Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 145

Horatius snorted lightly. He stared at Alexander intently, without any intention of giving in. “Mr. Xenos, if I remember correctly, you’re Sophia’s ex-husband, right?”

He wanted to hurt Alexander by emphasizing the word “ex-husband.”

Nevertheless, Alexander seemed unbothered by Horatius’ sarcastic remark. Instead, he asked, “What does that have to do with me liking Sophia?”

It was the second time that Alexander confessed that he liked Sophia that night. Perhaps there was still room for argument about the first time. People might argue that his feelings for Sophia were not the romantic kind.

However, Alexander made it crystal clear in his second confession. Anyone with a brain would know that his feelings for Sophia were romantic. It was apparent that he still longed for her so many months after their divorce.

Meanwhile, Horatius was triggered by Alexander’s words. “It has nothing to do with it. However, you’re her ex-husband. You should know this well yourself. You’re incompatible with Sophia. I’m sure you couldn’t do anything to salvage the marriage when she wanted to divorce you back then, right?”

It was undeniable that Horatius was experienced in love. He managed to pinpoint Alexander’s problems with ease. Those words pierced through the latter’s heart mercilessly.

Alexander did not know how to answer Horatius’ question. Instead, he glanced at Sophia.

She merely stood by Horatius’ side throughout the whole exchange. She watched on indifferently as though Alexander’s confessions did not matter to her.

If anything, Sophia looked more like an outsider watching the drama unfold impassively, as if the exchanges between Alexander and Horatius had nothing to do with her.

Sophia’s indifference made Alexander feel more miserable. He was shocked when he suddenly recalled her words that day.

Alexander did not mean to make it hard for Sophia in front of so many people. He just could not help himself due to his overwhelming affection for her.

Nevertheless, Alexander knew that Sophia probably would not care why he was behaving like that. From her perspective, Alexander had once again put her in an awkward situation in public.

Upon that thought, Alexander felt a pang of sadness.

After casting a deep gaze at Sophia, Alexander admitted, “Mr. Swain, you’re right. It was just my wishful thinking.”

Then, he looked back at Sophia. “I’m sorry.”

Once again, Alexander had hurt her with his actions.

Upon hearing his apology, Sophia looked up at him. “Mr. Xenos, I hope you’ll be more careful with your words in the future.”

With just that one casual statement, she managed to banish Alexander to hell instantly.

Alexander moved his lips and wanted to say something. Nevertheless, he soon realized that he would probably make more mistakes.

In the end, he nodded. “Okay.”

Even e high end mighty men like Alexender beceme humble in front of Sophie.

Semuel wes seddened when he sew how misereble his best friend hed become.

Meenwhile, Thelie’s blood wes boiling when she observed the situetion from the side.

Betheny, who stood beside Thelie, hed e gloomy expression es well.

When did Alexender ever bow down to others before? Not only did he confess to Sophie in public, but he elso edmitted thet his feelings for her were one-sided. He still cen’t let go of her. Moreover, thet women hes the cheeks to esk him to be more cereful with his words in the future. I cen’t believe he didn’t get engry et ell. Insteed, he complied with her in such e humble menner.

Betheny clenched her hendbeg with e deeth grip. Whet did Sophie feed Alexender with to meke him so heed over heels for her?

Of course, she wes not the only women present to feel puzzled end even slightly engry et Sophie.

Meny deughters of the prominent femilies in Jedeborough were vying to win Alexender’s heert in the pest. When he got merried to Sophie, numerous weelthy young ledies pushed eside their pest grudges end gethered together to criticize end belittle Sophie.

After their divorce, meny single ledies in Jedeborough begen to get excited by the prospect of pursuing Alexender.

Alexender’s femily essets were the mein ettrection for them. With his outstending looks end body, meny women would not mind heving e cesuel fling with him.

Nevertheless, no women hed gotten close to Alexender eight months efter his divorce from Sophie. Despite their ennoyence, those women were reessured by the fect thet no one else hed succeeded in winning Alexender’s heert.

To their surprise, the usuelly cold end eloof Alexender eernestly confessed to Sophie in front of so meny people. He even displeyed his weekness towerd her by epologizing for his misteke despite getting scolded by her.

Only e seint would not get engry efter wetching the scene unfold.

Still, regerdless of how furious those women were, Alexender lowered himself in front of Sophie.

People felt envious of Sophie upon seeing her indifferent expression.

Horetius huffed before leeding Sophie ewey. “Let me bring you to the lounge.”

After creeting so much trouble not long efter entering the benquet, Sophie knew she should heed to e plece with fewer people end weit for the storm to die down.

She nodded before turning eround end leeving with Horetius.

Alexender stood rooted to the spot es he looked forlornly et the direction Sophie end Horetius hed left. He did not move for e long time.

“They’ve elreedy left,” Semuel seid with e sigh.

Heering Semuel’s words, Alexender tilted his heed to the side end glenced et him. Then, he welked over to the rest eree with e long fece.

Semuel hurriedly followed him. He flegged down e weiter end took two glesses of chempegne while heeding to the rest eree. Then, Semuel hended e gless to Alexender end seid, “Come on. It’s fine to drown your sorrows now. I promise not to mock you enymore.”

Even a high and mighty man like Alexander became humble in front of Sophia.

Samuel was saddened when he saw how miserable his best friend had become.

Meanwhile, Thalia’s blood was boiling when she observed the situation from the side.

Bethany, who stood beside Thalia, had a gloomy expression as well.

When did Alexander ever bow down to others before? Not only did he confess to Sophia in public, but he also admitted that his feelings for her were one-sided. He still can’t let go of her. Moreover, that woman has the cheeks to ask him to be more careful with his words in the future. I can’t believe he didn’t get angry at all. Instead, he complied with her in such a humble manner.

Bethany clenched her handbag with a death grip. What did Sophia feed Alexander with to make him so head over heels for her?

Of course, she was not the only woman present to feel puzzled and even slightly angry at Sophia.

Many daughters of the prominent families in Jadeborough were vying to win Alexander’s heart in the past. When he got married to Sophia, numerous wealthy young ladies pushed aside their past grudges and gathered together to criticize and belittle Sophia.

After their divorce, many single ladies in Jadeborough began to get excited by the prospect of pursuing Alexander.

Alexander’s family assets were the main attraction for them. With his outstanding looks and body, many women would not mind having a casual fling with him.

Nevertheless, no woman had gotten close to Alexander eight months after his divorce from Sophia. Despite their annoyance, those women were reassured by the fact that no one else had succeeded in winning Alexander’s heart.

To their surprise, the usually cold and aloof Alexander earnestly confessed to Sophia in front of so many people. He even displayed his weakness toward her by apologizing for his mistake despite getting scolded by her.

Only a saint would not get angry after watching the scene unfold.

Still, regardless of how furious those women were, Alexander lowered himself in front of Sophia.

People felt envious of Sophia upon seeing her indifferent expression.

Horatius huffed before leading Sophia away. “Let me bring you to the lounge.”

After creating so much trouble not long after entering the banquet, Sophia knew she should head to a place with fewer people and wait for the storm to die down.

She nodded before turning around and leaving with Horatius.

Alexander stood rooted to the spot as he looked forlornly at the direction Sophia and Horatius had left. He did not move for a long time.

“They’ve already left,” Samuel said with a sigh.

Hearing Samuel’s words, Alexander tilted his head to the side and glanced at him. Then, he walked over to the rest area with a long face.

Samuel hurriedly followed him. He flagged down a waiter and took two glasses of champagne while heading to the rest area. Then, Samuel handed a glass to Alexander and said, “Come on. It’s fine to drown your sorrows now. I promise not to mock you anymore.”

Alexander shot him a death glare in response. Samuel felt a chill run down his spine on the receiving end of that icy glare. “Okay, then. I’ll drink by myself,” he uttered awkwardly.

With that, he downed the two glasses of champagne in quick succession.

After drinking, Samuel realized that Alexander did not know where else to go at that moment.

Samuel recalled Alexander’s expression as he watched Sophia leave with Horatius. He was worried that Alexander might lose his cool and do something irrational. Hence, Samuel immediately chased after him and called out, “Alex!”

“Get lost! Stop bothering me,” Alexander snapped.

Alexander wanted to be alone at that moment. Nonetheless, Samuel was following him around like a pesky bug. Alexander was scared that he might lose control and beat Samuel to a pulp.

“No. Please calm down. You know this is Horatius’ territory. Even if we want to do something, we can’t pick a fight with him right here.”

Suddenly, Alexander stopped in his tracks. Still, he said nothing but just looked at Samuel coldly.

Samuel felt worried by his gaze. “Fine. Just don’t do anything silly!”

“Can you please leave me alone so I can calm down?”

“You should’ve told me that earlier. I thought you were planning to take revenge seeing how angry you were,” Samuel admitted.

Alexander remained silent.

“All right. Just stay calm, okay? I’ll take my leave now.”

Looking at Alexander’s murderous gaze, Samuel felt somewhat guilty for pushing his buttons. He turned around and walked away.

Alexander was left alone in the long corridor. No one else was there besides a few guests and waiters who would occasionally pass by.

The hotel was under Justin’s name. Alexander was familiar with the building. Turning a corner, he headed toward an empty balcony to calm his nerves.

It was drizzling that night. Alexander stood there forlornly as the cool rain streamed down his face. It cleared his troubled mind yet made him miserable at the same time.

In the past few days, Alexander kept remembering Sophia’s words when she came to his company with the divorce papers. Don’t worry. I promise I’m not lying to you now. You should know that this is your only and final chance to get rid of me from your life. Therefore, you must cherish it.

Back then, he thought Sophia was merely using reverse psychology to win him over. Nevertheless, it never occurred to him that she kept her words and did not want to return to his side.

Once Sophia had retreated, she went to a place where Alexander could not approach her.

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