had just gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

Looking at her frosty visage, Alexander didn’t dare to make another sound and mess with her.

As they were queuing to get off the plane, an announcement sounded, cautioning the passengers to take safety measures because of the hail in Jadeborough.

Huh? Is the weather that bad today?

Sophia arched a brow. She turned on her phone, and coincidentally, a call from Yvonne came through.

“Yes, Ms. Leighton?”

“Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Sullivan’s car broke down on the way to the airport. Have you landed yet? Do you need me to pick you up?”

Sophia stopped in her tracks and looked outside, only to find that it was pouring and hailing heavily. She answered, “No, it’s okay. I’ll just take the subway since I’m not in a rush.”

“Okay. Be careful on the way,” reminded Yvonne.

“All right.”

Sophia smiled and ended the call. Suddenly, she realized that Alexander was still beside her.

Seeing her looking over, Alexander offered, “Let me give you a lift. My driver is already here.”

Sophia gave him the side-eye. “Sorry, but I prefer higher-end transportation.”

How could his mere several-million car hold a candle to the subway that’s worth dozens of billion?

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