My Hockey Alpha chapter 6 by Werewolf

Chapter 6: At First Sight


Me? Why me?

Why would the star hockey player, every girl’s dream guy, the adonis Enzo Rivers, want to be with me?

My mind flashed back to our one night stand… I could almost still feel his hands on my body, and when he brushed my hair out of my face right now, my body shivered at his touch. He had been so gentle and loving when we had sex. Was he like that with all of the girls, or was it an act?

It had to be an act. An alarm was going off inside of me, saying “Don’t trust this playboy.” After years of being unable to find love, I couldn’t believe that his feelings could be genuine. My first love had been similar — the star quarterback of my high school — and look how that had turned out.

Never again.

“Listen, you got what you wanted,” I said, pulling away. “We slept together once. Don’t try to make me think that you, of all people, would actually want me again. Who put you up to this, huh? Lisa?”

Enzo frowned and took a step backward.

“No one put me up to this,” he said softly. “When we had sex, something was… different. Not at all like all of my other one night stands. I want to try it again and see what happens.”

“Oh, so I’m just an experiment to you,” I snapped. “A test to see if the Great Enzo Rivers has the capacity for feelings.”

“No, it’s not like th-”

“If it helps any, I only got with you out of impulse,” I said, somewhat surprised by the venom in my voice. “I was having a bad night, and had just been cheated on. I would never sleep with a player like you under any other circumstances. Besides, I’m not willing to let whatever tricks you’re trying to play on me get in the way of my studies.”

Enzo looked me up and down, then folded his arms across his chest again. “You seemed to like it last night,” he said. “I didn’t know I would just be an obstacle to you.”

Admittedly, Enzo’s words made me feel a bit guilty for snapping at him like that. I looked down at my feet and stuck my hands in my jacket pockets.

“I did enjoy it,” I replied quietly.

Enzo took a couple of steps toward me then. “So why deny it again?” he said softly. “And by the way… You look beautiful tonight.” He put his hand under my chin and lifted it so I looked into his eyes. From this close, I could see that his pupils were dilated and the iris around them had shifted from soft brown to a subtle red color. I gasped and stepped away just before he went to kiss me, nearly stumbling over a rock on the ground as I did so. Was he on something? That had to be the only reasonable explanation for this change in his eyes.

Enzo looked at me with an expression on his face that I couldn’t quite read. “What’s wrong?”

“Just… I would prefer if what happened last night was the one and only time,” I said. “Please stop playing with me like this. I don’t want to be hunted down by the hundreds of other girls at this school who would literally kill to get in bed with you for a night.”

Enzo didn’t say anything for several long moments. When I looked up, his eyes still appeared different… like a predator. There was something inside of him, something wild, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Whatever it was, I wanted no part of it.

Enzo let out a heavy sigh and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Alright,” he said. “But if you change your mind, I’ll be here. I can be patient when it comes to important people.”

I didn’t say anything else. I hesitated for a moment while part of me wanted to run far away and another part of me wanted to have sex with him again, but then the part of me that wanted to flee took over. I turned on my heel and ran around the cabin and back toward the fire, where everyone was still dancing — albeit they were all much more drunk than before.

As I ran toward the fire, I looked over my shoulder toward Enzo, who was still out of sight. Just then, I bumped into something solid and fell to the ground — well, I nearly fell to the ground, but a pair of strong arms caught me.


I looked up to see Enzo holding me, looking down at me with concern on his face while none other than Lisa sat in front of me with her perky butt on the ground, scowling at the fact that her ex caught me instead of her.

“Watch where you’re going, bitch!” she growled, standing and dusting herself off.

I pushed myself away from Enzo’s grip and took a couple of steps away.

“Sorry,” I said, raising my hands in submission.

Lisa glared at Enzo then, folding her arms across her chest while her pretty face turned bright red. “Babe! I can’t believe you caught her and not me. It was her fault, anyway!”

“Don’t call me babe.”

That was all he said before he threw me one last glance and walked back to the party.

I walked around Lisa to go back to the party, but she grabbed my arm and stopped me, her nails digging into my skin.

“What makes you think you have the right to traipse around with my ex, hm?” she growled.

I laughed and pulled my arm away. “Like you’re one to talk, Lisa,” I replied. “I literally caught you in my bed fucking my boyfriend last night.”

“Oh, please,” Lisa said with a scoff. “Justin was never your boyfriend. He just wanted someone to fill the time when I was too busy to fuck him. Maybe if you weren’t such a prude and would just have sex with him already, he would’ve stayed with you… Or maybe not. I mean, look at you.” She gestured at my body. “You’re such a nerd. And those stupid braids aren’t helping any.”

I ripped my arm away and clenched my fists. “What the fuck is your problem?” I said.

Lisa smirked and sauntered up to me. She was shorter than me and looked almost comical in my eyes. “Enzo is only pretending to fawn over you because he wants to humiliate me. He clearly still misses me after I dumped him last semester, and will do anything to make me jealous.”

I frowned at Lisa’s words. I knew all along that Enzo was only playing games with me, but it still hurt to hear it confirmed after all.

“Look,” I said, “I have no interest in Enzo. Whatever game you’re playing is no use. Let’s just go our separate ways.”

“Oh, we’ll go our separate ways,” Lisa said as I turned to walk back to the party. “After you get your ugly little ass away from the hockey team. They’re all mine.

I rolled my eyes as I thought about Lisa hooking up with the entire hockey team at once. “Sure,” I said. “Whatever. Have fun with your harem of hockey players.”

My hands shook with anger. If there was one thing I hated more than anything in this world, it was betrayal and infidelity. I knew that the drama amongst the hockey players and the cheerleaders was rampant, but I didn’t know it ran this deep. Whatever was going on with Enzo and Lisa, I wanted no part of it.

I should never have gotten involved to begin with.

But why does Enzo always find me in various places? Did he put a GPS on me?

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