The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 50 by moonlight muse

Chapter 50
“What happened? The King will have my head! That thing was in my territory! I
should have been alerted!” Prescott mutters, visibly panicking as a group of
doctors rush to Skyla’s side the moment I place her down. Charlotte’s coat
covering her.
One of the guards who had accompanied me from the entrance of the hospital
now passes me some sweatpants and I pull them on quickly, looking down at

The beautiful goddess is in pain. I can see it on her face and the way her body is
trembling ever so slightly.
The venom of the snake shuts down the body, and depending on how much
venom the person is exposed to, their death can be fast or can take up to a few
days. Those who we know have been poisoned are healed before the venom can
kill them.
Skyla had been inside of him. Even if it was for a few seconds, she has still been
exposed to an extreme level of venom and I had felt her body beginning to shut
“She’s so cold…”
I’ve frozen her somewhat, to slow the spread of the poison further. I know it’s
something I’m going to have to explain to the royals when they show up, but right
now, I don’t really care.
If it can save her life, who cares if I break the oath of the court?
I can’t bring myself to move back, as a nurse quickly puts a sheet over her
breasts and private area, removing Charlotte’s coat as they begin checking her
The doctors are panicking. I can clearly see they don’t know what to do.
Now under the bright light of the hospital room, I can see her skin turning grey
and it’s not because of me partially freezing her.
“Antivenom! Now!”
I made sure the rain washed off every inch of the poison, but the effect was still

“She’s struggling to breathe!” One of the doctors says, “The poison is too strong
for her body to take. Let’s try the-”
“I’ve given her a high dose of the best, hook her up to a ventilator, and get a
blood transfusion from me. Let’s try to remove the poison from her wound
manually.” I command, stepping forward. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with fatal
Dad made sure Aleric and I had full experience and knowledge in the medical
I’m not letting anything happen to her. I pull my hair back, twisting a strand
around it, knotting it fast.
“I need some charcoal and goldenseal, as well as fire…” I say calmly, despite
the fear inside of me.
Fear doesn’t help…
“Alpha Arden, are you sure-”
“I know what I’m doing. Until the queen gets here, we need to act fast and slow
the poison.” I say, taking a cloth and wiping her side with warm water, seeing the
burns spreading across her stomach.
It’s not enough, we’re not doing enough.
Someone brings me the items I asked for, and taking some, I spread it over her
A whimper leaves her as her back arches slightly before she becomes still.

“How long will the queen take to get here!” I growl.
“They should be here soon! When I called, he said they’ll be here immediately!”
Prescott answers.
My heart is thundering as I place my hand over the injury on her side.
Come on, Skyla… fight it.
Lil Lucifer doesn’t lose to anyone…
You have that spirit… Come on Love…
The burning is spreading, which means the venom is travelling too. I look down at
her, trying to think through every solution I can think of.
There’s one that might work!
Burning the venom from the open wounds.
They’re getting everything set up, but they’re still too slow. My own heart is
thumping violently as I try to fight the havoc within as I reach for the small lighter.
“You can’t use that method…” The doctor murmurs, now realising what I’m doing.
“It’s the only option I have.” I say quietly.
They hook her up to a ventilator fast and a nurse is by my side, quickly putting a
catheter into my hand and connects me up to Skyla.
It’s not like I liked fire, but there is no other option.
I flick the light on, as the tension in the room rises and I run it along with her
injuries. Her forehead is coated in sweat.

I hate seeing her like this, but with the combination of the heat burning away
some of the poison and the ice slowing its spread, I’m confident she’s going to
be ok.
You got to be ok doll…
Is there another injury?
Nothing I do is stemming it and she’s deteriorating fast. I know it’s only been a
few minutes, but it feels like years.
“Anyone who is not doing anything needs to leave now.” I command.
They don’t argue as they back out, and I pull the sheet over Skyla’s hips before
turning her onto her side. Two doctors hold on to her as her heartbeat begins
I scan her slender back fast, and that is when I see it, a dark patch forming
beneath her skin just below her shoulder blade.
“I need a knife and a cloth!” I exclaim. “Get a bowl ready now!”
They move fast, and someone passes me a knife. With one hand, I hold the cloth
beneath the part, and with the other hand, I make a quick incision.
Blackened blood, thick due to being partially frozen, begins leaking out and I
wipe it up.
It’s not fast enough!
The machine begins beeping.
“They need to get here now!” I shout.
“I’ll tell the Alpha!” a nurse shouts as she runs to the door.

The blood isn’t coming out fast enough.
I drop the knife and, leaning forward, begin sucking the blood into my mouth
before spitting it into a bowl. The venom burns the inside of my mouth, but I’m
not bothered.
“More goldenseal and charcoal.” I order, feeling my entire mouth begin to numb.
Fuck… I got to be faster.
I keep going, trying to remove what poison I can. Her heart rate stops for a
“The defibrillators!”
heart is pounding as I send a current of electricity to her heart and the machine
begins beeping
“False alarm!”
need to get the poison out before it spreads to her heart.
of power emanates through the room as the door flies open. The first thing I see
is a head of sandy brown hair from the side of my eyes, and for a split second, I
think it’s Skyla’s twin before I realise it’s the queen
floods me as she’s by her daughter’s bedside in an instant, a powerful purple
aura swirling around her as she places her hands on Skyla’s waist and chest and
I see her aura pour into her. I slowly allow her body temperature to return to
blazing purple eyes snap to mine, a frown of concentration on her face, and I
wonder if she noticed. But I’m not sure, as she once again focuses on her

She’s going to be ok…
feel my own heart palpate, and stagger to my feet, spitting the blood into the
of the nurses says, as she passes me a glass and I gargle it around my mouth
before I spit it into the bowl and wipe my
sound of light footsteps and Delsanra Rossi, Luna of the Black Storm Pack,
enters. I recognise her by her pure white
do you need my help?” She asks.
her head, “Heal him.” She says in a strained
turns to me and although I want to say I’m ok, and focus on Skyla, but I can’t
chants something before I see the glimmer of her power pouring into me, and I
clench my jaw, trying to suppress a cough.
I fail, coughing some blood out.
are powerful, Alpha Royce Arden.” Delsanra says with a small smile. Her eyes
blaze red and I feel a cool sensation rush through me and I exhale, feeling myself
return to normal. I lean back against the wall, my eyes on the woman on the bed.
you.” I say, unable to look away as her heartbeat continues to
Come on Sky…
see Kiara struggling, and Delsanra begins whispering something as she backs
Kiara up.

I want to do something, not just stand here helplessly. My gaze falls to her back.
It’s closing up, and the colouring is returning to normal…
My hands are itching to touch her, to hold her, and I’m struggling to control
myself. Her hair is falling in front of her eyes, and I want to move it back, but I
Fuck, wake up!
I look away. She doesn’t need me; she has the help she needs.
Just then the door opens and Alejandro enters. His heart is thudding and despite
the power that envelopes him, I can see the fear and vulnerability in his eyes as
his eyes flick from his daughter to me before they return to her.
He strides over to the bed, looking over at his mate and I know they’re
conversing before Alejandro sighs, looking down at Skyla, before brushing her
hair back and kissing her forehead.
I look down at the blood that’s being transfused to Skyla, from me. I doubt it’s
even helping…
My heart squeezes and I know I need to get out of here before my emotions get
the better of me.
“She’s going to be ok,” Kiara says, closing her eyes as her aura fades away.
“Thank the goddess…”
Her head hangs as Delsanra’s aura vanishes, and she places her hand on Kiara’s
I slowly remove the catheter from my hand and silently push away from the wall
and head to the door.

Just when I’m about to reach for the door handle. Alejandro speaks, his voice
barely masking the blistering anger he’s trying to contain.
“Care to fucking share what the fuck exactly happened that has put my daughter
in this state?”
I turn my head, and I find myself looking into the blazing red eyes of the Lycan
king. His aura fills the room, but despite its power, it has no effect on me.
That accusatory stare and that distrust… things I’ve earned for being born an
I glance at the two women, who are both watching me intently.
None of them truly trust me, and the truth is, I can’t fault them.
I am the son of a monster after all

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