The Legacy of the Alpha King Hiding his Secret Twins chapter 7

Chapter Seven

Reuben POV

“I, Evelyn, Luna of the Blood Moon Pack reject my position as the Alpha’s wife and Luna!” As the words leave Evelyn’s lips I feel like I have been shot in the heart with a silver bullet, my wolf howling in my mind and wanting out. The air had left my lungs and I couldn’t seem to breathe. I’ve been fucking staked in battle before, yet this hurts more than any war wound. How is that even possible, I hadn’t even marked her.

“Evelyn.” I gasp through the pain, taking a step towards her but am yanked back by Vicky My wolf roars in my mind as Evelyn turns her back on me and links arms with Noah.

I wanted to kill the prick, the fucker that has never left her side. He has always been in the fucking way and now I know why. He’s been wanting her as his for goddess knows how long. I would not tolerate this level of betrayal from her, has she really been sleeping with her doctor whilst married to me? All this time I thought she was different …sweet and innocent.

I can’t get the image of them being together out out of my head.

“I won’t let you leave me!” I roar before my wolf takes control, shifting us and running towards the woods.

I let my wolf run for as long as he needs, killing animals, clawing at tree trunks…anything to help him ease his anger. He needed blood, he needed Noah’s blood.

For two years she has been my Luna, my wife. Now she is rejecting me and the pack for him?

Fuck, Evelyn crept up on me, made a place for herself in my pack and in my heart. Just the thought of him touching her like I once had makes red hot jealously fuel the fire in me even more. The anger makes my wolf want more animal blood and I don’t fight him, he

needs this just as much as I do.

I didn’t want to get married, my father put pressure on me to choose a bride to strengthen the pack. I knew he wouldn’t hand down the Alpha title until I was married, so I agreed. I was more desperate to get rid of my father.

I’ve never got on with my father, he liked to rule with an iron fist. He was a cruel bastard and abusive to his pack members. He even used to hit me as a child. He soon stopped when I towered over him and was able to fight back.

Yes, I was hard on my pack members but I never crossed the line. I would never stoop to his level of leadership. He never admitted it back then, but I knew it was his actions that made Vicky move away. Made her accept that other alpha, one of the weakest alphas of all. I thought she was taking the piss when she said she was leaving to be his Luna, leaving me…the future alpha king…for him.

I didn’t like Evelyn at first, she was the best of a bad bunch. At first I thought she was bland and feeble…well she was in comparison to Vicky, who always liked to own a room. But during our marriage I started to realise that Evelyn is just as strong, just as beautiful…but in a different way. She possessed wisdom, stayed calm in my war meetings by proving her alpha blood training from birth and quickly gained the respect of my pack members and my council members.

She was far from weak.

She made her own mark on the pack, even my council advisors telling me what a fine choice I had made. I had gotten used to Evelyn being at my side, as my Luna….I never once thought she would leave me. She had a

determination in her that was absolute Which is why I knew when she took our marriage vows she meant every word.

That night, two months ago, I was ashamed of how I acted. I received bad news from my trackers and decided to drink as a reaction. She found me in a dire way, drunk and feeling

disappointed in myself. Disappointed like my father would have been. He wasn’t there to punish me, so I punished myself.

I must have looked pathetic to her, yet she helped me, she took care of me. Anybody else would have just left me to sleep it off in the office. But not her

Then to wake up next to her beautiful face and the memory of her addictively slender and satin smooth body made me realise I was starting to form feelings for her Her scent had become more potent since that night, I could now make out cherry blossom with a touch of sea salt.

I hadn’t spoken to her about that night, I felt awkward about the way I ran out of the room. Every time I saw her I wanted to mention it but then too much time had lapsed to bring it back up. I couldn’t even fuck another she- wolf since that night, deep down I needed her again.

Then to learn that she was pregnant made me overjoyed. I wanted children, I just didn’t know if she wanted them with a cold alpha like me. She was one of life’s givers and I was a taker.

Why did she have to argue with Vicky? Why did she have to push Vicky down the stairs…. Why wasn’t she more careful of the baby. What did she expect me to do, shun Vicky? Who was the only survivor from a rogue attack on her pack? And why had she told Noah and not me, her own husband? I couldn’t accept that, telling the doctor before the baby’s father Unless….. unless Vicky was right….unless the baby wasn’t mine.

My wolf had worked out his anger and relinguished control back to me, shifting us back into skin form. He had been so angry that we had been gone longer than expected.

Evelyn had left!

When I arrived back to the alpha house, Candice ran up to me telling me she tried to make her stay, that even other pack members pleaded with their Luna but she left all the same.

I couldn’t talk to any of them. They were trying to push on my mind-link, trying to beg for me to chase after her… but she rejected me and them. That was her fucking choice!

My wolf’s anger had channelled through to me and I had smashed most of the objects in my office. I was now sitting at my desk, head held in my hands still blocking out my pack members when Vicky walks into my office.

She looks around at everything I had broken, carefully stepping over the smashed glass and wood on the floor as she stands next to me.

I don’t make eye contact with her, I can’t take my head from out of my hands.

“Not now Vicky…I just want to be alone” I bluntly demand, just wanting her to fuck off

“Reuben, I am so sorry…This is all my fault. If I hadn’t of come back.”

“It’s not your fault, and where else would you have gone?”

“I can’t believe she abandoned you and the entire pack for him…a beta that pretends to be a doctor!” She says as she pours me a glass of whiskey from my decanter, the only thing I hadn’t smashed.

“Maybe this is what she wanted all along?”

“What do you mean?” I ask, taking my head out of my hands and looking to Vicky

“Well maybe they always planned to be together…they were childhood sweethearts right? Maybe marrying you gave her pack an advantage. But falling pregnant with his child made her realise what was important to her

“Important to her….” I roar thrusting my desk into the opposite wall in anger My body is red hot with anger bumping through my veins.

“I’m her husband….I should be the most important person to her.” “Hush Reuben, it’s best you let her go.

She is just making you angry…let her

go! I’ll always be here to support you.”

“No…” My wolf’s anger is

overpowering my own. Is this truly what Evelyn wanted all along? Had she been using me for my title, to protect her pack? My wolf won’t let Evelyn be with anyone else, and neither will I!

I turn to Vicky, my hands clenched into fists by my side. I know I need to go to the Silver Moon pack. I need to punish her for betraying me, for fucking him behind my back.

“I won’t let her be with anyone else. If she thinks she can use me to protect her pack…well then, I’ll show her a true wrath of the Alpha King!”

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