My Hockey Alpha chapter 283 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 283
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 283: An Unlikely Ally
Enzo and I returned home after visiting his father’s house. As we drove home,
the cold night wind blew in my face on the back of Enzo’s motorcycle and the
yellow crescent moon shone above us.

Seeing Enzo’s father’s house ransacked like that filled me with an odd
combination of sadness and hope. It broke my heart that Richard’s Beta
disrespected him like that, but at the same time it made me only want to try
harder to bring all of this to an end.

A little while later, we were pulling into the parking lot of the campus. Enzo
parked the motorcycle and helped me off, and we were walking back to his
dorm hand-in-hand when we suddenly heard the sound of shouting.

“Enzo! Nina!” Luke’s voice rang out across the quad, followed by the sound of
feet slamming on pavement as he ran toward us. Enzo and I both whipped
around to see Luke running at us, his eyes wide and full of fear.
“What is it?” I asked, immediately feeling my heart rise up into my throat just
from seeing the look on his face.

“It’s Lori and Jessica,” he said quickly. “They’re gone. Some Crescents
came… They took them through a portal!”
I felt my entire body freeze. It felt as though my heart stopped and time froze
during that moment, and every muscle in my body tensed as fight or flight
kicked in. The world spun around me, and for a moment I thought for sure that
I would vomit.

“…took them,” Luke finished. I had been completely absorbed in my own head
for the majority of his sentence, and only caught the tail end. Beside me, Enzo
was frantic.
“Where were they last seen?” he asked, his hand gripping mine tightly.
“The infirmary,” Luke replied. “I was going to see them, and when I got there, I
saw two Crescents manhandling them. One of them opened a portal, and then
they all disappeared before I could get there. I tried to go after them, but it
was too late by the time I opened my own portal. I don’t know where they

“I think I have a pretty good idea as to where they went,” Enzo growled. I
knew what he was thinking: the Alpha King’s mansion. The Luna had sent
Crescents to come and take them, and was no doubt trying to use them as a
means to lure us there. I wasn’t sure how two Crescents made it past our

airtight defenses in Mountainview, but somehow they did it. And now my
friends were in danger.
“We have to go after them.” My voice was shaky and thick with fear. “Call the
recruits. Meet us at the athletic field.”

Luke nodded and took off running again. Enzo and I ran like hell to the
infirmary to prepare. Once we were there, we frantically filled backpacks with
the antidote and various medical supplies because we knew what was
potentially coming next: a battle. We needed to be prepared for anything.
“You don’t think she’ll kill them, do you?”

I asked with terror in my voice.
“I don’t know.” Enzo sounded distant and reserved despite the way that he
was running around and grabbing supplies. His hesitance made my heart
pound inside of my chest, but I tried to quell it as I tried to focus on preparing
for the upcoming battle. I just hoped more than anything that the Luna wouldn’t
pull a nasty trick and kill my friends before we even got there… But, like Enzo,
I had no way of knowing. The Luna was unpredictable and erratic, and she
clearly had no qualms about needless killing.

Soon enough, Enzo and I were meeting Luke and the recruits on the athletic
field behind the hockey arena. Both hockey teams were with him as well.
Everyone looked frightened, but also excited at the same time.
“We’re going to bring half of you,

” Enzo said as he somehow managed to
calmly address the large group. “Anyone who wants to come, step forward
now. If you want to stay here, that’s fine; but you’ll be protecting the town in
the event of a Crescent attack. Does everyone understand?”

The group murmured in understanding, then talked amongst themselves for a
few moments as they tried to decide who would go and who would stay.
Eventually, half of the group stepped forward. Those people included quite a
few recruits, some of Jason’s team, Matt, and some of our hockey team.

Jason and the others stayed behind with the intention of protecting the

campus, which I was glad for. I knew that Enzo needed his Beta by his side to
fight, so Jason would be extremely helpful in leading everyone else if the
Crescents attacked Mountainview while we were gone. At one point, I felt a
cool and slender hand slip into mine and looked up to see Luke standing
beside me.

“You don’t need to come,” I whispered to my friend.
Luke just shook his head. “I’m your bodyguard. I’ll be with you until the end.”
Luke’s words made me smile a bit. Enzo then gave his orders to everyone
else, who then left with Jason to patrol the town. Meanwhile, the rest of us
gathered and Luke began to open a portal.

Suddenly, however, I heard the sound of a shrill female voice floating across
the athletic field. I looked up to see none other than Selena running as fast as
she could toward us.
“Wait!” she screamed. “I’m coming with you!”

Enzo’s eyes narrowed and he stepped protectively in front of me as Selena
ran up to us. She came to a stop, breathing heavily with a wild look in her
eyes. “I’m coming with you.”
“No you’re not,” Enzo snarled. “You can’t be trusted.”
Selena’s already-wide eyes widened even further. She then looked at me with
a pleading expression on her face. “Nina, please!” she begged. “You can trust
me! You know that I know that mansion better than anyone. I know how the
Luna operates. I can help you.”

I froze for a moment, chewing my lip. Enzo slowly looked down at me with a
skeptical look in his eyes.

“You really think we can trust her?” his voice echoed in my head as he used
telepathy so that we couldn’t be overheard.
“I think so,” I replied. “I want to trust her. And she’s right; we could use her
“And what if she decides to betray us?”

Enzo’s question made my heart stop for a moment. There was of course a
chance that she could betray us at the end… But I wanted to give her the
chance to prove herself regardless.

“If she does, then I’m willing to take the blame for being too trusting,” I replied.
Enzo looked at me for a few moments. Finally, after some thought, he nodded.
“You can come with us, Selena,” I said quietly. Selena’s eyes lit up. And with
that, Luke opened the portal. The swirling, purple vortex grew in size and filled
the air with the electric whirring sound that I had become all too familiar with
over the past months.

Now, more than ever, I felt ready to get this over with;
no one messed with my friends, and now the Luna was going to face the
consequences for that mistake.
One by one, we all went through and entered into the werewolf realm for our
final battle to save our friends

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