My Hockey Alpha chapter 271 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 271
My Hockey Alpha #Chapter 271: Play Fighting
“I was talking about running in our wolf forms, silly,” Enzo said, ruffling my hair.
My face turned a slightly deeper shade of red.

“Oh,” I replied, smiling a bit. “Sure. That would be fun.”
Enzo had just been angry with me and we had had a bit of an argument. But
now, after he disappeared for a little while, he seemed to be in better spirits. I
wasn’t sure exactly why he suddenly seemed to be feeling better, but it made
me happy to see it

We walked over to the treeline at the back of the athletic field, where there
was an entrance to a hiking trail between the trees. There, once we stepped
into the dim forest and the sound of the wind blowing across the athletic field
became dampened by the thick pine trees, Enzo shifted in front of me.

I couldn’t help but smile up at him. I always loved seeing him in his wolf form.
Before I shifted, I walked up to him and ran my fingers through his fur. He
pressed his head up against me as a low, happy growl rumbled quietly in his
throat. Finally, I stepped back and shifted myself.

Shifting this time was much faster and easier than the first time. When I had
first shifted, I had felt as though my body was tearing in two; but now, it was
over in the blink of an eye. I simply closed my eyes and gave my wolf full
control, and then I was in my wolf form when I opened my eyes again.
And, now that we were both in our wolf forms, we were able to talk freely. No
one else would have been able to hear us since we were speaking

telepathically, but to us it felt just like normal conversation.
“Follow me,” Enzo said. He leaped off into the woods. I followed closely
behind, feeling the sensation of the wind blowing through my fur. We ran
through the forest and wove ourselves between the trees, picking up speed as

we went. Running like this felt so natural now, even more natural than running
on two legs. I loved the feeling of freedom coursing through my body when I
raced through the forest, leaping over small ravines, fallen trees, and large
moss-covered boulders as though it was in my blood to be so agile. And it
was in my blood, I supposed, although it was strange to think of it like that. I
had spent my entire life up until recently thinking that I was human, but it
turned out that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We came to a stop by a large ravine that dipped down into a small stream.
The water below was frozen now, leaving little icicles where the tiny waterfalls
used to cascade over the rocks in the warmer weather. As we stood there, I
looked up at the sky and squinted against the grayness. It had begun to snow.

I always preferred the colder weather, although up until recently I most
preferred the spring and autumn, when it was chilly but not too cold. But now
that my wolf had emerged, and especially when I was in my wolf form, I loved
the frigid cold more than ever. I hardly felt it through my thick fur, and wouldn’t
have minded if it was a little colder.

Suddenly, we both heard the sound of a twig snapping across the ravine. We
looked at each other, but it wasn’t out of panic; it was excitement, because we
could smell what the intruder was, and it wasn’t another werewolf. It was a

“Do you want to hunt?” Enzo asked. Even in his wolf state, he looked as
though he was smiling.
I nodded excitedly. Without another word, we both leaped over the ravine in
pursuit of the deer, who was now alerted to our presence. We crashed
through the underbrush as we followed its scent. Up ahead, I could see its
fluffy white tail as it ran from us. We chased it around the trees and plants,
gaining speed, until we were within reaching distance of it.

But I wasn’t planning on killing it, and neither was Enzo.
Just before the deer ran out into an empty road, Enzo and I veered off and left
it alone. We turned back and ran in the direction that we came from; and now,
he was chasing me. I felt his teeth snap at my tail and I yelped excitedly,
picking up speed as I tried to evade him. But Enzo was fast, and before long,
he had tackled me. We rolled around on the ground, yipping and biting at each
other playfully, before I finally managed to pin him down beneath me.
“I let you win,” he said, grinning up at me with his sharp teeth.

I shook my head. “Liar,” I teased. “Just admit that I’m too strong for you.”
I heard the sound of Enzo’s chuckles echoing in my mind, and he tilted his
head back, exposing his neck. I leaned down and bit into his neck, like he was my prey.
But at the same time, we both shifted back. His fur was replaced with skin,

and my teeth were replaced by lips. I kissed along his neck, feeling its warmth
beneath my lips, and ran my tongue up and to his jaw before I pushed myself
up onto my hands and smirked down at him.
“You’re quite the predator,” Enzo said teasingly as he smiled up at me.
“Am I?” I asked. I sat up fully, noticing the hard erection in his groin as I

pressed my butt down onto his hips, and traced my finger along his throat. He
was laying with his arms outstretched in an almost submissive pose, and his
eyes were practically begging me for something that I knew we both wanted.
Neither of us spoke. I reached down into his sweatpants and felt his warmth

with my hand, noticing the subtle growls that rang in his throat, before I pulled
my hand out and stood, still straddling him. With a mischievous smirk, I
shimmied my own pants off, kicking my boots off into the hard dirt, before I
sat back down.
“You’re not too cold?” Enzo asked, furrowing his brow. I simply shook my head
and exposed his erection again.

“You can keep me warm,” I whispered. And with that, with no warning for
Enzo, I sat down on his cock. I felt it fill me with a throb. Enzo pushed his head
back into the ground and groaned loudly, digging his fingers into my hips to pull
me down further onto him.

I began to move myself up and down. It was cold in the forest, but I was soon
warm enough from twisting my hips on Enzo, and I began to move faster. He
dug his fingers deeper into the flesh of my hips, causing me to wince with a
combination of pleasure and pain. I leaned down, placing my hands on either
side of him, and began to flick my hips up and down. The forest around us

quickly became filled with the sound of our skin slapping against each other as
well as Enzo’s moans, which were only increasing in intensity the faster I went.
It felt good to ride him like this; I liked the power.

Once I felt him beginning to
throb inside of me, I slowed down again and sat upright, reaching up into my
shirt to cup my breasts as I began to grind on him. My clit made contact with
his belly, and I felt myself become even more wet.

“N-Nina,” Enzo croaked, grabbing me as I gyrated on top of him in an attempt
to make me stop, or at least slow down. “S-Stop. I’m gonna—”
I grinned. “Go on,” I said, reaching down and wrapping my fingers around his
throat. “I’m  gonna come, too.”

As though my permission flicked a switch, Enzo threw his head back once
more against the hard ground and let out a loud, choked moan. I felt him throb
inside of me, his cock growing in size. And at the same time, I felt myself
explode. A cascade of my own juices flowed down, running across my inner
thighs while I arched my back and felt my eyes roll into the back of my head.

We laid on the cold forest floor a little while, fully dressed once more with
Enzo’s coat below us acting as a blanket. I laid on his chest, running my finger
up and down his midriff while we looked up at the dark green pine trees
towering over us.

“You’re getting really good at that, you know?” Enzo said as he played with
one of my braids.
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Thanks,” I teased, propping myself up on my elbow.
I looked down at Enzo’s soft face for a moment, drinking in his dark brown
eyes, before I planted a gentle kiss on his lips.

But when I pulled away, his
brow was furrowed as though he was thinking. He took in a sharp breath
before speaking “I’m sorry for infantilizing you,” he said quietly. “I know that I should trust you
more so you don’t feel like you need to hide your plans. You’ve never done
anything except prove that you’re a fully capable person. You’re really smart,
Nina, and that’s what I love about you.”

Enzo’s words made a slow smile spread across my face. I reached out to
brush a curl of hair out of his eyes, and kissed him again

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