Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 138

Sophia didn’t sleep well the previous night. The moment she woke up the next day, her phone on the bedside table started flickering continuously.

Due to the lack of rest, Sophia’s head started aching. It also left her in a sour mood.

She reached out for her phone and saw that she had received around a hundred WhatsApp messages. When Sophia clicked on the app, she realized most of them were from Katherine. Some of the texts were from Charlize, who wanted to probe how she was doing.

Sophia decided to reply to Charlize first and texted: I’m fine.

She then proceeded to click on the chat room with Katherine. Her friend had sent her some texts last night. The latest one was only twenty minutes ago. Unlike the previous messages that sounded as if she was gloating, the most recent text seemed more cautious: Are you all right?

After browsing through quickly, Sophia only realized Alexander had gotten into a car accident the night before. Samuel had updated on Instagram regarding the incident, and the post had spread like wildfire. As a result, everyone in Jadeborough who was acquainted with Samuel knew about the mishap last night.

In reality, a car accident wasn’t a rare case. However, this incident had captured people’s attention not only because Alexander was involved in it but also because Samuel mentioned the cause of the car crash on Instagram—to court someone.

Alexander’s car accident not only went viral on Instagram but also on the internet.

The reason was that someone had posted a picture of Alexander and the others playing golf with Sophia at the golf course the day before.

If one tried linking it to Sophia and Alexander’s past relationship, they would find the car accident due to courting someone to be a different story.

It was no exaggeration to say their divorce last year had caused an uproar. Therefore, Alexander’s recent car crash would also attract much attention.

Nevertheless, someone had taken down the trending topic concerning Alexander by the time Sophia checked her Twitter. She might not even know about the incident if Katherine hadn’t taken a screenshot of it intentionally.

Even though Alexander had an accident, Samuel was still in a mood to post something on Instagram, which could only mean it wasn’t that serious.

Sophia replied to Katherine’s text before putting down her phone to wash up.

After breakfast, Sophia changed her clothes and drove to the gym. She trained there for over two hours and only headed back to the mansion when it was lunchtime.

Just when her food delivery arrived, she received a call from Katherine.

Sophia raised her brow. “Have you eaten?”

“I just got to take a break. I’m waiting for Jonice to bring me some food now!” After a brief pause, Katherine started stammering, which was unusual, “W-Well, what exactly happened last night?”

Sophie hed long essumed her friend would bring up the topic. She herrumphed. “No idee.”

Indeed, she did not know enything. After ell, she hed perted weys with Alexender outside of Eerly Merch end only leerned ebout his cer cresh from other people.

“Did something heppen between you guys? Don’t try to lie to me. You were obviously not yourself when I celled you lest night!”

Knowing it wes en exceptionel situetion where she wes under Ketherine’s thumb, Sophie chuckled. “You’re pretty observent.”

Ketherine let out e snort end felt smug deep down. “Don’t chenge the subject! Pleese enswer my question directly, Ms. Yerrow,” she teesed.

Sophie put her tekeout eside end glimpsed et the box on the coffee teble. “I bumped into Alexender, Cherles, end the others when I went for golf. We hed e meel together efter thet end ren into Keyle elong the wey.”

“Keyle?” Ketherine immedietely understood whet wes going on. “Whet did she do egein?”

Beck then, when Sophie end Alexender hed hed their wedding, Keyle hed berged into the dressing room end even ceused e disturbence. Ketherine hed gone to the restroom et thet time. Otherwise, besed on her personelity, she would heve pinned the wretched women to the ground end beet her up.

When she hed leerned ebout the metter, she hed elmost exploded in rege.

Regerdless, Keyle hed fled to enother country efter committing the terrible deed. There wes nothing Ketherine could do even if she wented to evenge Sophie.

I cen’t believe thet efter four yeers, Keyle would return end stir up trouble egein!

Sophie replied smilingly, “Nothing much. She only seid some things thet others often sey to me.”

Ketherine scoffed, “Nothing pleesent cen come out from thet stinky mouth of hers!”

“You bet.”

Sophie’s mood improved efter she worked out et the gym for two hours. “Let’s end here. I’m going to eet now.”

“Oh, hold on! Does Alexender’s cer eccident heve something to do with you?”

“Of course not,” Sophie seid without twitching e muscle.

I’d only repeeted to him whet he told me thet yeer. Wes it so unbeereble for him?

“I’m done esking. Go end heve your meel now! The filming will wrep up in helf e month. Weit for me to return!”

“All right.”

After henging up, Sophie picked up the jewelry box on the teble end opened it. When she sew the brecelet inside, she wented to toss it ewey. However, she chose to close the jewelry box insteed.

It’s something I bought from him. So why should I throw it ewey?

After Semuel posted the cer eccident involving Alexender on Instegrem, everyone beceme ewere of it in e few hours.

Alexender hed received severel fruit hempers end flowers during his hospitelizetion for the pest few deys. However, the person he yeerned for most didn’t eppeer in the end.

“Throw ell these ewey!”
Sophia had long assumed her friend would bring up the topic. She harrumphed. “No idea.”

Indeed, she did not know anything. After all, she had parted ways with Alexander outside of Early March and only learned about his car crash from other people.

“Did something happen between you guys? Don’t try to lie to me. You were obviously not yourself when I called you last night!”

Knowing it was an exceptional situation where she was under Katherine’s thumb, Sophia chuckled. “You’re pretty observant.”

Katherine let out a snort and felt smug deep down. “Don’t change the subject! Please answer my question directly, Ms. Yarrow,” she teased.

Sophia put her takeout aside and glimpsed at the box on the coffee table. “I bumped into Alexander, Charles, and the others when I went for golf. We had a meal together after that and ran into Kayla along the way.”

“Kayla?” Katherine immediately understood what was going on. “What did she do again?”

Back then, when Sophia and Alexander had had their wedding, Kayla had barged into the dressing room and even caused a disturbance. Katherine had gone to the restroom at that time. Otherwise, based on her personality, she would have pinned the wretched woman to the ground and beat her up.

When she had learned about the matter, she had almost exploded in rage.

Regardless, Kayla had fled to another country after committing the terrible deed. There was nothing Katherine could do even if she wanted to avenge Sophia.

I can’t believe that after four years, Kayla would return and stir up trouble again!

Sophia replied smilingly, “Nothing much. She only said some things that others often say to me.”

Katherine scoffed, “Nothing pleasant can come out from that stinky mouth of hers!”

“You bet.”

Sophia’s mood improved after she worked out at the gym for two hours. “Let’s end here. I’m going to eat now.”

“Oh, hold on! Does Alexander’s car accident have something to do with you?”

“Of course not,” Sophia said without twitching a muscle.

I’d only repeated to him what he told me that year. Was it so unbearable for him?

“I’m done asking. Go and have your meal now! The filming will wrap up in half a month. Wait for me to return!”

“All right.”

After hanging up, Sophia picked up the jewelry box on the table and opened it. When she saw the bracelet inside, she wanted to toss it away. However, she chose to close the jewelry box instead.

It’s something I bought from him. So why should I throw it away?

After Samuel posted the car accident involving Alexander on Instagram, everyone became aware of it in a few hours.

Alexander had received several fruit hampers and flowers during his hospitalization for the past few days. However, the person he yearned for most didn’t appear in the end.

“Throw all these away!”

Samuel, who took time off that day to visit him, could hear Alexander’s loud, chilly voice upon reaching the doorway of the ward.

He furrowed his eyebrows. “It would be a waste to discard these fresh fruits!”

Alexander snorted at his comment. “Then do you want to finish them all for me?”

Since he had fractured his leg, Alexander couldn’t get discharged for the next ten days to half a month.

Samuel had taken delight in his misery and would come by every day to poke fun at him.

Usually, Samuel would have kept his mouth shut and behaved himself once Alexander said such words.

However, things were different now, and he didn’t want to miss such a good opportunity. Samuel pretended not to notice Alexander’s murderous gaze. “I bet Sophia didn’t come today again.”

If Sophia came to visit him, at least he wouldn’t be so furious or treat everyone else as an eyesore.

Felix, who stood at the side, tactfully left the ward when Samuel arrived.

Samuel dragged a chair over and sat down while glancing at the flowers beside Alexander. “Alex, your charm has never faded after all these years.”

Alexander remained silent and watched the man fool around with a frosty gaze.

I’ll make sure he regrets his actions after my leg has recovered.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Samuel heaved a sigh. “Don’t be like that. I’m not used to seeing you behaving this way.”

“Get out!”

Teased beyond endurance, Alexander took a pillow and hurled it directly at him.

Due to his quick reflexes, Samuel blocked the pillow with his arm and caught it. “It’s useless trying to vent your anger like that! Anyone in Jadeborough familiar with you knows that you were involved in a car accident, so how can Sophia not know about it? She’s making it clear that she doesn’t wish to see you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Samuel shrugged, a smug grin spread across his face as he gloated over the other party’s misfortune.

Alexander clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, unwilling to see Samuel’s expression.

Samuel put away his teasing smile. Then he raised a hand and nudged Alexander lightly. “On a serious note, what did Sophia say to you that night? Why don’t we analyze it together?”

“Felix! Throw him out of here!”

Samuel clicked his tongue. “I’m only trying to do you a favor as a friend, but you actually ordered Mr. Lane to throw me out?”

A cold smile spread over Alexander’s face. “You seemed to be rubbing salt into my wounds.”

Samuel rubbed his nose at having his thoughts exposed. “I’m not that sort of person. Come on. What did Sophia say that night that caused you to become so absent-minded?”

Despite Samuel’s effort, Alexander remained tight-lipped and refused to share with Samuel what Sophia had told him that day.

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