The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 9 by moonlight muse

9. My Irritation
Her fingertips slide under her bra and I know I need to leave.
“What’s wrong? Struggling between your two heads?” She taunts in that seductive voice of hers, as soft, seductive and utterly s*xy as the first time she spoke.
“No.” I manage to reply, but I don’t think I sound convincing to even myself.
I’m not expecting what she does next. She turns towards me, and at the same time, she pulls her bra off over her head and I find myself staring at her t*ts. Round, firm and perky, both nipples adorned with a little jewelled ring 4
I throb hard, knowing I’m now supporting a full-on *ard-on.
As humiliating as that is… there’s something about those dusky pink areolas and her flawless tanned skin that are keeping me mesmerised. She’s walking towards me in nothing but those red thongs and my mind is telling me I need to get out of here.
With each swing of those curved hips, that tiny waist that glitters with another piercing, is messing me with. Yet, I’m unable to look away from those long legs to the bounce of those t*ts….
“Skyla.” I growl warningly, sounding more animalistic than I should.
Her seductive tart scent of green apple, with hints of citrus and vanilla, invades my senses, the intoxicating smell making me want to bury my nose into her neck. 3
She chuckles, amused, as she places one arm loosely around my neck, pressing her naked body up against mine. I’m so lost in her, I hadn’t even noticed when she reached me. A soft moan escapes her as her stomach presses against my c*ck.
“Mmm, that feels as good as it did the first time…” she whispers, now running her finger over my lips.
I don’t know what hold she has on me, but I don’t like it… at the same time, it stings a little. Reign is definitely not on her mind to think that I actually thought there was something between us.
“Quit it.” I snarl, I was too prideful to turn and run. It’s what she wants
She smirks, running her hand down my chest, and I try not to enjoy the touch that is driving me b*oody nuts. “Keep staring at me, Magic Fingers, and I will start charging you ten pounds for every time you check
me out.” 7
I bite back a groan as she grabs my c*ck through my sweatpants, pressing her body against me. My back hits the wall behind me when I try to put space between us, and I swear internally when I throb in her hold, making her smile deviously. I make the mistake of looking down as I grab hold of her arms.
“Currently we stand at 50…” She whispers huskily, pressing her breasts against me. I’m very aware of her nipples grazing my skin through the torn tee I’m wearing, and she doesn’t seem to care that she’s getting more blood all over her.
“Stop messing around, Rossi.” I growl before pushing her back. She stumbles, but I don’t care, and I turn away.
She lets out a laugh. “Good luck walking out there with that jumbo tent.” She mocks and I hear her walking off before I hear the shower switch on.
F*cking hell.
I pull my shirt off, which is b*oody and torn, holding it in my hands in front of my h*rd-on and leave the
“Class is over!” I thunder, their eyes are on me, as whispers spread, seeing the blood down my chest. I make sure I keep my shirt in front of me, keeping my c*ck pressed down as much as b*oody possible. That girl is f*cking crazy, and she makes me crazy.
It’s much later. The rest of the day passed without a hitch. It’s not even 5pm yet, but it’s already getting dark out. I head to the headmaster’s office. He had requested a meeting, one I know is regarding Skyla. Only now it’s not the same thing anymore. What I applied for when I came here was without knowing who she was.
1 have a meeting with the headmaster” I state to the secretary.
She’s looking me over from behind those glasses, which I know are just a fashion statement. She’s a werewolf.
“Sure Alpha Royce, I’ll just let him know you’re here.” She says and I ignore her, crossing my arms as wait. She picks up the phone. “Sir, Alpha Royce is here….
“Send him in.” I hear his reply and, not waiting for a reply, I swiftly cross the room before she even has a chance to put the phone down.
“He said…” She trails off as I knock once and open the door.
He’s sitting behind his grand solid oak table, his hands folded in front of him. He’s powerful and also a good friend of Dad’s, but the fact that the friendship isn’t public knowledge makes me not trust him.
Colton Rivers, of beta blood, he’s from a pack past London. He’s in his mid-forties with sandy brown hair and well-groomed stubble. His sharp hazel eyes are observing me as he adjusts the jacket of his well- tailored suit
“Royce, come on in, sit down.” He greets pleasantly enough.
I give a nod and take the seat opposite him. I hate men in suits. Why do they always give me the
impression they’re all up to no good if Dad is anything to go by.
“Something on your mind, son?”
“Not at all.” I reply, refusing to address him as Sir, I’m an Alpha, my rank is above his.
He nods, “Good, good. So, I heard there was a little… disturbance within your first lesson with the students?”
“Not really. If there was something to report, I would have. No one was hurt, and we were training. I can handle my class.” I reply firmly.
He nods. “Of course…. and I understand it involved Skyla Rossi.” He scratches his beard, tugging at his collar, and you can see how nervous he is.
“Perhaps, but she was instigated, or was that part not reported?” I ask, c*cking a brow
He frowns and shakes his head, sighing. “No, not really. It was hearsay. Look, I’m in the middle here. The King wants to make sure the school runs without a hitch and then your father was adamant that you will be the perfect one for this role “He hesitates and I tilt my head.
“What are you insinuating?”
” just she is the king’s daughter, she is not only a Rossi but the niece of Alpha Liam Westwood Neither
of the two families is one I wish to mess with.”
I almost frown. Is he insinuating that he doesn’t trust Dad? Or is he trying to figure me out to report to
“Of course.” I say simply.
“Well actually, Aleric was here earlier, and he was offering to work one on one with her rather than her attending your class, jus-”
My eyes flash, my aura rising and a few papers on the desk flutter as one almost slides off the table, but Colton leans over placing his hand on it, stopping it.
“I joined the academy to help teach her control. That was my reason, so why would you even consider passing her to Aleric?” I growl, trying to keep the rage from losing control “Isolating her further than she already is, is not wise.”
“I understand. He just seemed like you’d be alright with it.” He looks genuinely baffled.
“Oh, did he?” I say, c*cking a brow. Aleric stop bl*ody meddling. T’ll handle him..”
I trail off, realising what it would mean to have her in my class, the constant allure and temptation. I’m meant to be her teacher… I’m several years older than her but it’s me or Aleric, who is clearly here to try
to win her over
She’s. I know Lil Lucifer… behind that attitude she displays, she has her demons as we all do and I’m not letting Aleric prey on her. Not on my watch. I just need to make sure I don’t end up doing the same.
I stand up, running my hand through my hair. “I’ll talk to Aleric and make it clear there is no change to our agreements. He’s here for science. Let him teach them the b*oody periodic table. He is not to interfere in my lesson.” 2
Not waiting for a reply, I turn, about to walk to the door when it’s opened by the secretary.
“Oh, I brought drinks.” She says, holding out the small tray while she’s also trying to press her breasts together
“No, thanks.” I reply, refusing to look at her as I sidestep and grab the door before it shuts and take my
‘Aleric. I need to talk to you. Now”
“Ok brother, calm down. His amused reply comes.
I shake my head.
He knows exactly why I’m calling him.
“Meet me on the basketball pitch.”
‘Sure. Just give me fifteen or twenty minutes. I’m just a little busy.”
I cut the link as I head outside. The sky is dark, and the weather is cool, or by human standards, it’s freezing. The calmness of the quiet school is pleasant. There are a few kids around as they are allowed. out until curfew, but compared to the day, it’s a lot quieter.
The sound of the crisp grass under my feet draws my attention, a pleasant sound and I sigh heavily.
Twenty minutes..
I glance at my watch before I change course, heading to the football pitch. The stands are empty I guess. I’ll do a few rounds before Aleric gets out here I break into a jog as I began making my first round
I’m not even a few minutes in when I sense I’m not alone, and turn sharply to the bleachers, scanning them. There
Right near the scoreboard…
I jog over “Who’s there?” I call out before a familiar scent hits.
“You really can’t leave me alone, can you?” She says climbing out from under the seats. She’s dressed all in black, a s*xy corset accentuating her waist and t*ts. “Another ten there.” She drawls and I snap my eyes. up to her
Way to go Royce.
“What are you doing out here?” I ask, c*cking a brow
“None of your business.” She says, but I don’t miss the way her grip on her phone tightens, a glimmer of emotions in her eyes
Something is troubling her….
“Alright.” I say.
I turn my back on her when I suddenly remember something and turn around, just as she’s about to walk off, “Wait, you don’t live on campus. Shouldn’t you have headed home before dark?”
“Oh wow, are you for real? I’m eighteen, and I can handle myself. Seriously, did my dad tell you to keep an eye on me?”
“No. I’m not someone’s babysitter” I retort at her accusing tone.
“Good, because if I find out, then I will-”
I close the gap between us, glaring down at her “Or you will what? Respect Rossi… I’m not asking for it. I’m demanding it or you will be punished.” I see the beginning of a smirk and narrow my eyes. “And it won’t be the type you like.” I finish menacingly.
She pouts, turning her back on me as she shrugs, stretching like a s*xy little n*mph before she places a hand on her a*s. “Such a prude… this a*s likes a bit of pain… or a lot.” She winks at me before she struts off, making me exhale in frustration and I pinch the bridge of my nose.
That woman…
I break into a jog again, but it’s barely been a few minutes when I hear footsteps.
“thought you said the basketball court.” Aleric’s voice comes.
I turn to see him crossing the pitch. “Yeah, I did. You’re early,” I say, brushing past him as I lead the way
He smirks. 1 underestimated her ” He winks and I know exactly what he means, but I’m not interested in knowing who he’s talking about or what he’s up to. I’m here to get one answer
“We need to talk.”

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