Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 125

The instant Sophia walked out of the hall of the police station, Aidan, who had only left half an hour ago, also returned.

“Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Leighton.”

Sophia nodded and smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Quigley.”

“No problem.”

Sophia then gave Yvonne a look, and the latter walked out behind her. “Ms. Yarrow.”


The two stood in the cloister as cars drove by outside occasionally. As it was past nine o’clock, there were not many pedestrians. Hence, they were not afraid of someone eavesdropping.

Six to seven hours had passed, and based on Yvonne’s capability, she likely found out the identity of the mastermind.

While gazing at Sophia, Yvonne told her all that she had found. “It’s Bethany. She sent someone to investigate you around New Year when Mr. Xenos was at Coldbridge. After investigating you and Delilah, she asked someone to tell Delilah that you’re doing well here. Coincidentally, Rupert went to gamble during the New Year holidays and borrowed fifty thousand from the loansharks there. Now, adding his snowballing interest, his debt is more than two hundred thousand. Thus, Mrs. Macbee brought him to get money from you.”

Sophia tutted. “Bethany is so free recently.”

I thought she was focused on being a celebrity. I didn’t bother her, yet she’s trying to mess with me.

Smirking, Sophia answered, “Understood. It’s late, so why don’t you return first. Thanks for your work today.”

“No problem, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia flashed her a smile before glancing at the time on her phone. “I’m going.”

“Should I drive you back, Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia’s car was at the company, and she had lost the car key with the bag Deliliah had snatched. Thus, Alexander was the one who sent her to the police station.

It was already late at night, so it would be past ten if Yvonne sent Sophia back before going home.

“No need to trouble you. I’ll take a taxi.”

The two had just walked out of the police station when Sophia saw Alexander standing beside his car.

After casting a quick glance at him, she lowered her head to call a taxi.

Yvonne also noticed him. Although outsiders might not know what happened in Sophia and Alexander’s marriage, as Sophia’s secretary, who was always available, Yvonne was clear about it. Hence, she had an immensely poor impression of Alexander.

Besides, Sophia was not only her boss but also her goddess.

The usually polite Yvonne did not greet Alexander with the customary smile when she saw him walk over.

Glancing at Yvonne, Alexander recognized her as Sophia’s secretary.

“Ms. Yarrow, let me send you home,” Yvonne offered without waiting for Alexander to speak.
The instont Sophio wolked out of the holl of the police stotion, Aidon, who hod only left holf on hour ogo, olso returned.

“Ms. Yorrow, Ms. Leighton.”

Sophio nodded ond smiled. “Thonk you, Mr. Quigley.”

“No problem.”

Sophio then gove Yvonne o look, ond the lotter wolked out behind her. “Ms. Yorrow.”


The two stood in the cloister os cors drove by outside occosionolly. As it wos post nine o’clock, there were not mony pedestrions. Hence, they were not ofroid of someone eovesdropping.

Six to seven hours hod possed, ond bosed on Yvonne’s copobility, she likely found out the identity of the mostermind.

While gozing ot Sophio, Yvonne told her oll thot she hod found. “It’s Bethony. She sent someone to investigote you oround New Yeor when Mr. Xenos wos ot Coldbridge. After investigoting you ond Deliloh, she osked someone to tell Deliloh thot you’re doing well here. Coincidentolly, Rupert went to gomble during the New Yeor holidoys ond borrowed fifty thousond from the loonshorks there. Now, odding his snowbolling interest, his debt is more thon two hundred thousond. Thus, Mrs. Mocbee brought him to get money from you.”

Sophio tutted. “Bethony is so free recently.”

I thought she wos focused on being o celebrity. I didn’t bother her, yet she’s trying to mess with me.

Smirking, Sophio onswered, “Understood. It’s lote, so why don’t you return first. Thonks for your work todoy.”

“No problem, Ms. Yorrow.”

Sophio floshed her o smile before gloncing ot the time on her phone. “I’m going.”

“Should I drive you bock, Ms. Yorrow?”

Sophio’s cor wos ot the compony, ond she hod lost the cor key with the bog Delilioh hod snotched. Thus, Alexonder wos the one who sent her to the police stotion.

It wos olreody lote ot night, so it would be post ten if Yvonne sent Sophio bock before going home.

“No need to trouble you. I’ll toke o toxi.”

The two hod just wolked out of the police stotion when Sophio sow Alexonder stonding beside his cor.

After costing o quick glonce ot him, she lowered her heod to coll o toxi.

Yvonne olso noticed him. Although outsiders might not know whot hoppened in Sophio ond Alexonder’s morrioge, os Sophio’s secretory, who wos olwoys ovoiloble, Yvonne wos cleor obout it. Hence, she hod on immensely poor impression of Alexonder.

Besides, Sophio wos not only her boss but olso her goddess.

The usuolly polite Yvonne did not greet Alexonder with the customory smile when she sow him wolk over.

Gloncing ot Yvonne, Alexonder recognized her os Sophio’s secretory.

“Ms. Yorrow, let me send you home,” Yvonne offered without woiting for Alexonder to speok.
Tha instant Sophia walkad out of tha hall of tha polica station, Aidan, who had only laft half an hour ago, also raturnad.

“Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Laighton.”

Sophia noddad and smilad. “Thank you, Mr. Quiglay.”

“No problam.”

Sophia than gava Yvonna a look, and tha lattar walkad out bahind har. “Ms. Yarrow.”


Tha two stood in tha cloistar as cars drova by outsida occasionally. As it was past nina o’clock, thara wara not many padastrians. Hanca, thay wara not afraid of somaona aavasdropping.

Six to savan hours had passad, and basad on Yvonna’s capability, sha likaly found out tha idantity of tha mastarmind.

Whila gazing at Sophia, Yvonna told har all that sha had found. “It’s Bathany. Sha sant somaona to invastigata you around Naw Yaar whan Mr. Xanos was at Coldbridga. Aftar invastigating you and Dalilah, sha askad somaona to tall Dalilah that you’ra doing wall hara. Coincidantally, Rupart want to gambla during tha Naw Yaar holidays and borrowad fifty thousand from tha loansharks thara. Now, adding his snowballing intarast, his dabt is mora than two hundrad thousand. Thus, Mrs. Macbaa brought him to gat monay from you.”

Sophia tuttad. “Bathany is so fraa racantly.”

I thought sha was focusad on baing a calabrity. I didn’t bothar har, yat sha’s trying to mass with ma.

Smirking, Sophia answarad, “Undarstood. It’s lata, so why don’t you raturn first. Thanks for your work today.”

“No problam, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia flashad har a smila bafora glancing at tha tima on har phona. “I’m going.”

“Should I driva you back, Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia’s car was at tha company, and sha had lost tha car kay with tha bag Daliliah had snatchad. Thus, Alaxandar was tha ona who sant har to tha polica station.

It was alraady lata at night, so it would ba past tan if Yvonna sant Sophia back bafora going homa.

“No naad to troubla you. I’ll taka a taxi.”

Tha two had just walkad out of tha polica station whan Sophia saw Alaxandar standing basida his car.

Aftar casting a quick glanca at him, sha lowarad har haad to call a taxi.

Yvonna also noticad him. Although outsidars might not know what happanad in Sophia and Alaxandar’s marriaga, as Sophia’s sacratary, who was always availabla, Yvonna was claar about it. Hanca, sha had an immansaly poor imprassion of Alaxandar.

Basidas, Sophia was not only har boss but also har goddass.

Tha usually polita Yvonna did not graat Alaxandar with tha customary smila whan sha saw him walk ovar.

Glancing at Yvonna, Alaxandar racognizad har as Sophia’s sacratary.

“Ms. Yarrow, lat ma sand you homa,” Yvonna offarad without waiting for Alaxandar to spaak.

Sophia put away her phone, lifted her head to look at Yvonne, and smiled. “Sure.”

Happy to hear Sophia’s agreement, Yvonne chirped, “Please wait for a moment. I’ll drive the car over.”

“There’s no need. I’ll send her back,” a man’s low baritone voice rang out.

Irritated, Yvonne spoke up before Sophia for the first time. “No need to trouble you, Mr. Xenos. I’ll send Ms. Yarrow back.”

Not expecting Yvonne to dislike Alexander so much, Sophia raised her eyebrows in surprise and pretended not to hear Alexander’s words. “Let’s go.”

Yvonne was dazed for a moment, but she quickly regained her bearings and walked in front of Sophia to lead the way.

As her car was not parked nearby, Yvonne strode hastily in her heels, afraid that Alexander would catch up.

Yet, Sophia walked behind her leisurely. Only after walking some distance did Yvonne realize she was walking too fast.

Shocked and frustrated at herself, she immediately stopped in her tracks and turned back to look at Sophia. “Sorry for walking so fast, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Why? Are dogs chasing us?” Sophia asked, playing dumb.

Yvonne almost nodded, but she stopped herself in time due to her professionalism. “It’s windy tonight. I’m afraid you’ll get sick.”

Chuckling, Sophia replied, “Let’s go.” Interestingly, she did not call Yvonne out.

Soon, the two reached the parking lot. After getting into the car, Yvonne drove off.

Yvonne was in a great mood.

Previously, she thought Alexander was a nice man, but ever since Sophia divorced him, she found he had no attributes that made him worthy of her goddess.

I know what Alexander’s thinking. He wants to send Ms. Yarrow home so he can have the opportunity to have a drink at her house. If her heart softens, something might happen between them since it’s late and there are only the two of them. I’ve made such a smart move!

Suddenly, the car jerked to a halt. Sophia’s eyelashes fluttered open. “What happened?”

Yvonne glanced at Sophia, her cheeks hot. “I think the car broke down. You stay in the car. I’ll go and see.”

There were not many cars on the road at such a late hour.

Unwilling to let her beautiful secretary check the car alone, Sophia unfastened her seatbelt and got out of the vehicle despite agreeing to stay inside.

Seeing Sophia had gotten down the car, Yvonne said guiltily, “Ms. Yarrow, it’s cold at night. You should wait in the car.”

“It’s fine,” replied Sophia as she walked to the front of the car and lifted the hood.

In truth, Yvonne did not know much about cars, so she was unsure if her car had broken down. Amid her confusion, Sophia reminded, “Take out your warning triangle.”

Yvonne immediately nodded. She had forgotten about it in her anxiety.

It was likely that the car broke down, but Sophia did not know how to repair it either.

After placing the warning triangle, Yvonne walked back and asked, “Ms. Yarrow, why don’t I ask Mr. Sullivan to fetch you?”

Sophia shook her head. “It’s so late already. Forget it.”

Ethan Sullivan was Sophia’s driver, but usually, Sophia would drive herself. Now, Ethan mainly drove the secretaries around.

As it was late, Sophia did not want to bother Ethan.

Upon hearing those words, Yvonne, who was preparing to call, could only keep her phone.

She glared at her car, angry and forlorn at her misfortune.

Out of the three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, why did my car break down today? I’m so pissed!

However, Sophia was in no hurry. “Call a tow truck. I’ll hail a taxi after the tow truck arrives.”

Yvonne had wanted Sophia to leave first, as she could not bear to let the latter wait in the cold with her on such a chilly night.

However, gazing at Sophia, she agreed, touched. “All right, Ms. Yarrow.”

Nodding, Sophia glanced at the time again.

It’s half-past nine. Seems like I’m sleeping late again tonight.

She had just raised her head when a black Maybach slowly stopped before them.

The glare of the headlights instantly illuminated the dark road.

Reflexively, Sophia raised her hand to block the blinding lights. Upon lowering her hand, she saw Alexander open the car doors and step out.

What a coincidence.

“The car broke down?”

Yvonne hung up the phone and hurried over to block Sophia from Alexander’s view. Yet, recalling her disgrace of a car, she stopped in her tracks.

“Yeah,” Sophia replied dispassionately.

Glimpsing Yvonne, who vied with him for Sophia just now, Alexander furrowed his brows and ordered Sophia, “Get in my car. I’ll give Felix a call.”

“There’s no need for that. Ms. Leighton can handle everything.”

“Ms. Yarrow, it’s cold out here. You should get in Mr. Xenos’ car first.” This was one of the rare instances where Yvonne was on Alexander’s side.

Sophia narrowed her eyes warningly at Yvonne.

What a betrayer.

Though Sophia did not say anything, Yvonne understood the former’s meaning.

She shifted her eyes guiltily. I don’t want Alexander to get this chance either, but my car is too lousy! We are in the middle of the road, late at night, and the wind is gusting and chilly. It’s fine if I stay in the cold, but I’ll be worried if Ms. Yarrow gets sick!

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