Second Marriage to Mr. Rich Chapter 48

Chapter 48

“Sir, I have news from Oceanford. Ms. Angeline’s adoptive mother got into a car accident after seeking Mr. Fletcher out. She didn’t survive,” Taylor said over the phone call.

Sean tensed immediately, his grip tightening around his phone. “Got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Sean grabbed his coat from the chair and put it on. “There’s an urgent matter I

need to deal with.”

“Spend more time with Ms. Monica.” Robert sat back in his chair, leg crossed over the other. He took a book

from the table to his side and continued, “You’re bound to be the family patriarch. Having the Scott family’s

support will help secure your position.”

Robert’s implied meaning was that he was immensely pleased with Monica Scott marrying into the family, so

Sean had to feel the same way whether he liked it or not.

Sean knew it would be a long way to go before Robert would accept Angeline.

Being the only child in her family, Jessica had been doted on by her family since young. She had been

tormented to hell and back after being with the Emmerson family. She had a complete mental breakdown by the time she came back home, was unable to recognize her family, and had even tried taking her own life

several times.

Robert despised every single person from the Emmerson family, including the two children Jessica had given

birth to, Angeline and Benjamin.

If Angeline hadn’t escaped with Jessica from the Emmerson family all those years ago, the Lawson family

wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to Sean helping Angeline afterward.

“I understand.” Sean nodded at Robert.

Right when Sean was about to exit the study, Robert said gently, “No matter what I’ve said in the past few years, you’ve always felt guilty toward Angeline Emmerson, feeling like you took her place as heir. That’s why I never stopped you from helping her. Now that things are coming to an end, you should stay out of her affairs.”

Sean turned around and glanced at Robert, who was flipping through his book. He then silently left the study.

“Are you leaving already, Sean?” Sandy brought in two bowls of elderflower jelly with a smile on her face.” Then I’ll pack this dessert up for you. The weather has been really dry nowadays. This jelly will hydrate you well.”

“No, thank you. I need to rush off.”

Before Sandy could insist, Sean had already hurried downstairs.

“What happened that made him so anxious?” Sandy mumbled curiously as she entered the study with the jellies. She sat it down beside Robert and said, “Sean is too busy with work, leaving at such a late hour.”

Robert chuckled without looking up from his book. “It’s probably not a work errand. Has Jessica gone to sleep?


“Yes,” Sandy replied with a smile. “She was the one who insisted I make this elderflower jelly for you. She handpicked the flowers herself too.”

“Is that so?” Robert straightened his legs out upon hearing this and set the book aside. Joy overflowed from his eyes as he uncovered the bowl. “It looks pretty good!”

Meanwhile, Sean headed straight for the airport right after leaving the Lawson residence. He fiddled with his phone in the backseat of the car as the lights outside lit up his face.

“I have a Mom of my own and her name is Anne. That’s why I’ll never need your family’s money!”

That was what Angeline had told him when Sean tried giving her a credit card when she was 17 years old.

When Angeline got into the car accident, Anne never once left the hospital she stayed in.

If Sean hadn’t insisted that Angeline stay in the hospital, Anne would’ve taken her home to care for her while managing her small business.

Sean never questioned the bond between Anne and Angeline.

Angeline had gotten an adoptive mother who loved her to the moon and back after losing her biological mother at the young age of ten.

Now, Angeline had lost even her adoptive mother.

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