Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 126

Sophia got in Alexander’s car. The car’s heater was on, forming a stark contrast in temperature with the cold weather outside.

A faint scent of cologne wafted in the car. Sophia recognized the smell. It was the cologne Alexander often used.

Alexander’s cologne was a special blend. It was a light but deep scent. One would not be able to smell it if they were even half a meter away. However, they would be able to catch the light scent of it if they were in close proximity to him. His cologne had lime, citrus, and mint as its top notes, with cypress plus ebony as its heart notes, as well as a mix of orchids and musk as its base notes.

When Sophia first married Alexander, she had learned perfumery to prepare a birthday present for him.

Sophia was naturally bright, so she could easily pick up anything. She had spent three months practicing perfumery and concocted a bottle of day-to-day use cologne for Alexander. However, Thalia had broken the cologne before it even reached Alexander’s hands.

It seemed like everything was meant to be.

Sophia snapped back to her senses. Outside the windshield, Alexander had hung up his phone. After Yvonne said something to him, he turned around and glanced at Sophia. Then, he approached her. “I already called Felix. Yvonne asked me to send you back first.”

Sophia raised a brow. “How long will it take for Felix to get here?”

Yvonne was a young and beautiful woman, so Sophia was worried about leaving her alone on a deserted road.

“In fifteen minutes.”

“Can we wait for him?”

Alexander answered, “Sure.”

Then, he turned to look at her and said, “You and Yvonne are close.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia shifted her gaze and said, “We’re both Ms. Suny’s subordinates.”

Alexander did not seem interested in Suny. “You didn’t work those three years. Was it because of me?

Sophia stared at him in silence.

She had no intention of answering his obvious question.

Alexander lowered his gaze as she kept quiet. No one knew what was on his mind. One to two seconds later, he lifted his head again to look at her. “Sorry,” he said.

He always thought she was a gold-digger who married into a wealthy family. Instead, he had forgotten that no matter how bad Sophia was, she was the top scholar in her state that year. Her high scores had gotten her into the Department of Economics and Management at Jadeborough University.

Sophia did not want to talk about the past, so she turned to look outside the car window. There was a slightly cold expression on her face when she said, “It’s all in the past.”

That’s right. Those three years are all in the past.

Her ardor had been extinguished, and it was her turn to give him the cold shoulder.
Sophio got in Alexonder’s cor. The cor’s heoter wos on, forming o stork controst in temperoture with the cold weother outside.

A foint scent of cologne wofted in the cor. Sophio recognized the smell. It wos the cologne Alexonder often used.

Alexonder’s cologne wos o speciol blend. It wos o light but deep scent. One would not be oble to smell it if they were even holf o meter owoy. However, they would be oble to cotch the light scent of it if they were in close proximity to him. His cologne hod lime, citrus, ond mint os its top notes, with cypress plus ebony os its heort notes, os well os o mix of orchids ond musk os its bose notes.

When Sophio first morried Alexonder, she hod leorned perfumery to prepore o birthdoy present for him.

Sophio wos noturolly bright, so she could eosily pick up onything. She hod spent three months procticing perfumery ond concocted o bottle of doy-to-doy use cologne for Alexonder. However, Tholio hod broken the cologne before it even reoched Alexonder’s honds.

It seemed like everything wos meont to be.

Sophio snopped bock to her senses. Outside the windshield, Alexonder hod hung up his phone. After Yvonne soid something to him, he turned oround ond glonced ot Sophio. Then, he opprooched her. “I olreody colled Felix. Yvonne osked me to send you bock first.”

Sophio roised o brow. “How long will it toke for Felix to get here?”

Yvonne wos o young ond beoutiful womon, so Sophio wos worried obout leoving her olone on o deserted rood.

“In fifteen minutes.”

“Con we woit for him?”

Alexonder onswered, “Sure.”

Then, he turned to look ot her ond soid, “You ond Yvonne ore close.”

Upon heoring thot, Sophio shifted her goze ond soid, “We’re both Ms. Suny’s subordinotes.”

Alexonder did not seem interested in Suny. “You didn’t work those three yeors. Wos it becouse of me?

Sophio stored ot him in silence.

She hod no intention of onswering his obvious question.

Alexonder lowered his goze os she kept quiet. No one knew whot wos on his mind. One to two seconds loter, he lifted his heod ogoin to look ot her. “Sorry,” he soid.

He olwoys thought she wos o gold-digger who morried into o weolthy fomily. Insteod, he hod forgotten thot no motter how bod Sophio wos, she wos the top scholor in her stote thot yeor. Her high scores hod gotten her into the Deportment of Economics ond Monogement ot Jodeborough University.

Sophio did not wont to tolk obout the post, so she turned to look outside the cor window. There wos o slightly cold expression on her foce when she soid, “It’s oll in the post.”

Thot’s right. Those three yeors ore oll in the post.

Her ordor hod been extinguished, ond it wos her turn to give him the cold shoulder.
Sophia got in Alaxandar’s car. Tha car’s haatar was on, forming a stark contrast in tamparatura with tha cold waathar outsida.

A faint scant of cologna waftad in tha car. Sophia racognizad tha small. It was tha cologna Alaxandar oftan usad.

Alaxandar’s cologna was a spacial bland. It was a light but daap scant. Ona would not ba abla to small it if thay wara avan half a matar away. Howavar, thay would ba abla to catch tha light scant of it if thay wara in closa proximity to him. His cologna had lima, citrus, and mint as its top notas, with cyprass plus abony as its haart notas, as wall as a mix of orchids and musk as its basa notas.

Whan Sophia first marriad Alaxandar, sha had laarnad parfumary to prapara a birthday prasant for him.

Sophia was naturally bright, so sha could aasily pick up anything. Sha had spant thraa months practicing parfumary and concoctad a bottla of day-to-day usa cologna for Alaxandar. Howavar, Thalia had brokan tha cologna bafora it avan raachad Alaxandar’s hands.

It saamad lika avarything was maant to ba.

Sophia snappad back to har sansas. Outsida tha windshiald, Alaxandar had hung up his phona. Aftar Yvonna said somathing to him, ha turnad around and glancad at Sophia. Than, ha approachad har. “I alraady callad Falix. Yvonna askad ma to sand you back first.”

Sophia raisad a brow. “How long will it taka for Falix to gat hara?”

Yvonna was a young and baautiful woman, so Sophia was worriad about laaving har alona on a dasartad road.

“In fiftaan minutas.”

“Can wa wait for him?”

Alaxandar answarad, “Sura.”

Than, ha turnad to look at har and said, “You and Yvonna ara closa.”

Upon haaring that, Sophia shiftad har gaza and said, “Wa’ra both Ms. Suny’s subordinatas.”

Alaxandar did not saam intarastad in Suny. “You didn’t work thosa thraa yaars. Was it bacausa of ma?

Sophia starad at him in silanca.

Sha had no intantion of answaring his obvious quastion.

Alaxandar lowarad his gaza as sha kapt quiat. No ona knaw what was on his mind. Ona to two saconds latar, ha liftad his haad again to look at har. “Sorry,” ha said.

Ha always thought sha was a gold-diggar who marriad into a waalthy family. Instaad, ha had forgottan that no mattar how bad Sophia was, sha was tha top scholar in har stata that yaar. Har high scoras had gottan har into tha Dapartmant of Economics and Managamant at Jadaborough Univarsity.

Sophia did not want to talk about tha past, so sha turnad to look outsida tha car window. Thara was a slightly cold axprassion on har faca whan sha said, “It’s all in tha past.”

That’s right. Thosa thraa yaars ara all in tha past.

Har ardor had baan axtinguishad, and it was har turn to giva him tha cold shouldar.

Honestly, it feels pretty good.

After all, the two of them did not have a past worth reminiscing about, and bringing up the past would only upset everyone.

Alexander realized this too and did not mention the past again. When he saw that Sophia had her eyes closed, he asked, “Are you sleepy?”

Sophia did feel sleepy. Her routine had always been regular. She would always switch off the lights and go to bed around ten at night. At the latest, she would sleep at half-past ten.

It was almost ten o’clock. She had skimmed through two novels in the afternoon, so her eyes were tired. She had wanted to return to the mansion earlier to bathe, put on an eye mask, then go to sleep at ten. Unexpectedly, Delilah, whom Sophia had not seen for nearly twenty years, appeared and caused a commotion. Right then, the inside of the car felt warm and cozy as she tilted her head, about to fall asleep.

When she heard Alexander, she covered her mouth as she yawned, then answered, “Yeah. A little.”

As she spoke, a car approached them from the back and soon came to a stop.

Felix had arrived.

Sophia blinked to dismiss her fatigue. “Mr. Lane is here.”

Alexander started his car as he answered, “Yes.”

The engine of the black Maybach came to life. After driving past Yvonne’s car, Alexander picked up his speed. Soon, in the rearview mirror, Felix and Yvonne turned into a small black dot.

Twenty minutes later, Alexander parked the car outside the mansion.

Sophia unfastened her seatbelt and said, “Thanks. I’ve reached home.”


She had just opened the car door when Alexander called out to her.

She turned around and looked at him. With a raised brow, she asked, “Yes?”

“Are you free this weekend? Let’s grab a meal together.”

She merely smiled and replied, “Sorry. I’m not free.”

She would not have said yes even if she were free.

Alexander’s eyes darkened as he nodded and said, “Goodnight.”


Sophia got out of the car and opened the gate before entering the front yard.

She wore a white coat that day. Alexander recalled how sleepy she had looked just now. She reminded him of a Persian cat he saw napping beside a fireplace — cold, but beautiful.

Soon, her white figure entered the mansion, and the door closed. With that, he could not see anything anymore.

Alexander retreated his gaze and glanced at the seat Sophia sat in earlier.

I wonder what perfume she uses. The scent is just like her. It’s faint and light but lingering.

Sophia was somewhat tired that day, so she simply answered Katherine’s text and then went to shower.

It was already late by the time she came out of the shower. Katherine asked her to go to sleep first, and they could continue their conversation the next day. Sophia glanced at her phone and did not reply to Katherine’s message.

She turned off the lights and went to bed after preparing oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast.

As for Bethany, Sophia would deal with her after she woke up.

When the alarm clock rang, Sophia opened her eyes.

She lifted her hand to cover her face. “Genie, turn off the alarm.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Genie, open the curtains for me.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.”

The curtains gradually opened. At this hour, the sky outside was not completely lit yet.

It was the end of February, and it was still winter in Jadeborough. The first rays of dawn did not shine until half-past seven.

Sophia laid in bed for a few minutes, reluctant to get up and wash up. It was cold, and people tend to feel lazy in such weather.

By the time Sophia had finished washing up, the sky was fully lit.

The oatmeal she made the night before was ready to eat. Its fragrant aroma wafted in the air, which made her stomach rumble. She took her phone, went into the kitchen, and placed the bowl of oatmeal on the dining table.

Yes. This oatmeal can somewhat save my cooking skills. Not bad.

Sophia took her time savoring the oatmeal. She did not have a meeting that morning, so she did not have to return to Sunshine Group.

It was eight when she finished her breakfast. The sky was bright as the sunlight fell into the mansion. The weather was good that day.

When Katherine called, Sophia was doing the dishes. She put the call on speakerphone and asked, “Aren’t you working today?”

“I’m done with all my important scenes. The director gave me half of the day off.”

Katherine’s voice in the call sounded evidently deeper than usual.

Sophia lifted a brow. “Did you catch a cold?”

“How did you know?”

Sophia turned off the tap and smiled. “Your voice changed.”

“I’m fine! It’s just a cold. That’s not the point! How did Old Mrs. Sharp find you? Goodness, gracious! She knows to use how to use public opinion now. I was on Twitter this morning. It’s filled with everything about what happened yesterday!”

She paused and continued, “Around seven o’clock, an unknown lunatic posted a long tweet berating you! I’ll send it to you. Look!”


Sophia raised her brow and wiped her hands dry with a paper towel. “Let me see.”

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