My Hockey Alpha chapter 261 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 261 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 261: Gone Girl Enzo “Nina, please run,” I pleaded with her as I began to feel myself shifting. “Go with Luke.” Nina stared back at me with wide eyes, but Luke nodded behind her. I shifted, feeling confident that he would get her out of here.

I knew that she wanted to fight, but there were way more rogues than we previously thought, and they were ambushing from all around. Somehow, they managed to slip past our patrol. None of us even picked up their scents as

they were sneaking up on us; somehow, they must have had some sort of protection spell or potion that was covering their scent. Either way, it was too dangerous, and none of the guns or weapons that people were using on the rogues were working. Before Nina could reply, I shifted with Matt and ran off into the fray to help the other people who were struggling to fight the rogues. Until the rest of the hockey team came back, all we could do was try our best to fend off the rogues.

But maybe I should have stayed with Nina after all. Because when I looked up in her direction, the last thing I saw was her sprinting down the street with the rogue leader in tow. “Shit,” I thought to myself. I whirled around to run back to get in between Nina and the rogue leader, but by now I was completely surrounded by Rogues. I saw Luke ushering Lori and Jessica into a truck that was being driven by one of the townspeople; he looked up to see me and gestured wildly toward Nina.

I nodded and saw the truck whip around in an attempt to catch up to Nina and the rogue leader, but before I could get through the throng of rogues to follow them, I suddenly felt a rogue slamming into my side. I skidded across the pavement, bits of fur and flesh from my wolf form shredding on the asphalt. Growling, I quickly rolled back up to my feet and healed myself while I charged at the rogue attacker.

I caught it by surprise, sinking my teeth into its neck and whipping it to the side, where I discarded its whimpering body onto the ground. There was a break in the wall of rogues now, and I took my chance to bolt through it. I finally came out on the other side, although not without a few rogues on my tail. At the same time, I looked up to see that the hockey team was returning. Now that everyone was within range, I used my Mindlink as their Alpha to give them orders.

“I’m going after Nina and the rogue leader,” I said, my voice echoing in all of their minds. “Just try to hold off the rogues until I get back, and try to push them out further onto the road so they can’t spread into town.” I sensed that my team all heard me and understood my orders, so I kept running. With my wolf’s strength, I was able to pick up a considerable amount of speed and wound up catching up to the truck that contained Lori, Luke, and Jessica. Nina and the rogue leader weren’t far ahead now, but the three rogues that were chasing me were also not far behind.

Suddenly, however, Nina veered off of the road and into the woods where the truck wouldn’t be able to follow. The rogue leader leaped into the forest after her. The truck swerved around and sped off in the other direction to escape the other rogues and pick up more people, leaving me alone to chase Nina and the rogue leader. I jumped into the woods after them and followed the broken trail where the rogue leader had crashed through, urging myself to go faster in order to get between them. Up ahead, I could see the rogue leader’s back, so he wasn’t far. But suddenly,

I felt something collide with me and the impact sent me flying down a small ravine. There were a few brief moments that felt like an eternity, during which I tumbled relentlessly down the side of the ravine. My body slammed into exposed rocks and tree roots, causing me to get the wind knocked out of my lungs. When I finally tumbled to the frozen ground at the bottom of the ravine,

I felt myself lose consciousness for a split second before I managed to regain my composure. I looked up then to see that the three rogues had followed me; their journey down was much more calculated than mine, and they were now surrounding me with their hackles raised and their teeth bared. Snarling, I pushed myself up to my feet, only to realize that one of my ankles was broken and throbbing with searing pain. I needed to heal it, but at the

same time I needed to defend myself against the rogues, who were closing in rapidly. As I began to heal, one rogue leaped at me with spit flying out of its open mouth. I rolled out of the way just in time, causing it to slam into one of the other rogues. While they untangled themselves, I jumped back to my feet and tried to put some distance between myself and them, but it was difficult with my leg. It was healing, but slowly. Another rogue charged at me. Its claws made impact with my neck, creating a large gash that dripped with blood.

I fought back, however, despite my injuries, and let out an ear splitting snarl as I ripped into the rogue’s exposed throat. I came up with blood and sinew hanging out of my mouth and spat it out onto the ground. The other rogues, witnessing their comrade’s throat being ripped out, took off in the opposite direction with a chorus of scared yelps and whimpers. My leg was mostly healed now. I still needed to limp a little bit, but I managed to pick up my speed again and claw my way back up to the top of the ravine.

Not far from me, I could make out the broken trail where Nina and the rogue leader had gone again, and I followed it. However, as I ran I noticed something else on the trail: a scent. Nina’s scent. It was more powerful than ever, which only meant one thing: she was beginning to shift. Part of me was over the moon with excitement, but an even bigger part of me was terrified, because everyone’s first time shifting was known to be disorienting and difficultto control. If it was already happening at a time like this, there was a good chance that the rogue leader could easily kill her while she was in the midst of shifting.

Cursing to myself, I picked up my speed and followed the trail of her scent. “Don’t worry, Nina,” I thought to myself as I pushed through the pain in my leg and ignored the blood clotting in my fur, thinking only about pumping my legs faster and faster. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Not now, not ever.” And finally, I did find her. But she was lying motionless on the ground with the rogue leader’s paw pressed into her chest.

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