My Hockey Alpha chapter 46 by Werewolf

#Chapter 46: The Cheer Captain’s Secret


After I dropped Nina off at her dorm on the night she was attacked by Lisa, I immediately returned to the police station.

“I’m here to take her home,” I said, nodding my head toward the cell where Lisa was being held. She was sitting on the cot, visibly

uncomfortable and covered in sweat. I had had my suspicions before, but now that I saw her, I could instantly tell what happened to her from a mile away: she had been bitten by a rogue werewolf. It would only be a matter of time before she turned into one herself and broke out of that cell, killing everyone in here. I had to get her to a

witch before it was too late.

The female officer sitting at the front desk turned around and looked at Lisa, then looked back at me.

“It’s Enzo, right?” the officer said. ” I’ve watched your hockey games. You’re really good!”

I sighed and repeated my statement. I’m here to take her home. Is she free to go?”

“She’ll be free to go in the morning,” she replied. “Her toxicology report came back clean, but we think it’s best if we monitor her.”

“Listen,” I said, rubbing my tired eyes, “she’s my… girlfriend. She was

traumatized as a child and has these episodes sometimes. Keeping her in a cell isn’t gonna help her come out of this episode.”

“We can have her transferred to the

hospital,” the officer said, picking up

the phone.

“No doctors!” I yelled, causing the officer’s eyes to widen and kicking myself for being so abrupt. “I mean… That won’t help, either. I think it’s best if I just take her home. She needs a familiar place, you know?”

The officer sighed and looked over her shoulder again at Lisa, then back to me and nodded, standing. “I’m not really supposed to do this, but since the other girl didn’t want to press charges, 1 guess I’ll let you take her,” she said. I let out a sigh of relief as she walked

over and unlocked Lisa’s cell.

“You’re free to go home,” the officer said to Lisa, who didn’t even acknowledge her at all and just continued to stare blankly at the wall. ” Um… Miss?”

“It’s alright,” I said, stepping past the

officer and into the cell. “I got her.”

I walked over to Lisa and crouched in front of her. When she saw me, her eyes focused on me; her gaze was cloudy and distant, but she was still in there. Somewhere.

“I’m gonna help you, okay?” I said softly. She slowly nodded, then let me scoop her up off the cot and carry her out of the cell.

“Thanks, officer,” I said as I passed.

“Oh, it’s no problem,” the officer

replied with a smile. “Anything for

Enzo Rivers.”

More, now than ever, I was glad for the teleportation ability that had been passed down to me from my father; as soon as I was out of sight of the police station, I parked my bike along the side of the road, took Lisa in my arms, and in the blink of an eye I was at my father’s house.

Lewis and the rest of the pack were sitting around the fire pit once again, as they did every night, when I arrived.

“Holy shit!” Myra, the newest recruit, who also happened to be my cousin, said when she saw me holding Lisa.

Lewis jumped up and ran over to me,

his eyes immediately showing recognition of the situation. “She was bitten, wasn’t she?” he asked.

I nodded. They all knew Lisa — my

father had forced me to be in a relationship with her for quite a while, after all and knew what would happen if a human was bitten by a rogue.

“Someone get a witch here, now!” Lewis yelled.

“Which witch?” Myra asked.

Lewis rolled his eyes. “I don’t care. Find a witch and bring her here.”

Myra took off she was the fastest one in the group, even faster than me while Lewis and I carried Lisa up to my bedroom.

“Where’s my father?” I asked.

“Still overseas,” Lewis replied as we gently set Lisa down on the bed. She had already begun convulsing and we turned her on her side in case she vomited. “Won’t be back for another couple of weeks.”

“This shifter situation is getting out of control,” I said. “The dean won’t do anything except wipe students’ memories.”

Lewis nodded, his eyes fixed on Lisa. “ I’ll send the pack out there to patrol for rogues as soon as I can. I wonder why they seem to be so fixed on that campus…”

“It’s gotta be Nina,” I replied. ”

Something about her is drawing all sorts of shifters to campus. Not to mention that Lisa here made a beeline for her as soon as she got bitten.”

“Must be her scent,” Lewis muttered. ” But she’s just a human. Why?”

Before we had a chance to discuss any further, Myra returned with a rather stunned-looking witch. As soon as the witch saw Lisa, she pushed both Lewis and I out of the way and started

whispering some sort of incantation while she searched Lisa’s body for the source of the bite; when she lifted up Lisa’s shirt, I nearly gagged when I saw the wound. How had the police officers missed this?

The witch pulled a vial of something off of her belt and dumped its contents into her hands, rubbing them together then pressing them into the wound. Lisa arched her back and screamed at the pain.

“Hold her down,” the witch said. Lewis and I nodded at one another, holding her down by the shoulders and ankles while she continued to scream.

A little while later, it was all over and Lisa was soundly asleep in my bed.

Lewis paid the disgruntled witch for her services. She gave him an extra vial of whatever potion she used on Lisa’s wounds, then disappeared into the night.

While Lewis and the rest of the pack went to investigate the source of the rogues and hunt them down, I stayed with Lisa for the next two days.

She woke up on the third day, completely dazed and confused. Thankfully, she didn’t remember anything about being bitten, so I lied and told her that she got attacked by a bobcat.

She believed it without question.

Lisa was strong enough now to go home, so I took one of my father’s cars and drove her home on the evening of the third day. She whined and held her stomach the whole way there; when we pulled into the parking lot, she turned toward me and pushed her lower lip out in a pout.

“I can’t walk, baby,” she whimpered. Can you please take me home?”

I sighed and nodded; no matter what sort of history Lisa and I had, I wasn’t going to simply drop her off and drive away after she had been bitten by a fucking werewolf. She was past the dangerous stage now and it was safe to say that she was not at any risk of shifting into a rogue, but I still wanted to keep an eye on her.

I got out of the car and walked around, opening the door and helping her out. She leaned on me, holding my arm, as I walked her back to her dorm.

When we crossed the quad, however, I saw a familiar face from the other side of the fountain.

It was Nina.


She stopped in her tracks when she saw Lisa and I together, her brown eyes widening. I stopped as well, opening my mouth to say her name, but before I could, she turned on her heel and stormed away.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Lisa whined, tugging on my arm.

I wanted to run to Nina, to tell her that it wasn’t what it looked like, but it was too late. She was already gone.

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