The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 48 by moonlight muse

Is This It?


Then Sky fucking grab her and run!

But I know that I won’t outrun it. I’m barely standing…

The rain continues to pour down; the darkness becomes visible, almost like smoke and soon all I can see is just me and the snake in a cloud of darkness.

“Daughter of Selene…”

The voice seems to come from all around me.

Chilling, powerful, and pure evil…

I scan the area.

Where is that voice coming from? My plum eyes snap back to the snake, my heart thudding loudly.

That intelligent look has returned, and I wonder…

Can it speak or is something controlling it?

My mind returns to Kataleya’s words.


I stare at the snake, avoiding looking at its bloody mutilated eye as its body flicker in and out of my vision.

I don’t know how it’s doing that disappearing act, but I should be more focused on the fact it can fucking speak and not that it’s got some wacky magician tricks.

“Servant of Apophis…” I counter, making sure to keep my voice strong and powerful.

I keep my gaze locked with his, challengingly.

The snake hisses, but it doesn’t move.

Its face stretches in what I have to admit is one fucking terrifying grin before it darts at me.

“The time is near….to fulfil my duty… It whispers as I jump to the side. It turns at the last moment, hissing as it opens his mouth, ready to impale me on its fangs.

He spits something, what I assume is venom at me and I fail to dodge, gasping when I feeling the burning pain rush through my neck.

I turn, falling to the muddy ground.

There are many ways to die… but getting killed by a huge Death Noodle? Nope, that’s not one I’ve imagined, and trust me, I’ve imagined many ways I could possibly die, including experiencing an

incredible orgasm.

“What do you want from me!” I hiss, as I take cover under a tree as the huge snake breaks it in seconds, sending splintered wood everywhere.

Fuck, I need help

Me Lucifer fucking needs help

Lycans are meant to fight alone come on girl you got this

Unleash the beast….

I’m already using all my anger and power, what more can I do?

I am a Rossi, and we never bow down to our enemies.

I close my eyes, taking deep steadying breaths before my eyes open, burning bright.

If I’m going to die, it won’t be because I’m hiding… it will be in battle.

I stand up, forcing my body to shift once again. I turn and look at the huge motherfucker.

Come to fucking Mama.

I grab a piece of wood and back away, assessing the area without taking my eyes off him.

I have one last chance….

One chance to give it my all because I won’t have the strength for another round…

Exhaling slowly, I run at the snake head-on.

Ok Sky. One. Fucking. Shot!

I use an upturned tree for leverage and twist at the last moment and slam the sharp, jagged end of wood into his damaged eye. It roars in agony and I slam all my force into it, feeling it rip through him as I push the two-foot piece of wood almost fully into its eyes.

I turn as I hear the swish of its enormous tail come at me. I try to get out of the way, but I’m too slow, and it smashes into my waist, the sharpness of its scales cutting through me.


It hurts…


That voice in the distance… Lightning slashes through the sky and I’m thrown up into the sky, the moment a bolt of lightning strikes the snake, but before I can even come down, the snake opens his mouth wide and I realise he’s about to eat me.

Time seems to slow…

My eyes widen as I’m faced with those huge jaws and I twist my body, I’m going to become snake food? Really?

I flinch as its jaw stretches impossibly wide before it clamps down around me. I twist my body, curling up and narrowly missing its huge fangs, holding my breath as I feel myself squished inside of the snake’s


Holy fuck!

Pain sears through me. Whatever coats the inside of this motherfucker burns like a bitch in heat…..

My body begins to turn numb fast.

It’s still thrashing around, and I hear the roaring sound of thunder before suddenly I see a blinding light. My eyes widen as the snake is thrown to the ground, hissing.

I would have felt that if my body wasn’t so damn numb…

It’s split open and I roll to the floor covered in blood and who knows what else?

I see a man standing there, but it’s too bright to make him out. I think I hit my head hard cause he’s

holding a bolt of lightning.

Wait maybe I died and I’m meeting like Zeus or something!

Shouldn’t I meet Selene?

Wait no… Hades cus you know I’ve committed many sins.

Yes, that’s no Hades…

My eyes widen as I spot sight of the head of the snake that now lies feet away from me.


My entire body now feels paralysed, my vision blurring.

“…my god!”

A girl’s voice…

Two people… I force my eyes up as I think I hear someone calling me.

“Sky! Fuck! Charlotte, call Alejandro Rossi!”

I guess Dad’s name is the last thing I’ll hear even before death, is he like Jesus or something?

We should be taking Selene’s name… not Dad’s!

“You’re going to be fine.”

Urgh. Let me die a hero…

“Sky hold on!” Someone’s cradling my burning body, and I try to focus.


His face comes into view,

God, he’s beautiful….

Did heaven send an Angel?

Na I’m lucifer. Devils don’t get Angels to save them…

“Now, this isn’t exactly how I wanted you to see me naked.” I choke out hoarsely.

It’s getting harder to move…

I’m in so much agony…

“You’re still beautiful.” He mutters, his usually emotionless face is full of worry, but he’s looking me over and I think I can hear his pounding heartbeat.

“Yo so listen… if I die… make sure you don’t tell people I became a snake delicacy… I mean I only like to be dessert for…” My entire body convulses and I feel myself being pulled into the soothing warmth of his chest.

“You are not going to die.” He growls.

No… I think I am….

“The… girls… help…”

I can’t say anything more. I wish I could tell him to tell mama and dad I love them….

I feel a soothing coolness wrap around me, and I think he’s holding me tightly.

It’s comforting

The darkness is pulling me into its folds… I just hope the girls are safe…

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