My Hockey Alpha chapter 69 by Werewolf

#Chapter 69: Big Bad Wolf


I relaxed into Enzo’s arms, the feeling of his warmth and the smell of his leather jacket calming me immensely.


We both jumped as we heard the sound of a camera shutter clicking from my window. I stared with wide eyes while Enzo whirled around and ran to the window, shouting into the darkness.

“Get back here!” he yelled. “Who are you?!”

Before I could stop him, I watched in awe as Enzo jumped out of the window. I ran over, my heart leaping into my throat as I expected to see his body splayed out on the ground below, only to see him sprinting across the quad.

I had to follow him.

I sprinted from my room and out of my dorm, running down the hall and practically flying down the stairs. I burst out of the lobby into the cold autumn night air and ran in the direction that Enzo was headed.

“Wait! Enzo!” I called, willing my legs to pump faster as I tried to catch up with him. The wind whistled in my ears the faster I ran, my hair billowing behind me like a sail and coming loose from its braids. I didn’t know how I was able to run so fast, but somehow, I managed to catch up with Enzo just as he reached the edge of the woods.

I stopped beside him, panting, doubled over with my hands on my knees from my mad sprint.

“Did you see them?” I asked in between breaths.

Enzo shook his head, stoic as ever despite the fact that he had just jumped out of a second story window and sprinted halfway across the campus. The abilities he possessed as a werewolf never ceased to amaze me.

“No,” he replied. “They had their face and hair covered. I think it might’ve been a woman, but I’m not entirely sure.”

I let out a disappointed sigh and turned to head back to the dorms, but Enzo grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“We can’t just let her walk away,” he said.

“What’s the point?” I replied. “She’s already posted so many pictures of us. What’s one more thing at this point?”

Enzo looked ahead into the forest, his eyes glowing bright red. “We don’t know how long she was there,” he said. “She might’ve seen me teleport.”

My eyes widened. “Shit.”

“Yeah… Shit is right,” Enzo said, releasing his grip from my arm. “I’m gonna have to go in there and find her You can go back home if you want.”

I shook my head vehemently. “I’m going with you. This is my mess and I

won’t make you clean it up for me.”

Enzo opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but then snapped it shut and simply nodded instead. “Alright,” he said firmly, his voice low and serious. “Let’s go.”

Together, we stepped into the forest and began our search. “Her scent is leading this way, I think,” he said, his eyes glowing red in the dark. He motioned for me to follow with his head. We quietly made our way down the side of a small hill, taking care to avoid tripping over tree roots and rocks, then came out on a hiking path at the bottom. I followed Enzo to the right, relying on his werewolf abilities to help lead the way. I didn’t want to

use my phone flashlight in case it would give away our location to the stalker, so I was entirely reliant on Enzo to guide me through the dark.

“By the way,” I whispered as we walked, “I forgot to mention this, but…. Did you heal my knee the other night?”

Enzo glanced over at me and shook his head confusedly. “No,” he replied. ” Honestly, I didn’t really think of it. I was a little out of it myself after hitting my head. Why?”

“I’ll explain later,” I replied, furrowing my brow. If Enzo hadn’t healed my knee, then how had I woken up without a scratch on me?

Suddenly, my foot caught on a fallen log that I didn’t see in the dark and I felt myself pitching forward. Enzo’s arms shot out and caught me, lifting me over the log before I fell. I felt my face flush red.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

Enzo’s hands lingered on me for a few moments. Above us, the moon came out from behind a cloud and illuminated his features, his bulging muscles, the veins in his neck, his strong jawline… Something about being in the dark forest together made me want him in other, more intimate, ways.

He must have seen me staring at him, because a smirk spread across his face along with something else… Something hungry, feral.

All of a sudden, he pushed me roughly

up against a tree, towering over me with his enormous body as his eyes glowed bright red. I heard a soft growl escape his lips. “Looking at me like that isn’t gonna make me find the stalker any faster,” he snarled, reaching out and grabbing my waist with one hand. “Don’t make me go


I bit my lip as we glared into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity.

“Fine…” I whispered, leaning closer to him until our lips were almost touching. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

Another growl came out of Enzo’s mouth. He yanked me closer with the hand that was on my waist and locked his lips with mine, pinning me up against the tree with his body

At that moment, I forgot all about the stalker I didn’t care if she was hiding in the bushes at that exact moment, filming us as we groped at each other in the darkness. I just wanted Enzo; it was as if something animalistic took over me, begging him to take me right there up against the tree. My mind momentarily flickered back to the day

in the coffee shop when K told me about werewolf mates was this what it was like? A primal urge to be with him? Was I truly Enzo’s mate, even though I was a human?

I leaned my head back against the tree and moaned as Enzo sucked on my neck. His hand traveled down over my breasts, my waist, and stopped at the button of my jeans, fumbling to loosen them. My panties were already soaked by the time he slipped his hand into my pants and slid his fingers into me. I groaned as his thick fingers moved back and forth inside of me, his palm rubbing on my clit.

Reaching forward, I slipped my own hand down his pants and started stroking his cock. It was even bigger than I remembered, and throbbed beneath my touch. As I stroked up and down, Enzo lurched forward onto me in ecstasy, breathing heavily into my ear like an animal.

Suddenly, a twig snapped nearby. Enzo and I both jerked our heads up, scanning the forest for the stalker.

When our eyes found the intruder, however, we realized it was much worse than any woman with a camera.

It was a werewolf.

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