The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 30 by moonlight muse

. He gives me a curt nod before he turns and leaves after our daughter…

  1. My Defiance



I had grabbed a baggy cream knit top and pulled it over my crop top, pushing it back from shoulders so it would cover my ass up, until Dad drops me at school, anyway. I’m sitting in the car, with my earPods in and tapping my foot to the beat of the music.

“Can we try to talk about this?” He says, looking over at me.

“No,” I say, glancing at him but refusing to switch my music off.

He sighs, frowning as he stares out ahead at the winding road. “You know we’re worried about you Sky. That’s why we’re here, to help you and fucking be there for you. It’s fine to struggle, it’s fine not to be fucking in control. It’s fine to let others see that.”

No, it’s not and I’m dealing… somewhat.

Mama had healed me, the pain of the poisons and the bite were gone, and I feel alive. Not sure if that’s a good thing, considering I might lose control faster.

“Fucking talk to me Sky.”

“You know what the problem is?” I say, taking my pods out and looking at Dad pointedly.

“I’m all fucking ears.” He replies, turning on the heating to clear the steam from the windshield.

I sigh, frustrated. “You’re being pushy. I’m fine, like I’m fucking fine. Can you like just stop getting in my business? I know you care for me, but seriously I’m doing ok. I’m trying to figure my shit out.”

He frowns, but I think he’s gotten the picture that no, I’m not going to share my issues. He sighs but says nothing. I’m not sure if it’s because he doesn’t want to rile my Lycan up or if he genuinely accepted I’m not going to give in. Either way, I’m cool with it.

We fall silent, and Dad reaches over. Cupping the back of my head, he rubs it gently. Just the way he did when I was a kid… my chest constricts and tugs painfully, but I refuse to let him see that side…

“So, what’s going on between you and Arden?” He asks, ruffling my hair.

My heart skips a beat, but I try to remain as normal as possible. He sits back and I give him a mock glare as I shake my head, fixing my curls. Not that they were styled anyway.

“You were there. Didn’t you hear our conversation?” I ask, cocking a brow.

He glances at me, and I keep my face straight. He knows I know how good his hearing is and although I’m not sure if he heard or not, I’m going to pretend like he did.

“Not much considering the music and everyone else there…” He frowns.

I shrug casually. “Well, you know me. I like to get under others’ skin. I actually saw him at a club before I even knew he was my teacher, and we may have flirted.”

Dad’s eyes flash but I’ve never shied away from speaking about such things and with Mama and Dad they want us to be open with them, so Dad has to always suck it up. I smirk. However,

even I’m not stupid enough to tell him everything that went down.

“That fucker we dined with?” Dad growls.

I nod. “Yeah, the very same handsome fucker. Anyway, when he realised I am his student, he became a fucking prude.”

Dad’s frown eases up and he nods. “Good.” He glares ahead as we drive through the gates of the Academy, his knuckles white on the steering, and I know for a fact he’s dented the damn thing.

I smirk, see? I know how to play this game. “And then me being me finds great pleasure in trying to get a reaction from him. But he’s fucking boring.” I grumble, crossing my arms. Dad nods, “That explains you two in the office.” He mutters.

My heart thuds, fuck… he heard that…

“Yeah, but you don’t need to worry. He’s too much of a goody-two-shoes to try anything.” Unlike his brother…

Dad reaches into his pocket and takes out his wallet.

“Yeah? Well, you know what I’m going to say Sky, stay away from him. He’s an Arden and as he said, he is your teacher. There’s a boundary there.” Dad warns seriously as the car pulls up outside the entrance to the main building. “Here, take what I owe you.” He grumbles.

I smirk as I nod slowly and snatch his wallet from him, raiding it.

Nice crispy notesies, all for mesies… Come to Mama my beauties…

“Yup, just as there were boundaries when a fellow Alpha sent his eighteen-year-old daughter to your pack to keep safe.” I counter, swiping the entire bundle of notes. I toss his empty wallet at him which he barely catches and quickly open the door before I jump out.

“Sky.” Dad growls.

I turn and smirk at him.

“Karma Daddy, Karma.” I wink at him, sticking my tongue out and grabbing my bag. I hear Malevolent stir, but she knows she’s safe with me. I slam the door shut before he can reply and saunter into school, chuckling as I look at the wad of notes.

Why the hell would you give me a wallet of money if you don’t want me to take it?

Maybe I could go cat feeding later. There are plenty of strays on the streets in the town nearby. I’ll grab some food from the shops later…

Now to find Aleric… I strut through the halls, ignoring the stares I’m getting. They may be scared of me, but they can’t deny they know I’m hot. I wink at one of the girls I have hooked up with once or twice, smirking when she blushes.

Hmm, if she isn’t scared… I wouldn’t mind a piece of that booty.

“Hey…” she says as I walk past.

“Right back at you.” I cast her one last smile and wink before I walk off.

‘Kat, do you know where Aleric Arden would be at this time?’

‘Professor Arden?’

Oh, she’s so cute, Professor my foot. He ain’t no damn professor.

‘Yeah him.’

‘His first class is probably about to start, I would say, check the labs.’ Her reply comes. ‘Are you ok Sky?’

‘Oh, absolutely…’ I reply, smiling devilishly.

The bell rings and I growl, but that’s not enough to deter me. I’m still going to do what I came here for. I quicken my pace. I’m a woman on a mother fucking mission and nothing can stop

That’s until I spot Zayn slinking around the corner, but it’s the way his breathing is uneven and ragged that catches my attention.

Is he ok?

Frowning, I slow down, turning the corner he had gone around and see him head down towards the exit to the basketball court.

He places his hand on the wall for a moment and takes a steadying breath. He’s sweating and his skin looks pale.

He needs help.

I glance around, wondering if I can call anyone else, considering he doesn’t like being around me. He’s still a dick, don’t get me wrong, I’m not forgiving him for the lewd marks he made about Kat, but he genuinely seems sick.

“What shall we do, Malevolent?” I mutter as I see him struggle to push open the exit door and stagger outside.


Yeah, I agree, we need to check up on him. I break into a jog, catching the door before it slams shut and step outside. I follow his scent and find him around the side alley, slumped on the ground.

“What’s happened to you?” I ask. Instantly he tenses and jumps to his feet, staggering.

“Nothing, I’m fine. What the hell do you want?” He’s scanning the area, looking for an escape


I frown, looking him over. He even looks sickly…

“I saw you staggering. You look awful. Go see the campus doctor. Want to me help you there?” I ask, shouldering my tote bag and inch closer.

“Just stay the fuck away from me!” He snarls.

I raise

my hands in surrender. “Alright mate, if you don’t want me to help then I won’t but you look like fucking shit so go see a doctor or something.” Shaking my head I turn and head back inside, coming face to face with none other than Headmaster Rivers.


“Headmaster.” I smirk. He looks towards the back door and cocks a brow.

“The bell has ratig. I’m not sure if you heard?” He says, despite looking at me suspiciously, I bet he’s too damn scared to do anything.

“Of course, I did. I’m a werewolf, after all.” I say in the same annoying tone that he’s using. He raises an eyebrow before he nods and chuckles at my lame comeback.

“Ah yes… Precisely, so please head to class.” He says, glancing at the exit behind me.

I’m tempted to tell him about Zayn but after last year… I don’t really want to be tied to him…

I begin walking and to my utter irritation, he follows, clearly going to make sure I get to class. Fucker…

Just great, I guess I’ll catch the Ken doll at lunch.

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