Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 187

Clara had achieved her purpose. “All right. I’ve completed my mission, so I shall take my leave now.”

Before leaving, she grinned and told Sophia, “You make great coffee. I hope I get to drink the coffee you brew another time.”

Sophia got up to send her off. “You’re welcome to visit me anytime.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t bring Alexander here,” Clara replied with a low chuckle.

Sophia broke into a smile. “Goodbye.”

“It’s raining, so you should stay put.”

Instead of allowing Sophia to send her to the gate, Clara opened her umbrella at the door and left.

Sophia stood on the stairs and watched as Clara walked past the gate and entered her car. She then spun on her heels and returned to the mansion.

In the living room, Sophia took out the ear stud and placed it back on her jewelry tray in her dressing room.

This was a birthday gift from Katherine, so she had been quite upset to have lost it.

Clara’s sudden arrival had caught Sophia by surprise. She had half-expected Clara to persuade her to accept Alexander, but Clara had only returned the ear stud to her and left swiftly.

The incident reminded Sophia of Kristen. Back when she was married to Alexander, Kristen had told her how useless she was. She had even accused Sophia of failing to keep a leash on Alexander, for Alexander rarely came home.

She had thought that Alexander’s elders would all be like Kristen. Yet, little did she expect to find Clara to be utterly different.

On Good Friday, Sophia took a trip back to Coldbridge.

The rainy season had arrived. Coldbridge was in the southern part of the country, and it was known to be rainy in spring.

The cemetery was quite crowded. Sophia held a bouquet in one hand and an umbrella in the other hand.

She was clad in a black long dress today. The bouquet of white lilies contrasted starkly against her dark outfit and complimented her fair skin. She didn’t have any makeup on, and her eyes were devoid of expression.

Some passersby soon spotted her. They were awed by her beauty but kept a distance away from her due to her icy aura.

The biggest incident of this year was none other than the Dawson family’s fate. Sophia had no idea whether her parents could hear her, but she proceeded to reveal everything nonetheless.

When she finally left the cemetery, the sky had turned dark. It was still drizzling.

Sophia’s shoes and the hem of her dress were wet. As the wind blew, the hem of her dress stuck to her ankles. She was freezing.

At this hour, the cemetery was almost empty. There was a line of taxis outside the cemetery earlier, but now, there weren’t any in sight.

Sophia pulled her phone out to reserve a ride online. She had just raised her head when a black Land Rover rolled to a stop before her.

She arched a brow. Suddenly, the door to the passenger seat clicked open. At once, she spotted Alexander in the driver’s seat.

“Get in.”

Holding her umbrella, Sophia didn’t move an inch. “Why are you here?”

It was Good Friday, and he should be spending his holidays elsewhere. She couldn’t help but wonder why Alexander had shown up here.

“I came here on a business trip and saw you at the hotel,” came Alexander’s reply.

Sophia asked, “So you followed me all the way here?”

Is Alexander that shameless now?

“I just paid my respects to someone I knew here.”

Sophia let out an angry snort. “Alexander, I’ve never seen someone lie through their teeth this calmly.”

“Get in. It’s pretty hard to get a taxi here.”

Alexander might be shameless, but he was right. It was hard to get a ride back to the hotel at this hour.

Sophia folded her umbrella and got into his car.

Alexander glanced at her and gulped. He tamped down the urge to wipe off the water droplets on her fringe and looked away. “Are you going back to the hotel?”

“Mm,” Sophia grunted in acknowledgement.

She then whipped her head around and stared out the window.

Despite getting into his car, she didn’t feel like talking to him.

It wasn’t a good thing to force herself. Previously, she had fallen sick after torturing herself, so she decided not to do so today.

He’s just giving me a ride.

Seeing that she didn’t want to talk, Alexander kept quiet throughout the entire journey.

He looked away and drove out of the cemetery.

Forty-five minutes later, the car came to a stop at the hotel entrance.

Alexander handed his car key to the bellboy, and Sophia got out of the car.

She walked to the other side of the car and stopped before him. “Give me your phone.”

0716. His pin was still the same.

Sophia’s fingers trembled as she unlocked his phone and got the QR code to his e-wallet. She then transferred sixty-eight to him.

“This is for the ride.”

After returning his phone to him, she marched into the hotel without looking back.

Alexander strolled after her as he gripped his phone.

Sophia’s warmth still remained, and he was reluctant to release his grip.

Alexander couldn’t help but recall the kiss that lasted for eight seconds when he had fed her the medicine. His gaze landed on her lips and turned dark.

I wish I can kiss her again.

He resisted the urge.

They were the only two in the elevator. Sophia lowered her head and saw a leaf stuck on Alexander’s pants. She immediately stiffened in shock.

The leaf came from an ornamental tree in the cemetery, so it was proof that Alexander had indeed entered the cemetery.

Recalling his words, she couldn’t stop a blush from creeping up her cheeks.

I’ve misunderstood him again. It isn’t my fault since he used to lie to me a lot.

Sophia looked away and raised her brows. She didn’t feel guilty at all.

Ding! The elevator doors opened.

Sophia glanced at the floor number before stepping out.

When she heard footsteps behind her, she came to a stop. “Don’t tell me your room is on this floor, too.”

Alexander would always stay in the presidential suite when he was on a business trip.

There was no way he’d lower his standards to stay in a deluxe room.

Alexander looked into her alluring eyes. She had beautiful eyes with a pink hue on her lids. When she broke into a smile, her eyes would crinkle into crescents. It would seem as though sunlight danced in her eyes, and they mesmerized him completely.

Without a word, he showed her his keycard.


Sophia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw his room number. She was in Room 1707.

Did Alexander do this on purpose?

She didn’t say that out loud. After all, it would seem that she was too full of herself if she were to pose that question.

However, Alexander told her honestly, “I did this on purpose. I told my secretary to get me this room.”

The corner of Sophia’s lips twitched. “You’ve put in quite some effort, huh?”

“Mm, I can see you more often this way.”

Sophia glanced at him wordlessly. She went to her room and swiped her keycard before heading in.

The door slammed shut after her. Alexander stood outside as his lips curled. A glimmer of delight appeared in his eyes.

Looks like Samuel’s right. Sophia is open to persuasion, not coercion. I’ve got it now.

Back in her room, Sophia was still riddled with frustration. Alexander didn’t give a hoot about his reputation anymore.

Most importantly, she discovered that her heart would race whenever he spoke. She couldn’t even stop herself from blushing.

Suddenly, Sophia wished Katherine was here to shake her into regaining her sanity.

With that thought in mind, Sophia gave Katherine a call. She proceeded to explain her recent affairs to Katherine.

Hearing that, Katherine fell silent. “Soph, are you sure you’re not showing off?”

Irked, Sophia snorted. “Stop joking. I’m being serious!”

Her hands were tied whenever she had to face Alexander.

Katherine coughed a few times. “Okay, I’ll be serious. Listen carefully to my advice.”

Assuming she would offer some good advice, Sophia said, “All right. I’m listening.”

“To be honest, Alexander is good at this. Why don’t you try getting back together with him?”

Sophia rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Go have your dinner.”

I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Katherine.

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