My Hockey Alpha chapter 285 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 285
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 285: The Last Battle
As we looked out at the scene in front of the Alpha King’s mansion, I could
already tell that the new recruits were nervous about what was to come. This
was the first time that they would ever experience real combat, and I didn’t
blame them for being terrified. I was even scared, too.

The Luna’s genetically
engineered rogues patrolled back and forth all around the mansion, their large
heads set on a constant swivel as they observed the area. Their glowing
yellow eyes, huge stature, and vicious claws and teeth were like the stuff of

I looked back at the recruits behind us, and my suspicions were confirmed.
Many of them looked absolutely petrified. One girl already had tears
streaming down her cheeks, and many of the others looked as though they
were about to pass out.

Seeing the terrified looks on our little army’s faces, I nudged Enzo with my
elbow and nodded my head toward them.

“They’re frightened,” I whispered. “Maybe we should give them a pep talk.”
Enzo looked back at the recruits for a moment, taking in their scared faces,
and nodded. He then turned to face them and gestured for them all to gather
closer so he could talk to them without being overheard by the rogues.
“I know you guys are all scared,”

Enzo said, “and I don’t blame you. But just
remember your training, and remember that the person you’re fighting today is
going to destroy humanity if we let her. You’ve all trained hard, and I believe
that you can all get through this. Those rogues don’t stand a chance against

Enzo’s words seemed to inspire the recruits a bit. I looked over at him in the
darkness and felt myself soften for a moment at his strong Alpha appearance.
He was a good leader, and I was happy to have him by my side.
“Alright,” Enzo said. “Let’s shift.”

As we all shifted, I felt myself become filled with both overwhelming power
and overwhelming fear. My heart pounded faster than it ever had before, but
at the same time the wolf in me felt excited to fight and finally end this all.
Once we were all in our wolf forms, we gathered one last time.

Enzo walked up to me in his wolf form. His eyes glowed brightly in the
darkness, and as he approached I felt him nuzzle up to me.
“I love you, Nina,” his voice echoed in my head.

I felt my heart skip. “I love you, too.”
I looked over at Luke then, who offered me a weak smile. Nodding slightly, I
bent down for him to climb onto my back. He hesitated for a moment, but
finally did it, and I felt his fingers tangle into my fur.
And then… We charged.

The rogues didn’t expect us to come. We took them by surprise, charging
toward the mansion in a mass of teeth and claws. Right away, Enzo and Matt
each slammed into two rogues and went tumbling across the grass, fighting
viciously. All around me, the recruits fought tooth and nail with the onslaught of
rogues that came at us. Luke shot out what looked like lightning bolts as he
sat on my back, which collided with the rogues and sent two or even three of
them flying at a time.

I tried to dodge the rogues, but it was nearly impossible with how many there
were. The air became filled with the sound of howling and snarling as I dodged
and weaved through the fighting, making my way closer to the mansion. My
goal wasn’t to fight here; it was to get inside and assassinate the Luna.
But my plan was soon proven to be too difficult to pull off on my own.
A rogue charged at me.

I tried to dodge out of the way, but it caught me with
its claws on my leg, causing me to cry out in pain as I felt my flesh tear. I
snapped at it, managing to sink my teeth into its neck. I shook hard before
releasing it and watched it skid across the ground, digging up grass and dirt
as it slid away.

All the while, Luke managed to hold onto my back tightly. I saw
another lightning bolt shoot out from his hands just in time before another
rogue attacked me, and the force of the lightning bolt sent the rogue flying
back several yards.

I charged forward a little more, dodging around a fight between a rogue and
one of the recruits. I heard the sound of painful yelping and felt blood splatter

on my face as I passed, although I didn’t know whose blood it was and I didn’t
have time to check.
A moment later, I felt Enzo’s presence beside me. He knew what I was trying
to do; he cleared a small path for me through the chaos, using his massive
size and sharp teeth to throw unsuspecting rogues aside.
“Go,” he said. “I’ll watch your back.”

I nodded and pushed forward. The sky lightened again with more of Luke’s
lightning bolts. It blinded me, but I kept going. Behind me, I heard Enzo collide
with another rogue. I whipped around to see the rogue pinning Enzo to the
ground, and I let out a while snarl as I raced back and slammed into the

rogue, sending both of us flying. Luke toppled off of my back and skidded
against the ground, disappearing into a mob of rogues and recruits. I struggled
to my feet and searched frantically for him, finally spotting his hand poking out
from beneath. In one swift move, I shot forward with an unimaginable speed
and tried my best to gently pick up his hand between my teeth without
puncturing his skin, then dragged him out. Thankfully, he was unscathed and
clambered back up onto my back.

“Hurry!” I heard Enzo’s voice say. “There’s an opening!”
I looked up to see that Enzo was right. He had created a perfect opening for
me, and  ahead I could see the door to the mansion. I
shot forward, blinded once more by Luke’s lightning bolts, and sprinted up the

Once we were up on the landing, Luke climbed off of me. I shifted back and
took one last look over the battlefield. My heart caught in my throat as I saw
the lawn strewn with the bodies of rogues. A few recruits seemed to be
injured, and a few of them weren’t moving as they laid lifelessly on the ground.
“Nina, come on,” Luke said, pulling my attention away. “Let’s go.”

But I couldn’t bring myself to leave them like that. They needed their doctor; I
had to protect my classmates, my friends.

My hesitance was going to be my downfall. Before I could make a decision,
the door suddenly flung open. The hard wood of the door collided with me and
Luke and sent us flying. I slid down the steps and came to a stop at the
bottom, my head aching from an impact with the bottom step. Luke fell beside
me and stopped moving.

Above me, I heard the sound of pained groaning and whimpering. Footsteps
approached. I groaned, pushing myself up onto my hands and knees, and
looked up to see my worst nightmare.

While the chaos of the battle ensued around me, the Luna was walking slowly
down the steps. And behind her were Lori and Jessica, being suspended in
the air by magic with terrified looks on their faces.

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