My Hockey Alpha chapter 288 by Werewolf

The Truth About the Prophecy
Why wasn’t I dying yet?
Selena had died at the Luna’s hands. The prophecy foretold that one twin
must not live without the other… But I felt fine. Selena was dead, and I was
still standing. I looked up at Enzo, who looked back down at me with an equal
amount of surprise, confusion, and joy.

Suddenly, I heard a booming voice thundering across the battlefield.
“Where is my daughter?!” a loud, male voice called. I whipped around to see
none other than the Alpha King staggering through the doorway of the
mansion. He leaned his hand against the doorframe, and as his eyes scanned

the scene before him, his face became wrought with worry. His eyes then
flickered down to see his dead daughter, Selena, laying on the steps with a
gaping hole in her chest.

The Alpha King let out a wild yell and rushed down the steps, falling to his
knees beside his daughter. He didn’t even care to look in the Luna’s direction;
he knew what she had done. Now that he had been freed from her spell, there
was no doubt that he remembered everything. All of her manipulation, her evil
deeds, her murders.

Slowly, the Alpha King then looked up at me and Enzo. His eyes flickered with
recognition and he stood, walking over to me. As he did, I felt my heart catch
in my throat. Would he blame me for this? Did he even remember me from the
last time that I saw him, or did the Luna’s spell wipe it out of his memory?
For a long time, we just stared at each other. The air fell silent. Everything
else fell away, leaving nothing but the two of us staring into each other’s eyes.
“Nina,” he whispered. “Is that you? You’re alive?”

I slowly nodded my head. All at once, the Alpha King threw his arms around
me and pulled me in tightly. “All these years,” he said, “I thought that the
Crescents had killed you… But you were alive. Yes, I remember now… I
remember you coming into my throne room, not long ago…”

“The Luna had you under a spell,” I said through my tears. “You didn’t
recognize me. You didn’t recognize anyone.”
The Alpha King froze, then slowly looked down at his dead wife. He didn’t
seem sad in the slightest. In fact, he just seemed free. “Ah, yes,” he said,
taking a step back.

“She did have me under a spell. She had all of us under a

spell. And Selena…” He looked over at Selena’s body. Luke had begun
covering it with his jacket, but looked up when he noticed the Alpha King
staring at him, and froze. “My wife did this, didn’t she?”

I nodded. No more words would come out, but the Alpha King — my father —
knew what I was going to ask.

“You won’t die,” he said, his voice low and even-toned.
My eyes widened. “But the prophecy…”
“The prophecy is poppycock,” he said. “Just before you were taken, your
mother put a protection charm on both of you. She knew that the Crescents
were going to come; she had seen it in her visions. The prophecy was
fabricated to keep you safe.”

Suddenly, I felt a massive weight lift off of my chest. And then… Everything
began to go dark. My knees buckled beneath me, and the last thing I felt was
the feeling of Enzo’s arms catching me.

I woke up at some point later in a soft bed. The room was dimly lit with a fire
crackling in a nearby fireplace. I tried to sit up, but felt a hand on my shoulder
pushing me back down.

“It’s alright,” Enzo said gently. “Just rest.”
“What happened?” I croaked through my dry, cracked throat. “Last I
“You passed out.” Enzo reached over to the side table and picked up a glass
of water. He held it to my lips and I drank, relishing in the feeling of the cold
liquid moistening my sore throat. “The battle took a lot out of you. It’s okay,

“Where is everyone?” I asked. “Lori, Jessica, Luke, Matt…”
“They went home yesterday,” Enzo replied. “To Mountainview, with the recruits
and some of your dad’s men. The Crescents tried to attack the town, but

failed once the Luna’s rogues suddenly dropped dead. They retreated.”
I sat up suddenly, ignoring Enzo’s hand this time. “Y-Yesterday?” I asked.
“How long have I been asleep?”

Enzo looked at his watch. “Two days.” My eyes widened, but he just chuckled.
“It’s fine. Your wolf must have put you into a bit of a coma. Everything that
happened was just too much for your brain and your body to handle, so your
wolf did what was best. You didn’t miss much; I promise.”

I sat there for a few moments in a state of shock. In the darkness, I saw Enzo
stand up from the chair he was sitting in next to the bed and come around to
the other side. He climbed onto the bed with me and pulled me close, pressing
his lips gently against mine before leaning my head into his chest.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t trust your intuition about Selena,” he whispered. “She
did right by us in the end. You were right when you said that she had
My mind was still foggy, but I remembered holding Selena’s dead body. The
Luna had bored a hole in her chest just after Selena stabbed her in the back.
She died for us, for the whole of humanity. I could never repay her for it. As I
thought about her, I felt tears begin to stream down my cheeks. Enzo, seeing
this, kissed them away gently and smiled at me.

“Everything is okay now,” he said quietly. “You’re safe. Everyone is safe.”
Enzo’s words made me smile a bit, but I knew that they weren’t entirely true.
The Crescents were still out there. Lewis still hadn’t been taken care of yet.

Even people who I hadn’t thought about for some time, like James, were still
out there somewhere with a lust for my blood. But Enzo was right, to a certain
degree; the main threat was gone now, and my father had been released from
his decade-long spell. With his help, we could take care of the Crescents and
restore peace.

A few minutes later, I heard a soft knock on the door. The door cracked open,
and I saw my father’s head poke in.
“Nina?” he said quietly, smiling when he saw that I was sitting up. I waved him
in, and he walked into the room. Now that he wasn’t under the Luna’s spell, I
could see that he was large and muscular, and looked strong and healthy. He
no longer looked sick and frail.

“Hi… dad,” I whispered. It felt strange to call him dad, but it also felt right. All
my life, I had been without him. And now we were reunited, albeit under sad

My father smiled and walked over to me. Enzo, who was still sitting on the bed
beside me, instinctively tightened his grip on my hand for a moment; I knew
that he wasn’t actually threatened by my father, but after everything that had
happened, he was no doubt wary of everyone. My father, seeing this, took a
step back to give us some space.

“When you’re feeling well enough, I’d like for us to talk,” my father said. “We
have a lot to catch up on.

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