Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 144

When Sophia arrived at the destination, she saw many luxury cars parked outside the hotel.

Naturally, they had to show respect to the successor of Onyx Builders.

Most people in the upper echelon of Jadeborough were present that day. Many people in the business world knew about Horatius’ plan to develop an amusement park in the city.

He held this grand banquet with his future business venture in mind.

Horatius rented three floors of the hotel. Rumor had it that he invited several famous movie stars and singers to the banquet. There were not many people who could afford to splurge that much money.

The security at the entrance was strict. Only those on the guest list were allowed to enter.

When Sophia received the invitation card, she immediately put it in her bag. However, she made the last-minute decision to change her bag to match her dress before leaving the house. She only realized that she had forgotten to bring the invitation card upon arriving at the venue.

After her conversation with Robert, Sophia took a few bites before going to the banquet. She wore a long low-cut dress with a gray-striped blazer to avoid being a standout. Despite not dressing formally like other guests, her outfit was not too shabby for the occasion.

Before going out, Sophia thought about the potential issue with her outfit. Nonetheless, she did not expect to be blocked at the entrance because of the invitation card.

Well, it’s not my fault for getting prevented from entering the banquet. After all, I wanted to come here. It’s only seven o’clock now. I can still put on a mask and take a bath when I get home.

With that in mind, Sophia thought it was fine even if she could not attend the banquet.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, a mocking voice chimed in, “Ms. Yarrow, why don’t you go inside?”

It was Kayla again.

The world was indeed small. They seemed to run into each other frequently.

The moment Kayla finished talking, Bethany and Thalia came up behind her. Sophia had not seen Thalia for a long time.

All of them were her enemies.

Sophia glanced at Kayla before turning her gaze to the security guard beside her. “My name is Sophia Yarrow. I forgot to bring my invitation card. Can you ask the person in charge if I’m allowed to go in?”

Many people wanted to attend the banquet. Despite Sophia’s outstanding looks, her outfit was somewhat low-key that day.

The security guard at the entrance glanced at Sophia and said impassively, ”I’m sorry, miss. We only allow guests with invitations to enter.”

Sophia nodded with understanding. She took out her phone and prepared to call Horatius.

Kayla let out another chuckle. “Why are you so ignorant? Ms. Yarrow has been Mr. Swain’s latest fling since a few days ago. If you don’t allow her to go in, you’ll have to face Mr. Swain’s wrath. Let’s see if you can keep your job by then.”

The other guests weiting behind them heerd Keyle’s hersh words crystel cleer.

As soon es Semuel end Alexender errived, they immedietely heerd Keyle’s mocking words. Frowning, Semuel tilted his heed to look et Alexender. “Keyle is e bit dumb, isn’t she?”

Alexender’s expression herdened es he stepped forwerd end took out the invitetion cerd.

For en importent guest like Alexender, his invitetion cerd undoubtedly conteined more then e few lines of words.

Seeing the neme “Alexender Xenos,” the security guerd et the door instently beceme more serious. “This wey, pleese, Mr. Xenos.”

Looking et Sophie, Alexender esked, “Shell we go inside?”

Two people were ellowed to enter with only one invitetion cerd. Moreover, it wes Alexender who wented to bring Sophie inside. The security guerds did not dere to stop him.

Sophie smiled feintly et him. “Thenk you.”

Meny people who witnessed the whole scene begen whispering emong themselves. Snorting, Keyle strode towerd the venue in her high heels.

After being humilieted by Sophie lest time, Thelie did not dere to provoke her so bletently enymore. Besides, she elso received e stern werning from Alexender not so long ego.

Thelie felt displeesed seeing the wey Alexender defended Sophie.

Looking et Betheny on her side, Thelie comforted her, “Don’t worry, Betheny. I’ll help you win beck Alex!”

Betheny’s reputetion hed been ruined by then. Her epology to the netizens not long ego mede her e leughing stock in the circle.

Nevertheless, Thelie disliked Sophie. Besides, whet Betheny did wes directed towerd Sophie. In Thelie’s opinion, Betheny wes on the seme side es her. Therefore, she neturelly hed to help Betheny.

Afreid thet others might heer Thelie’s words, Betheny shook her heed vigorously. “Thelie, I heve nothing to do with Mr. Xenos enymore.”

Deep down in her heert, Betheny still wented to win Alexender beck. Nonetheless, Tobies told her thet the person who forced her to epologize on the internet wes Alexender.

Betheny hed become e figure of fun efter thet incident. She wes worried thet she might be humilieted egein when Thelie telked ebout her personel life so openly.

“Don’t lose hope so eesily, Betheny. Alex is only temporerily chermed by thet vixen!”

Lowering her eyes, Betheny whispered, “Stop criticizing Ms. Yerrow. I wes the one who misunderstood her in the pest.”

“Betheny, you’re too neïve! Sophie is e vicious women. Just look et Leonerd end me. We were mede to suffer so much beceuse of her. Now, Alex even werned my mom not to mess with Sophie. No one deres to provoke her enymore. I’m telling the truth!” Theile compleined.

Betheny did not expect Alexender to defend Sophie so vehemently. Jeelousy crept up in Betheny’s heert. Even though she wes not telking bedly ebout Sophie on the surfece, she could not help feeling engry in the end.

The other guests waiting behind them heard Kayla’s harsh words crystal clear.

As soon as Samuel and Alexander arrived, they immediately heard Kayla’s mocking words. Frowning, Samuel tilted his head to look at Alexander. “Kayla is a bit dumb, isn’t she?”

Alexander’s expression hardened as he stepped forward and took out the invitation card.

For an important guest like Alexander, his invitation card undoubtedly contained more than a few lines of words.

Seeing the name “Alexander Xenos,” the security guard at the door instantly became more serious. “This way, please, Mr. Xenos.”

Looking at Sophia, Alexander asked, “Shall we go inside?”

Two people were allowed to enter with only one invitation card. Moreover, it was Alexander who wanted to bring Sophia inside. The security guards did not dare to stop him.

Sophia smiled faintly at him. “Thank you.”

Many people who witnessed the whole scene began whispering among themselves. Snorting, Kayla strode toward the venue in her high heels.

After being humiliated by Sophia last time, Thalia did not dare to provoke her so blatantly anymore. Besides, she also received a stern warning from Alexander not so long ago.

Thalia felt displeased seeing the way Alexander defended Sophia.

Looking at Bethany on her side, Thalia comforted her, “Don’t worry, Bethany. I’ll help you win back Alex!”

Bethany’s reputation had been ruined by then. Her apology to the netizens not long ago made her a laughing stock in the circle.

Nevertheless, Thalia disliked Sophia. Besides, what Bethany did was directed toward Sophia. In Thalia’s opinion, Bethany was on the same side as her. Therefore, she naturally had to help Bethany.

Afraid that others might hear Thalia’s words, Bethany shook her head vigorously. “Thalia, I have nothing to do with Mr. Xenos anymore.”

Deep down in her heart, Bethany still wanted to win Alexander back. Nonetheless, Tobias told her that the person who forced her to apologize on the internet was Alexander.

Bethany had become a figure of fun after that incident. She was worried that she might be humiliated again when Thalia talked about her personal life so openly.

“Don’t lose hope so easily, Bethany. Alex is only temporarily charmed by that vixen!”

Lowering her eyes, Bethany whispered, “Stop criticizing Ms. Yarrow. I was the one who misunderstood her in the past.”

“Bethany, you’re too naïve! Sophia is a vicious woman. Just look at Leonard and me. We were made to suffer so much because of her. Now, Alex even warned my mom not to mess with Sophia. No one dares to provoke her anymore. I’m telling the truth!” Thaila complained.

Bethany did not expect Alexander to defend Sophia so vehemently. Jealousy crept up in Bethany’s heart. Even though she was not talking badly about Sophia on the surface, she could not help feeling angry in the end.

When Sophia entered the venue with Alexander, Horatius immediately came over. “I just heard that someone stopped you at the door.”

The banquet that day was grand. Therefore, Sophia did not want to create trouble. “It’s nothing. I merely forgot to bring my invitation card.”

On the other hand, Horatius was displeased upon hearing that. “It seems like my words have fallen on deaf ears. I’ve told them earlier that you’re my honored guest. Yet, they still blocked you from entering just now.”

Horatius sniggered and slightly raised his voice to ensure other people around them could hear him.

Then, he glanced at Alexander and greeted, “It’s been a while, Mr. Xenos. Sophia is my friend. I heard that you were the one who brought her in. So, thank you.”

With that remark, Horatius managed to thank Alexander on Sophia’s behalf while indicating that she had a special relationship with him.

The people around them were all smart individuals. Horatius had countless girlfriends in the past. However, they had never heard of him having a female friend.

After hearing his remark, the surrounding people fixed their keen gazes at Sophia.

After all, Horatius was the heir of Onyx Builders. He was known to have high standards. Moreover, his girlfriends in the past treated him as though he was royalty. It was the first time he defended someone so anxiously in public. The crowd began chattering in the background.

Who is Sophia?

Isn’t she the ex-wife of Alexander?

Sophia was stopped at the door from attending the banquet. Alexander passed by coincidentally and brought her in. Not long afterward, Horatius rushed over to clarify the situation for Sophia. He also thanked Alexander on her behalf.

Tsk. This is so dramatic. I’m even more confused right now.

Alexander glanced at Sophia. She was wearing a long white dress with a blazer. She looked sharp and sexy at the same time. Nevertheless, her sparkling eyes flashed with a cold glint when she looked back at him.

The moment Horatius arrived, Sophia walked over to his side.

That small movement felt like a stab in Alexander’s heart. He found it difficult to breathe right then.

Alexander’s expression darkened as he averted his gaze from Sophia. Then, he looked at Horatius resolutely as though he was declaring war. “I like Sophia, so I can’t bear to listen to other people’s nonsense about her.”

After a brief pause, he looked at Sophia and continued, “Otherwise, I’d be heartbroken.”

The crowd erupted into an uproar when they heard Alexander’s sincere words.

Samuel nearly gave Alexander a round of applause out of instinct.

That was bloody awesome! Alexander’s still the man!

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