My Hockey Alpha chapter 244 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 244 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 244: Hesitation Enzo I should have known that Selena would suddenly appear. I supposed that I got too comfortable thanks to Nina’s strange powers; I should have pulled her away from the murals and continued on our journey.

But even if I did do all of that, maybe Selena would have found us anyway. As I laid there on the floor, I felt as though there was a ton of bricks on my chest. An invisible force pinned me to the floor, making my limbs feel heavy

and weak. The spell invaded my throat and my mouth, keeping me from speaking. Beside me, Nina fell to the floor when she tried to lunge at Selena. I fell soon after. I tried to reach for Nina, as if touching her would somehow keep her safe, but I was too weak. Even moving my hand a few inches to try and touch her felt like daggers shooting through my flesh and bones. Even then, I pushed through the pain in an attempt to get to Nina. I would let every fiber of my being rip to shreds if it meant protecting her. If only I could get just a little closer…

Selena saw me moving, and diverted her attention away from Nina. I supposed, in a way, I was just glad that she was focused on me and not Nina. She stormed over to me and grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head back as she raised her hand to cast a spell that would kill me and leave Nina to suffer. But she had no idea that I wanted this, and that I had a trick up my sleeve that I prepared long in advance. The antidote. Matt had retrieved it for me when he got the shovel to bury my father. I had asked him telepathically to bring me a syringe full of it,

and while Selena was on her rant about the history of humans and werewolves and the subsequent curse that was placed on the Alpha King’s offspring, I worked the syringe out of my sleeve and removed the cap covering the needle with what little strength I had left. But that used up most, if not all, of my strength. I had to wait for Selena to be close to me, but also off guard, before I could manage to inject her.

I needed to make sure that it was deep and that she couldn’t jump away before I had a chance to inject her fully. Every last drop of the antidote needed to go into her body.

And Nina somehow seemed to know what to do. Even without her wolf, Nina had proven time and time again to have more powers than I ever thought she would have. She opened portals, created shockwaves, read minds and dazed tens of guards. If I could have laughed, I would have; because Selena had met her match. “I’ll do it,” Nina said, digging the blade into her skin a little harder and causing red droplets of blood to fall from Selena’s wrist onto the floor. “If you hurt Enzo, I’ll kill us both. Neither twin can live without the other, after all.” I knew that Nina wouldn’t kill herself.

She was too smart; she knew the human body too well. She placed the blade just close enough to the artery in her arm — the one that could end in her death if it was cut — to be convincing, but I knew that she would never cut it. She just wanted Selena to think that she was going to kill them both, and she was doing a hell of a job of convincing her. “You bitch!” Selena shrieked, lunging for Nina again. Nina jerked herself away and out of Selena’s reach. Selena’s ankle came into view. I gripped the syringe tightly, flashing a look at Nina; she was looking right at me. In a way that was so subtle that Selena could never see it,

Nina nodded ever so slightly. She was telling me to do it. Gritting my teeth, I mustered up what little strength I had left… And I lunged forward, plunging the needle into Selena’s leg. “O-Ow!” Selena shrieked, scrambling backwards while the needle stuck out of her leg still. She yanked it out with a grimace and threw it on the floor. “What did you—” But before Selena could finish, she began to writhe and scream in agony, clutching her leg. Nina fell, too. I pushed myself up onto my hands and slid over to her, pulling her close as soon as I could. My eyes searched her face

as she screamed along with her sister, and all I could do was hold her tightly and pray that it would end soon… And that she wouldn’t face the same consequences as her sister. Even if Nina did turn back into a human, however, it was better than the alternative. Finally, the two of them stopped screaming. Nina’s face softened in my lap, and her eyes fluttered open after being squeezed shut.

Through her tears, she looked up at me in surprise for a few moments before we heard the sound of Selena scrambling to her feet. “Ha!” Selena snarled, still clutching her leg as she stood and backed up against the wall. “Your poison does nothing to me. See? I’m still standing.” Nina and I looked at each other for a moment. “You okay?” I asked, using our telepathic link so that Selena couldn’t hear and could continue to rant in the corner. Nina nodded slowly and subtly. I held in a sigh of relief, though; even though I was glad that Nina still had her wolf —

whatever flicker of it that was in there, at least — it could have also meant that Selena still had her powers, too. Selena’s face darkened when I finally looked back up at her, cradling Nina in my arms. She was shaking all over, and was already covered in a thin film of sweat. I watched, feeling almost amused, as she raised her hand and mumbled under her breath. She was trying to cast a spell on us. But it didn’t work. “What the fuck?” she murmured, looking down at her hand. She shook her head and made the sign again to cast a spell, but once more, it didn’t work.

When I originally decided to use the antidote against Selena, I had no idea as to whether it would work on regular werewolves or not. We had only used it on rogues before, and although the antidote rained on us when we put it in the sprinkler system and saved the campus, it had no effect on us. But it made me wonder if it could theoretically work on a regular werewolf if one were injected with a higher dose.

It was nothing but a shot in the dark; a last ditch effort to try and change the course of fate. Selena didn’t need to die. Nobody needed to die tonight. She just needed to be stripped of her power. And now, that was exactly what happened. Thanks to the antidote that was created by Tiffany and recreated by Nina, Selena stood in front of us, weak and powerless. She was human.

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