Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 147

Ten months since their divorce, Sophia had not thought about the things that had happened fifteen years ago for a long time.

However, because of Alexander’s confession, her dreams that night were filled with scenes from the past, on the day he had rescued her.

Sophia did not sleep well that night. Therefore, she was not in a great mood when she woke up the following day.

She rubbed her temples and instructed Genie to open the curtains.

It was the rainy season in Jadeborough every March and April. The drizzle last night had lasted to the following day.

The gloomy weather outside the window reflected Sophia’s state of mind.

That incident last night had spread all over the internet. The netizens were saying that Alexander and Horatius were love rivals, both harboring grudges toward one another.

An anonymous daredevil had recorded a video of Alexander and Horatius going back and forth last night and posted it on the internet, stirring up a commotion on the web.

Horatius, the heir to Onyx Builders, was well-known for his philandering behavior. He was the typical playboy among the elites, and his girlfriend for the longest time lasted only half a year.

Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife and was currently favored by Horatius. Thus, all kinds of comments and speculations regarding that complicated relationship flooded the internet.

Because of the growing sensation, Darrell, attending a summit, was also questioned regarding his view on the matter related to Horatius pursuing Sophia early in the morning.

The reporter who had asked Darrell that question was undoubtedly a thick-skulled person.

Many reporters had directed similar questions at him in the past. However, because of Horatius’ frequent and swift changes in his romance partners, Darrell would only respond with a similar statement. He would always tell the reporters Horatius was an adult capable of figuring out what was best for himself.

Having said that, everyone knew an ordinary girl would not be qualified to become part of the Swain family due to his formidable family background.

However, most of Horatius’ girlfriends were not regular girls, as they also came from impressive families.

Still, their families’ wealth was insignificant compared to Onyx Builders.

In fact, Sophia’s family background did not differ much from Horatius’ previous girlfriends’. Despite Specter Entertainment’s accomplishments, it was still a newly established company that could easily be crushed.

Hence, everyone expected Darrell to provide a similar response as before regarding his view on that matter since he did not have to be wary of Sophia’s background.

In most netizens’ opinion, that was a dumb question proposed by the reporter.

Still, a piece of news worthy of becoming a trending headline must not be that simple.

Instead of giving an answer similar to the “official statement” as before, Darrell unprecedentedly replied, “Ms. Yarrow is wonderful. I like her a lot. If Horatius manages to win her affection, I’d be smiling in my sleep.”

With Darrell’s current status, he no longer needed to please others with insincere flatteries.

Thus, it was evident that he had expressed his genuine thoughts on that matter this time.

The reporter quickly regained his senses after a momentary shock. He swiftly asked another noteworthy question, “Do you mind Ms. Yarrow being married to someone else in the past?”

Darrell narrowed his eyes. “A woman’s excellence would not be tarnished by her willingness to get married or how many people she was married to.”

Subsequently, he refused to answer any more questions and entered the venue under the escort of the bodyguards.

The internet was ablaze once the footage of that interview was published.

Some people scolded that reporter for harboring prejudice toward divorced women, while others discussed the main point mentioned by Darrell when he described Sophia as an excellent woman.

Three of the top five trending headlines on Twitter were related to Sophia.

Meanwhile, Sophia scrolled through her Twitter page while having her breakfast. In contrast to Katherine and the others’ astonishment and excitement, she, as the person involved, was oddly calm.

She thought that was merely a trivial situation.

Nevertheless, Sophia was slightly taken aback as she did not anticipate Darrell to speak up for her.

Following Darrell’s speech, even if anyone intended to secretly slander Sophia by bribing the media to publish detrimental news about her, their attempts would be in vain. After all, Darrell had personally complimented Sophia for her brilliance.

Naturally, some people were joyous after listening to Darrell’s speech, while others were annoyed.

Kayla had already bought off a media company to publish damaging articles about Sophia’s pretentious nature and behavior. She was just waiting for the time to turn nine o’clock when everybody began their work for the day to proceed with her plan.

However, anyone with a sane mind would not dare to disseminate such flagrant articles following Darrell’s interview.

“Ms. Fletcher, should we proceed with publishing the news?”

“What? Are you trying to cause me to be humiliated in public after my actions are exposed?”

Kayla was livid. She directly hung up the call afterward.

At the same time, inside the CEO’s office in Odyssey.

Felix stood before the desk, not daring to make a sound.

When he woke up that day, he saw that trending headlines related to Alexander, Sophia, and Horatius had bombarded Twitter.

After last night’s incident was posted on the internet, the majority of the netizens showed their support for Sophia and rebuked Alexander.

After last night’s incident was posted on the internet, the majority of the netizens showed their support for Sophia and rebuked Alexander.

Felix was dumbfounded when he received a phone call from his assistant after waking up that morning.

He did not expect things to undergo more changes after an hour because Horatius, from Onyx Builders, had also meddled in that matter.

And now, Sophia and Horatius’ relationship had become a fact.

Felix had witnessed Alexander’s efforts in trying to get back together with Sophia these days.

He could not believe the usually high and mighty Alexander had cautiously admitted his mistakes before Sophia last night.

Frankly, even Felix felt that Alexander was pitiful when he saw the video.

Nonetheless, he knew pity and sympathy played no roles in a relationship.

Alexander fell silent for ten seconds after watching the interview footage.

Felix could clearly feel the depressing atmosphere inside the office. He glanced at the gloomy weather outside the window and could not help but sigh. It seems like our company has a chaotic day ahead.

After a long while, Alexander stirred. “When did she become acquainted with Horatius?”

That was a relatively private question to ask. Felix glanced at Alexander. His heart shuddered when he met with the latter’s dark eyes. “I’m not sure. Should I investigate to find out more information, Mr. Xenos?”

Even though Felix thought that would be an inappropriate thing to do, he had no other choice but to carry out his duty if required by his employer.

“That’s not needed. You may leave.”

Felix felt relieved. He turned on his heels and hurriedly left the office.

Alexander was left alone inside the spacious room after Felix was gone.

He stared at Darrell’s face on the screen of his tablet. That cunning old man was wearing a contented smile. Anyone who had crossed paths with Darrell would know whether he was lying or simply being polite with his speech.

Odyssey had collaborated twice with Onyx Builders in the past few years. Alexander had shared a meal with Darrell four times, so he knew that those were Darrell’s heartfelt words.

The hangover caused his head to ache terribly, but the pain was nothing compared to the agony in his heart after listening to Darrell’s interview.

He suddenly realized Sophia might no longer have anything to do with him in the future.

His phone vibrated continuously on the table. Alexander glanced at the device, and his eyes turned frosty instantaneously.

That was a phone call from Kristen. He already knew what she was going to say and ask him.

Nevertheless, he wondered how they could be so confident that Sophia would fall for him again.

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