The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 32 by moonlight muse


1 am trying to understand your behaviour, Miss Rossi’ But I can’t excuse the abuse of a teacher on my Academy grounds!”

Bla bla bla.

I admire my nails nonchalantly as I sit on the chair in his office.

He stands there behind his desk, hands braced on it, blowing steam from his ears and mouth.

Is he a dragon or something? I swear he needs to calm the hell down, it’s not that big of a deal.

Well, ok maybe hitting a teacher is.

I’m giving Aleric ten minutes to get his ass here otherwise I’m throwing him under.

My foot is tapping the floor impatiently as River’s anger continues to rise

He looks damn weird, with his face now an interesting shade of purple

I chew the gum I had popped into my mouth minutes before he had found me in the halls and although I know he hates gum at school I still chew away and blow a bubble without a care.

*SKYLA SILARA ROSSI He shrieks, sounding liking a fucking strangled chicken and I can’t help but smirk.

We both stare at one another and I can feel his rage growing.

Silence fills the room before the bubble I made with my gum bursts with a resounding pop in the silent room and I suck the gum back into my mouth.

Chew chew chew

His heart is thundering as he tries to control himself. I blow another bubble and that’s the final straw.

“That’s it, I have had it!”

I roll my eyes and yawn, yeah yeah

“Is Professor Pretty-Boy on his way? Because I can guarantee he’ll let me go.” I drawl, leaning back in the seat, the words Professor sounding like poison on my tongue.

“Professor Arden! And he will not! Miss Rossi you attacked an Alpha from one of the most powerful packs in the country! You cannot think you’re above the law!”

Please, my Dad created the fucking law.

He continues rambling.

“The Ardens are a reputable family who-”

“Meh… my family are better.”

He growls in response, and I yawn.

How boring…

“Call him Tell him he has-”

I’m cut off when the door is pushed open and none other than Aleric stands there, his nose is no longer bleeding but it still looks sore and red.

Kinda like he’s just had his face buried in my pussy for a while.

I smirk.

Aww poor baby prince.

“Headmaster Rivers…” He says, yet despite addressing him, his eyes are on me.

“Professor, I’m glad you have come down. I do apologise for what has happened and we will come to a solution and Miss Rossi will face the consequences.” Rivers says, his face is still an interesting shade of


“Now what punishment do you think is befitting of Miss Rossi?” Headmaster Rivers says, “I hope we can settle this.”

The Ardens really do hold some power…

“I wonder what punishment is befitting for a lot of things…” I muse, tapping my chin.

I almost smirk when I see the flicker of a frown on Aleric’s face as his eyes meet mine.

“If it’s alright with you Headmaster, may I have a word with Miss Rossi alone?” Aleric replies quietly.

“Since when have you asked for permission to see me alone Professor?” I counter challengingly.

His jaw ticks, but none of my words are registered by Rivers, who pinches the bridge of his nose and nods. in agreement to Aleric.

“Of course, I will step outside.” He says. “Please behave Miss Rossi, you do not want me to call your


“Oh please, I’m certain he’d be on my side if he knew the full story.” I hum, my eyes flicking to Aleric.

Yeah, I’m being a bitch, because it was a two way thing, but I also know that Aleric should have kept it a


He told one person it’s only fair I can tell one person too and if I choose that person to be my father, then

so be it

The door shuts behind Rivers and Aleric’s sighs heavily. I don’t bother looking at him as I stare at the

bookshelf on the far side of the room.

“Skyla… look I don’t know what I have done that has upset you.” He comes over and leans against the desk in a similar manner Royce had done the other day. But they’re so different…

I look away in disgust, trying to calm the throbbing pain that has settled in above my left eye. I am so done with everything right now.

“You told someone that we fucked, didn’t you?” I hiss, my eyes flashing plum as I glare at him.

His face becomes serious as our eyes meet, and he frowns. “So, he said something to you.”

“Well, what did you expect? Did you expect him not to? Like seriously why would you even tell someone that?” I ask icily.

He sighs as he furrows his brows.

“Look, it happened in the moment, I was angry and it slipped out.” He says quietly as he stops leaning on the desk and instead walks over to me and takes the seat opposite me.

Resting his elbows on his knees he leans forward but there is nothing I want to hear from him.

“I don’t care, I’m fucking angry right now, want me to tell my father or even Rivers. Heck the entire fucking

school maybe?” I snarl menacingly, leaning forward and looking him dead in the eye.

He shakes his head looking down, “The thing is he told me a few days ago that he had an encounter with you at a club… he didn’t say exactly what happened, but he implied enough to trigger me.”

My stomach twists as I stare at him, Royce told him that?

That throws me off even more, why does it feel like another punch in the gut…

For some reason I didn’t expect that from him… Why would Royce say that when he wanted to pretend it never happened?

Aleric exhales deeply and clasps his hands in front of his mouth.

“I know I shouldn’t have lost control… but when he told me what day that happened I lost it.” He explains.

His voice is strained and I can feel his anger and frustration bubbling beneath the surface.

“What do you mean?” I ask coldly, not knowing why I’m even giving him the chance to explain.

He frowns, staring down at his hands.

“I never wanted to tell you like this… fuck, I don’t have a choice.” He mutters more to himself than me. “1 got angry with Royce… because I was meant to meet you that night.”

“Oh really?” I narrow my eyes.

“If stuff didn’t come up I’m the one who was meant to come to that club.” His voice is low and I stare at him, trying to figure out what he’s saying.


“I’m Reign, Skyla. Reign707.”

His quiet words echo extremely loudly in my head as I stare at him like I’m seeing him for the first time.


Aleric is Reign?

Fuck he’s Reign?

I stare unblinkingly at him as he watches me seriously, there’s no hint of a smile on his face as he observes me. I don’t even know what to think, my head is pounding painfully and although I’m trying to concentrate on what he has said, I am unable to

“Why else do you think I ended up sleeping with you that night? I couldn’t control myself… I wanted you…. I just, I was concerned that if I came forward as Reign you’ll be disappointed or worse that I wasn’t what you were expecting.”

Wasn’t what I was expecting….

I don’t know… I don’t know what I was expecting.

The way they spoke was similar… Hell, the lack of swearing even… but… Aleric was far more proper than Reign in the picture of his abs, what I had seen of him anyway, showed that he was in more casual clothing, something I have never seen on Aleric. But then, I haven’t seen him that often out of work to know that for sure.

“Don’t you believe me?” He looks concerned as he takes his phone out of his pocket.

Unlocking it, he opens it up to our old chat.

“Here the original ones.” He murmurs, holding it up.

I stare at the phone, my heart thundering as he flicks through the chat before switching to the new one he had created.


I don’t know what to make of it, at all…

Aleric is Reign…

I look up at him slowly, trying to match the two personalities….

I’m fucking thrown.

I shake my head trying to clear my mind and stand up.


Running my fingers through my hair I step back.

“Look I just What you told me that time when we had lunch together. You knew that stuff because you were Reign… you knew it was me… from the tattoo right?” I murmur.

“Guilty.” He replies softly, he steps closer and despite me stepping back, he cups my face firmly, closing the gap between us.

I hate how his touch makes my heart pound violently.

“Look, I’m done with this fake front, I’m done with pretending to be someone I’m not. I’m done with hiding who I am from you, Skyla… I just want us to be real to one another.”


“But I still don’t get why you told Royce?” I ask softly, staring into his eyes, wanting an answer.

His scent invades my senses and I hate how my heart and body reacts to him.

His eyes soften as he tilts his head. “Why does he matter to you?”


My mind feels a mess, I don’t know… I…

Aleric is Reign, I can’t forget that.

“Did it piss you off when you found out something happened between us?” I ask quietly.

“Yes.” His eyes sharpen, his grip on the side of my face and neck becoming tighter. “I thought we had a connection… and I don’t share Skyla.”

My heart thunders, as I slowly tug away. Something about his possessiveness makes my stomach flutter but I can’t deny that I’m unnerved.

I was hoping that Reign would be my saviour and distraction from this mess I am in the midst of with the Arden twins, but for Reign to be one of them….

I step back, and turn my back on him. “I don’t know… if you were Reign you should have told me from the start” I say quietly. “Sort this shit out, if it gets back to my father, I’m spilling everything.”

Not waiting for a reply I storm to the door and leave Rivers is pacing the floor outside of the office and stops when he sees me.

“Skyla”” He says but I ignore him speeding up, before I break into a jog

My head feels like it’s going to burst, and I know I’m going to lose control at any moment


I push the door to the nearest exit open and barrel out.

Feeling my control slipping, I speed up, needing to get out of sight before I end up shifting right here.

I stop to see that the main gates are closed

Shit… I growl in frustration knowing I won’t make it far without the cameras capturing me.

My heart is pounding as I scan the area, feeling like I’m cornered I back away, turning around and darting down the side alley that leads around the academy main building towards the dorms.

If I can get to-


I growl, feeling my bones breaking and reshaping as I try to prolong it.


“Are you alright?”

I freeze when I feel a familiar presence near me, my heart clenches in fear when I recognise him as I turn sharply and stare at none other than Royce.

He’s frowning as he’s watching me

Fuck why now?

I’m unable to stop myself from completing my transformation, my eyes lock on him as I take on my Lycan form.

I clutch my pounding head.

“Bloody Hell…” He murmurs.

Our eyes meet for a second before he breaks our gaze, looking me over and I feel like a deer caught in headlights.

Neither of us moves, as he stays still, his gaze skimming over me, but his next words snap me back to reality.

“You’re a Lycan. Fuck, you’re a Lycan.” He breathes, in a mixture of shock and awe.

My response?

I turn and boll

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