The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 25 by moonlight muse


“Shame I don’t get a treat from the teacher.” I whisper back before I can even stop myself.

Our eyes meet, both of us still breathing hard… and then his gaze flickers to my lips. A faint frown creases his forehead, before he looks away, breaking the moment, and moves back. ” Well done… let’s stop there for today.”

He turns his back on me and I shake my head, unable to focus on what had just happened…

“Sure.” I say, turning I grab my stuff and jog out, needing some space.


I look in the mirror, as I put on the royal blue shirt dress. It has buttons down to the waist and I leave them open. I skipped a bra for tonight and I tie a chunky black and gold belt around my waist. Paired with some heeled black boots and smoky eyes. I definitely look good.

“I’ve got to make sure Dad doesn’t think there’s anything between us. I still feel uneasy…” I say to Malevolent as I give her a cuddle and kiss. I finish off with nude peach lipstick and then I grab my bag. “Come on Malevolent… pop inside.” 1

“Meow.” She jumps into my tote bag and I stroke her.

“Now behave, ok? I don’t think we are allowed pets at the restaurant.” I pat my bag as she purrs and I head out. Dad will be here to collect me soon….

Thirty minutes later, we reach the restaurant and I tuck Malevolent back into the bag. “Seems he’s on time.” Dad says, glancing out the window, and I spot the white sleek supercar that is parked in a spot a few cars down.

Dad turns back to me, and I don’t react, simply nodding lightly as Kat gets out from the back and I slip out from the front seat.

“I’m so hungry.” She whispers to me, smiling as she brushes her hair back. She looks all pretty in a pale mint dress.

“Me too, I could eat a whole wolf.” I say, it’s damn cold and I wish I had brought a jacket. Although we don’t really feel cold often, it’s really cold tonight, and I can feel it biting into me.


Even the ground is icy. 4

Kataleya giggles bringing me back to the present as she links her arm with me as she waits for Dad to lead the way inside, I turn as a familiar crisp scent reaches me and see Royce approaching us, he’s in blue jeans and a dark blue button-down shirt that has the sleeves pushed up.

“Never knew we were fucking coordinating,” Dad remarks, glancing between us, and I roll my eyes. “You made it.” Dad adds as Royce and him exchange a handshake and I try not to admire how good he looks. 2

I can’t believe we are in the same damn colour. Now Dad will just be suspicious.

“I did.” Royce replies to Dad, his voice emotionless. His gaze then turns toward me and Kat, but he doesn’t look at me, instead gives Kataleya a nod before turning his attention back to Dad.

Dad leads the way inside, with Royce a step behind, both men oozing power.

‘He’s strong.’ Kataleya says through the link. ‘Extremely strong… He isn’t an average Alpha.’

Kataleya had inherited some of Mama’s sixth sense alongside being able to mask her scent and heartbeat. She had a few other neat tricks up her sleeve. 2

‘Yeah he is, I figured that in training.’ I say, pulling a face.

Stepping inside the restaurant, we are led to the table Dad has reserved in the back. It’s a semi- private booth and I smile, satisfied that no one will see Malevolent. People watch us and even though I know we all have our aura reigned in, Dad and Royce are not the type of guys you will miss. Even humans can sense their power. Although I bet they’d just think they are some bad guys, like Mafia or something. Dad could definitely pass as a mafia boss or something.

I find myself comparing them. They’re opposites in every way. Dad is dark, with his tats and aura, whilst Royce is blond, and… light. It’s how I would describe him.

Kat nudges me, and she raises her eyebrows questioningly. I shake my head, knowing she’s observant. We reach the table and Dad slides in sitting in the middle of the curved couch.

Royce takes one end and Kataleya slides in next to Dad, and I sit next to Kat, opposite Royce, who is not even sparing me a glance.

Observing him, I notice there’s a slight frown on his face and his aura almost feels… icy… 2 Is this because of what happened earlier?

“Shall I order a bit of everything?” Kat asks gently, scanning the menu.

Food choosing was always Kat’s forte, or her and Mama’s if they are together.

“Sure,” Dad says, giving her a small smirk before he glances at Royce. “Alcohol, or a soft drink?”

“Water is fine.” Royce replies.

I’m not imagining it, something is up…

I frown slightly and feel Dad’s gaze shift to me.

“How was training today?” He asks, sitting back, his cunning eyes fixed on me.

“It was good.” I say and Royce nods, not even looking at me.

“There’s progress.” He says seriously, glancing at Dad.

“Yeah, I think I’m doing ok.” I agree with a nod, only for Royce to finally turn his gaze on me, but there’s only coldness in them.

“Yeah, you sure are.” He says, his voice is as emotionless as ever, but there’s a biting cold in it that stings. And those eyes… when they meet mine, I can see the rage and anger that he’s trying to hide.

I don’t know what I did wrong, but whatever it is, has pissed him off. Big time. 2

Dad nods slowly before cocking a brow.

“Oh yeah? Then anyone want to fucking explain why the fucking atmosphere is thick with tension or some shit?”

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