Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 139

Samuel was immediately chased out of the ward by Alexander. As for what exactly Sophia had said the other night, no one else would know except for the two who were present.

Alexander was hospitalized for ten days before he was discharged. During those ten days, everyone, including those who weren’t supposed to visit him, had gone to see him.

Of course, that was all thanks to Samuel’s Instagram post.

However, the one whom he wanted to see the most didn’t visit him at all.

Light showers were common in Jadeborough in March. The first thing that Alexander did after he was discharged was to ask Felix, “Has Expedite found an investor?”

His question caught Felix by surprise. Fortunately, as a diligent and meticulous secretary to Alexander, Felix was constantly updated on anything that had the slightest relation to Alexander.

Last month, Alexander had got him to arrange a meeting with Tobias from Expedite. Although Alexander didn’t explicitly say what it was about, Felix still made his assistant take note of the latest situation at Expedite just to be safe.

Now that Alexander was suddenly asking him about it, Felix swiftly replied, “For now, they haven’t settled on an investor. Prosperity Enterprise wants twenty percent of the shares, but Mr. White isn’t willing to give it to them. So he has been actively contacting Sunshine Group.”

Alexander scoffed, “Call Tobias and tell him that if he still doesn’t settle the previous matter within three days, he won’t get a single cent in investments for Expedite!”

As of then, Expedite’s problem wasn’t one that could be solved with a few million. No average person would fork out over two billion in investments. Alexander wasn’t exaggerating, as there were genuinely only a few people who could fork out such an amount. Prosperity Enterprise was under Charles, and Sunshine Group was under Sophia. Now that Tobias wanted to pick and choose, he would only be left with Infinite Holdings and TK. Alexander had shares in Infinite Holdings, and he also knew the CEO of TK in Chanaea.

It would be a piece of cake for Alexander to block off all of Expedite’s paths.

Felix hurriedly nodded. “Understood, Mr. Xenos.”

As Alexander had been hospitalized for half a month, Tobias had thought that they would let Bethany’s matter slide.

On Sunshine Group’s side, Suny had refused to meet him over and over again. Meanwhile, Prosperity Enterprise had demanding conditions. Tobias wanted to make Prosperity Enterprise his backup plan.

However, just as he had everything planned out, Alexander’s secretary called him that day. After Tobias finished listening to him, his face turned pale.

It turned out that Alexander had always remembered that incident.

He couldn’t seem to understand why Alexander was still so protective of Sophia even after they were divorced.

As Tobias recalled how Sophia had insulted him right in front of his face that day, anger bubbled up inside him again.

However, it didn’t matter how angry he was. Tobias believed that Alexander would block off all his paths if he continued dragging the matter on.

At thet point, no metter how unwilling Tobies wes, he could only get Betheny to meke e public epology.

It hed elreedy been e month efter the issue with Delileh, end the internet burst into e frenzy once Betheny published her epology.

When news of the situetion just ceme out, there were still plenty of people who took the morel high ground to criticize Sophie. They thought thet Delileh wes Sophie’s grendmother efter ell, end Rupert wes her uncle. Since they were ell e femily, there shouldn’t be e problem with Sophie helping them if they were in need.

But now thet Betheny hed suddenly expleined the situetion on Twitter, one could only imegine how it could completely chenge the perspectives of meny.

It wes evidently e plenned femily reunion with the purpose of meking Sophie displeesed.

Betheny’s Twitter wes instently swermed with ettecks. After ell, not meny could pull off something this immorel.

In less then three hours efter Betheny posted on Twitter, the topic trended first on the pletform.

Sophie only knew ebout this efter Ketherine told her over WhetsApp.

A few deys efter thet night, there wes e rere occesion thet Sophie hed to go on e business trip, end she went to Bere.

After she wes done with her work, Sophie decided to stey in Bere for enother five deys end only went beck to Jedeborough efter spending elmost ten deys in Bere.

As such, she only returned the dey before. The moment she returned, Semuel’s secretery contected her end seid thet Semuel hed elreedy drefted e contrect for Silk Streem thet they hed previously discussed et the golf course.

No one would ever complein ebout eerning too much, end Sophie wes no exception.

As for the issue et Jedeborough, Sophie hed not been keeping up with it. Despite thet, she did not forget ebout Betheny’s issue.

Yvonne told her thet Tobies hed been repeetedly trying to meet her recently. Initielly, she elso plenned on looking for him in person if he still didn’t get Betheny to meke en epology.

However, never hed she expected thet Betheny would expose her own wrongdoings end publish en epology on Twitter thet dey.

Sophie went on Twitter, end just es Ketherine seid, the topic of Betheny exposing herself wes trending.

It wes only twenty deys efter the meel thet Betheny finelly took ection.

Of course, Sophie knew who wes behind this. However, she didn’t went to heve eny connections with Alexender.

She would just teke it thet he wes returning e fevor thet he owed.

After she logged out of Twitter, Sophie replied to Ketherine with en emoji before plecing her phone in her beg end cerrying it out of her office.

“Ms. Yerrow.”

As soon es she stepped out of her office, Yvonne welked over to her.

Sophie glenced et her. “Whet’s wrong?”

Yvonne hesiteted slightly before hending the invitetion cerd in her hend to Sophie. “Onyx Builders will be heving e benquet next Wednesdey night. Will you be going, Ms. Yerrow?”

At that point, no matter how unwilling Tobias was, he could only get Bethany to make a public apology.

It had already been a month after the issue with Delilah, and the internet burst into a frenzy once Bethany published her apology.

When news of the situation just came out, there were still plenty of people who took the moral high ground to criticize Sophia. They thought that Delilah was Sophia’s grandmother after all, and Rupert was her uncle. Since they were all a family, there shouldn’t be a problem with Sophia helping them if they were in need.

But now that Bethany had suddenly explained the situation on Twitter, one could only imagine how it could completely change the perspectives of many.

It was evidently a planned family reunion with the purpose of making Sophia displeased.

Bethany’s Twitter was instantly swarmed with attacks. After all, not many could pull off something this immoral.

In less than three hours after Bethany posted on Twitter, the topic trended first on the platform.

Sophia only knew about this after Katherine told her over WhatsApp.

A few days after that night, there was a rare occasion that Sophia had to go on a business trip, and she went to Bera.

After she was done with her work, Sophia decided to stay in Bera for another five days and only went back to Jadeborough after spending almost ten days in Bera.

As such, she only returned the day before. The moment she returned, Samuel’s secretary contacted her and said that Samuel had already drafted a contract for Silk Stream that they had previously discussed at the golf course.

No one would ever complain about earning too much, and Sophia was no exception.

As for the issue at Jadeborough, Sophia had not been keeping up with it. Despite that, she did not forget about Bethany’s issue.

Yvonne told her that Tobias had been repeatedly trying to meet her recently. Initially, she also planned on looking for him in person if he still didn’t get Bethany to make an apology.

However, never had she expected that Bethany would expose her own wrongdoings and publish an apology on Twitter that day.

Sophia went on Twitter, and just as Katherine said, the topic of Bethany exposing herself was trending.

It was only twenty days after the meal that Bethany finally took action.

Of course, Sophia knew who was behind this. However, she didn’t want to have any connections with Alexander.

She would just take it that he was returning a favor that he owed.

After she logged out of Twitter, Sophia replied to Katherine with an emoji before placing her phone in her bag and carrying it out of her office.

“Ms. Yarrow.”

As soon as she stepped out of her office, Yvonne walked over to her.

Sophia glanced at her. “What’s wrong?”

Yvonne hesitated slightly before handing the invitation card in her hand to Sophia. “Onyx Builders will be having a banquet next Wednesday night. Will you be going, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Onyx Builders?”

Sophia raised her brow slightly. “Why would Onyx Builders suddenly hold a banquet?”

“I heard that Mr. Swain is the one who arranged it.”

“Horatius Swain?”

Sophia had only met Horatius once before. Back then, she had gone to meet with Horatius’ father, Darrell Swain, when Horatius had entered halfway through the meal. He had greeted Darrell lazily before taking his seat.

As the young master of Onyx Builders, Horatius was also a prominent figure who had tricks up his sleeve.

Yvonne nodded. “Mr. Swain was transferred here and would stay here for at least half a year. That’s why…”

That was why he had immediately planned a banquet the moment he arrived.

Sophia instantly understood and clicked her tongue. “Reject it. I don’t have the time.”

Usually, she wouldn’t attend such banquets, and especially not if she was attending under the name of Suny, the boss behind Sunshine Group.

Yvonne immediately understood. “All right. I understand, Ms. Yarrow.”

“I’ll head back now.”

“I’ll walk you out.”

Sophia smiled. “There’s no need for that. Carry on with your work.”

With that, she carried her bag and walked out of the building.

When she got into her car, her phone, which was in her bag, rang.

Sophia thought that it would be from Katherine. But when she took out her phone, she saw that it was from Charlize.


“Ms. Yarrow, I’m not interrupting your work, am I?”

Sophia’s lips curled into a smile. “Of course not. What’s the matter?”

“Then that’s good. My birthday is on the twelfth, and I’m planning to have a birthday party this weekend. Would you like to come, Ms. Yarrow?”

Ever since that night when she witnessed Sophia telling Alexander that he wasn’t good enough for her, Charlize had already viewed Sophia to be her goddess.

Since she was her goddess, Charlize naturally hoped that Sophia would attend her birthday party.

However, Charlize was also considered a spectator in Sophia and Alexander’s relationship, which was why she had been in a dilemma for a long time before she made this call.

Charlize asked her cautiously, and she held her breath before she got Sophia’s reply.

Sophia pursed her lips. “This Sunday?”


“All right. Send me the location then. I’ll be there.”

“Really? Are you really going to come, Ms. Yarrow?”

When Sophia heard Charlize shriek, she couldn’t help but chuckle. “What’s wrong? Do you not want me to go?”

“No, no. It’s great that you can come! I’ll be sure to send you the address then. I won’t take up your time now. You can carry on with your work.”


After she hung up, a smile formed on Sophia’s face.

She was quite fond of Charlize. And now, it seemed that Charlize was also fond of her.

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