My Hockey Alpha chapter 274 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 274
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 274: Welcome & Goodbye
Enzo, Luke and I led Jason and his team over to the athletic fields to meet the
new recruits.

“I used my power of Claiming to turn all of these people,” I said as we
approached. “It was voluntary, of course. They can take the antidote when this
is all over if they want to shift back.”

Jason nodded slowly as he took in the scene in front of him. It had appeared
as though the recruits decided not to take a break after all, and were now

playing an intense game of touch football. I couldn’t help but smile as I
watched them zoom around the athletic field, using their newfound werewolf
abilities to run faster, jump higher, and be more agile. They all seemed to be
having a lot of fun.

“So,” Jason said, turning to look at me, “you have the power of Claiming,
I nodded, then glanced over at his team. They had all been human when I met
them before, and I was sure that they were all human now unless they had
found another way to be turned. Judging from the way they watched the new
recruits run around with such freedom, it appeared as though they were still
human. The awe on their faces gave it away, and therefore I knew what Jason
would ask next.

“Would you be interested in turning my team?”
My eyebrows raised. Jason’s team looked at me intently with smiles on their
“I mean… Sure, if you guys want,” I said, glancing up at Enzo, who gave me a
silent look of mild approval. “We can have another Claiming ceremony, I

Jason’s team got excited by the thought of that. I decided that it was best to
keep the whole ceremony under wraps though, unlike last time; with the
progress I had made with Selena, I didn’t want her to find out that I was
Claiming more people and excluding her once again. We came up with a plan
to hold the ceremony at the cabins, but to disguise it as a small party with only
the two hockey teams and our close friends in attendance.

That night, we held the Claiming ceremony, followed by a small party. It felt
just like the party we had at the lodge when we first met Jason and his team,
and maybe all of us got a little too drunk. We spent the night dancing to loud
music by the fire, playing drinking games, and talking. I quickly discovered that

Jason and his team had done their best to protect their small town against the
Crescents when the rogues first began to spread, but there were too many
rogues for them to keep up with. It wasn’t until the antidote started being
passed around that their town managed to keep its head above water. And
apparently, that was the case with a lot of towns on the island

. But the good
news was that the antidote was working, which was keeping the Crescents at
bay. Only a few towns were left completely overtaken by the Crescents, and
apparently the Crescents had taken up their main residence in a town on the
other side of the island for the time being. I knew, however, that it would only
be a matter of time before the Crescents were aided by the Luna’s genetically
engineered rogues, and I hoped to keep that from happening. But I needed
more information first.

A few more days passed, and it turned out that Jason and his team were a
huge help. Between the two hockey teams, proud Mountainview citizens and
the new recruits, the town of Mountainview was being patrolled constantly and
felt safer than ever. Luke’s spies kept an eye on the surrounding area and
watched nearby towns to check for any Crescent action as well as to spread
the word that it was safe in Mountainview, and soon the town was seeing an
influx of people who were coming to wait out the storm and join in the fight.

People who had previously been holed up in hiding returned to Mountainview,
and refugees filled up all of the local motels, bed and breakfasts, and camping
areas. By the end of the week, it felt as though absolutely nothing was out of
the ordinary. I hoped that it could stay that way; maybe the Crescents would
see that we were stronger in Mountainview and they would be more hesitant
to attack. Now, all I needed was to focus on taking down the Luna. Hopefully
then, this would all be over.

However, that wasn’t the only thing on my mind. It was Friday morning now,
and final exams would be starting on the following Monday. That meant that
the semester would be over, and students would no doubt be planning on
going home to their families. That also meant that some of our recruits might
want to leave.

On Friday morning, I woke up in Enzo’s arms. He was still sleeping beside me,
and when I turned over and began to kiss along his neck, his eyes slowly
fluttered open. A slow smile spread across his lips as I continued to kiss his
warm neck.

It was still early, leaving his room cast in a dark hue as the sun hadn’t fully
come up yet. But when I reached down and groped along the front of his
boxers, I could feel that he was already hard.

Without speaking, I slowly turned over and arched my back, pushing my butt
up against him. As I did, a soft moan played on Enzo’s lips. I felt him tug my
panties aside and slip his boxers down. His fingers ran back and forth across
my wet pussy for a few moments before he slipped himself inside of me.
My moans were muffled by the thick morning air, but as Enzo slowly worked
himself into me, they raised in volume until the room was filled with the sound
of our passion.

Enzo wrapped his strong arm around me and pulled me close,
his lips brushing along my neck and my earlobe while he lifted my leg and
pulled it back. The new position made me even tighter, and I felt a burst of
wetness cascade out and run down my thigh.
“I love you, Nina,” Enzo whispered into my ear, his breath making me shiver. I
smiled and bit my lip, then turned onto my back with his cock still inside of me.
I began to twist my hips on him as our foreheads pressed against each other.
“I love you, too,

” I whispered. It still felt strange to say it, but I was happier
than ever. I realized that I had never felt love like this for anyone; Justin and I
had said it a few times while we were dating, but it felt like nothing now. The
love between two fated mates was  unparalleled.

Enzo let out a loud moan as I twisted harder against him. He dug his fingers
into my hips and tugged me closer, shoving himself deeper inside of me until I
felt so full that I would burst. He then reached around and slid his fingers into
my mouth, letting me lick and suck on them until they were wet, before he

reached down and rubbed my clit. I felt myself beginning to tremble, and I
tightened around him as he rubbed me and simultaneously thrust himself into
me. I could hear the sound of his balls slapping against me as he moved, and
with a grin I reached down and grabbed them, massaging them until Enzo
couldn’t contain himself any longer.

We finished together. I felt my eyes roll back as I tightened harder around him,
and at the same time I felt him throb inside of me, followed by that filling
sensation that I craved so much. After several minutes of laying there and
breathing heavily after our morning passion, we took a shower and did it all
over again.

That morning, at training, I addressed the recruits.
“Since the semester is almost over, I just wanted to let you all know that you
can take the antidote now if you want to go home,” I said, feeling a bit sad
about it as I spoke. “We won’t make anyone stay if you would rather go
The recruits murmured amongst themselves for a few minutes before one guy
stepped out from the group and spoke for them.

“We’ve decided that we all want to stay,” he said. “We want to stay and fight
for our town.

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