Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 148

When Horatius called, Sophia was picking books inside the study.

Since she finally had free time on that rainy day and was not in a good mood, she wanted to read a book to help herself relax.

“Mr. Horatius?”

“Have you watched the news?”

Horatius’ usual straightforwardness made Sophia chuckle. She answered, “Yes. Sorry for troubling Mr. Swain.”

In response, Horatius snorted. “Trouble? I didn’t ask him to say those things! He only wanted to express his admiration toward you, but the matter has blown up now. He told me by phone earlier that he felt guilty for causing you trouble and wanted me to treat you to a meal.”

Sophia recognized that Darrell’s words were nothing but pleasantries. Horatius took them seriously, but she would not. “I’m not a celebrity. These things don’t affect me.”

For Sophia, those were only some passing remarks. In any case, most of the comments about her were positive. They even made Sophia feel delighted.

“Regardless, I wouldn’t dare disobey my father’s order. Which of the next two days are you free? Let’s have a meal together. My treat.”

Given that the matter had caused a stir online, Sophia did not have the nerve to go out for a meal with Horatius. “Mr. Horatius, thanks for your offer, but I don’t prefer to have meals outside lately.”

“Don’t you want to provoke your ex-husband?”

Upon hearing that question, Sophia guffawed. “I had a peaceful divorce with him, Mr. Horatius.”

The person who felt wronged and indignant was her, but she and Alexander indeed had a peaceful divorce in all seriousness.

They did not quarrel nor had any conflict. Except for a few heart-piercing and sarcastic comments from Alexander, their divorce was placid.

Besides that, Sophia was already twenty-seven years old. She did not intend to use such a childish and lousy method.

In her perspective, the individual obsessed was the loser. She wanted to be the winner instead. Therefore, her only intent was to treat Alexander as an ordinary person she knew.

Other than that, there was nothing else in her mind.

Horatius was unconvinced by Sophia’s words but did not want to open her old wounds. “All right. I won’t force you if you’re unwilling. However, my dad admires you a lot. Next week is his sixtieth birthday. Can you make time to come along with me to Alenvista to gladden him?”

Considering that Horatius had said that in such a manner, Sophia could never reject the invitation. “Attending Mr. Swain’s birthday banquet is a must.”

“It’s decided then. I’ve already requested my secretary to purchase the plane ticket for you.”

“Mr. Horatius, there’s no need for that. I—”

“Don’t sweat it. It’s a convenient thing for me. Okay, then. I’m off to have a meeting. Talk to you later.”

After the call ended, Sophia stared at her phone’s screen and felt a little resigned.

Frankly, she had learned how to deal with people like Alexander and sly foxes like Darrell in recent years. Yet, she would still feel helpless occasionally while facing Horatius, a person who consistently never played by the rules.

Forget it. It’s not a big deal.

Nevertheless, Sophia could not regard the gifts for Darrell’s special day lightly.

She pursed her lips and gave Yvonne a call.

Concerning Jadeborough’s weather during spring, it was rainy most of the time. But, surprisingly, it was a sunny day when Katherine returned.

Immediately after her meeting, Sophia headed to the airport to pick Katherine up. The filming of the latter’s new movie had finally wrapped up after almost two months.

As one of the two female leads, the number of scenes where Katherine would appear was satisfactory. To finish filming her scenes within the contract period, she had to spend twelve to thirteen hours a day doing just that.

In the meantime, Jonice had yet to announce the news about Katherine wrapping up her filming. Katherine’s return to Jadeborough was also without the fans’ knowledge.

From afar, Sophia spotted Katherine, who only had both eyes uncovered.

As soon as she noticed Sophia, Katherine dashed over to her while having glittering eyes. “Did you miss me, Soph? I missed you so much!”

Sophia raised her hand to cover Katherine’s red lips and smiled at her. “Congratulations on completing the filming.”

With that, she handed a gift she had prepared beforehand to Katherine.

“Wow! There’s even a gift for wrapping up the filming? You’re such a good person, Soph! You’re undoubtedly my beautiful and kind-hearted best friend!”

Raising her brows, Sophia responded, “Are you saying that people who don’t give you gifts are ugly and unkind?”

“I’m not that kind of person, Soph!”

Since Sophia’s gifts to her would always strike a chord with her, Katherine unwrapped the packaging with eagerness. Once she saw the bracelet inside, she expressed joy in her heart. I love you so freaking much, Sophia!

Just then, Jonice returned to Katherine after picking up the luggage. Seeing Katherine’s excitement, she felt a little embarrassed. “We’re at the airport. Show some self-restraint!”

If someone managed to take photos or videos of Katherine secretly, her stand-offish image would crumble instantly.

Is there any stand-offish lady who would get carried away in public and twirl Sophia around? Such a thought was in Jonice’s mind at the moment.

That admonishment from Jonice took Katherine aback as the latter recollected herself immediately. She then asked Sophia, “Did you drive here, Soph?”

“Yup. Let’s go.”

With Sophia keeping an eye on Katherine, Jonice could still set her mind at rest. For that reason, she did not stop Katherine from leaving with Sophia.

Apart from that, Jonice still had to return to the company. It had been half a month since she last returned. There was no end to her worries because of the trainees in the training camp.

The second she got into the car, Katherine took off her scarf and hat. Afterward, she slumped against the passenger seat like a person that had run out of steam. “Jonice is so scary! I’m thankful to have you, Soph! You’re the best!”

Sophia glanced at her and replied, “Is that so? I hope you’ll say the same thing when I eat barbecued food later in front of you.”

Sophia glanced at her and replied, “Is that so? I hope you’ll say the same thing when I eat barbecued food later in front of you.”

Katherine’s current schedule was quite packed. After the consummation of her filming, she already had an advertising event to attend next week.

Due to the palatableness of the meals for the film crew, she gained some weight during those two months. As a result, Jonice only allowed her to eat vegetarian food at present.

Barbecued food? That’s something I can’t touch!

Regardless, Katherine was a glutton. When she heard Sophia’s words, she felt very uneasy. “There’s no need to be so cruel, Soph.”

She could choose any other day to eat barbecued food. Why did she have to pick today?

Sophia knew full well what Katherine was thinking. She smirked and uttered, “Well, usually, I have no one to grill the food for me, and I’m too lazy to do that myself.”

Hearing that, Katherine was utterly at a loss for words. Am I a tool for grilling food?

Soon afterward, the car exited the airport highway and entered the city steadily.

Regarding the earlier conversation, Sophia was not teasing Katherine but genuinely wanted to have barbecued food. On top of that, she had already made a reservation at a newly-opened barbecue restaurant an hour ago.

About that restaurant, Yvonne had given it an exceedingly high rating. Thanks to its popularity, it was often without tables during the weekends. One also had to make a reservation in advance during weekdays. If people went there without a reservation, they would only waste their time in general.

Sophia had booked a private room for Katherine and herself. Its privacy was good, thus eliminating the concern of anyone recognizing Katherine.

Once they had taken their seats, Katherine gawked at Sophia. “Soph…”

“Don’t even think about it.” Sophia swept a glance at her indifferently.

“You’re so cruel! I suddenly think Alexander is pretty miserable, despite being a jerk!”

Speaking of Alexander, Sophia had not seen him for four days since that night.

Katherine’s mention of him made Sophia’s hands quiver while she flipped through the menu. She then looked up and flashed a half-smile at Katherine. “Are you sure you want to mess with me?”

Consequent to Sophia’s gaze, Katherine trembled and conceded at once. “I’m sorry, boss! Ah! I can’t hold it in any longer. I need to use the restroom. Soph, a few pieces of vegetables are enough for me. A person like me is not worthy of enjoying the finest barbecued food anyway!”

Listening to her weird utterances, Sophia giggled. “Don’t worry. The vegetables over here are very fresh and tasty as well.”

That response rendered Katherine speechless. Argh! I hate this!

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